Happy Tails: November 2015

Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Lycan aka Lady’s Update

Posted on: Friday November 20

20151028_202301 20151030_080014 20151109_100855Lady is no longer Lady, she is Lycan now (lol). She is doing well, the dog and cat play well with her and she is really a lap dog.

She already had her 1st visit with our vet and is having her follow up visit this Saturday for her 2nd shot for lyme vaccinne.

She is going thru training right now. She is almost proficient with sit and come. And has started learning down. She has learned kennel (crate) for when we are about to leave the house.

Also as a reminder the white and tan dog (Alli) also came from Lost Dog and Cat Rescue in March of 2014 and just turned 2 yrs old today

Stella aka Marcie’s Update

Posted on: Friday November 20

image002 image004 image006Thank you so much for checking up on Stella. Yea…we changed it from Marcie to Stella :). She is doing wonderfully! We are excited to see what she will grow up to become. Growing like a weed! Yes, she’s already been to the vet. Twice actually! And has her last shot in a couple more weeks yet. She has put on about 2 1/2 pounds since she came home with us and has learned her apartment manners quite well and very quickly. Although, the only issue we have for the “telling” us when she has to go is that she will go over close to the door, however she also likes to lay down on the rug over there when she doesn’t have to go….so that took a minute to figure out.

Attached, you’ll find a couple pictures of her and her older sister Luna (also from LDCRF). They are getting along wonderfully and Stella enjoys going to work with me and Luna a few days a week when I have my longer days at the office.

Have a wonderful evening and please get in touch if there is any other information needed!

Willie aka Belinda’s Update

Posted on: Friday November 20

IMG_7460 IMG_7477 IMG_7496 IMG_7501Belinda is now named Willie and she is WONDERFUL. She’s the cutest, sweetest, smartest pup. I’ve taken her to Pender Vet Clinic off of Route 50 for her first appointment and her follow up with Dr. Voel. She’s currently recovering from a cough but other than that, everything is going incredibly well. Willie loves everyone and everything and has fit into my life seamlessly.. Like it was just meant to be! She loves car-rides, looking at herself in the mirror, and is all about her fun tricks she’s learned that result in yummy treats.

 I’ve attached some pictures of Willie :)

Stella aka Esther’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday November 18

Esther iimage1 (1) image1 (2)s doing well. Her new name is Stella and she has an older brother T-bone who is also a Lost Dog rescue from 7 years ago. We just got back from her first night at puppy training at Petsmart at 7 Corners. Thanks — she’s tiring at times but incredibly cute and sweet!

Amos’ Update

Posted on: Monday November 16

image1 image2Hi! I adopted Amos, the miniature schnauzer back in February 2015. I haven’t sent in pictures of him or anything but I know his old foster, Ann, would probably appreciate seeing him! Amos is such a joy to have around. I take him everywhere. Just last month he participated in a Howl-o-ween 1k in shirlington for charity where all the proceeds go to local shelters. He’s such a happy dog and I can’t imagine my life without him.

Echo aka Maggie’s Update

Posted on: Saturday November 14

IMG_1005 IMG_1010 IMG_1015 IMG_1031
Echo(Maggie) has been a great addition so far! She is happy and healthy, and her and her sister Riley are becoming best pals. We are currently doing some obedience and clicker training for her to get her to go potty outside. She’s a little rascal sometimes but has the cutest face, so naturally she is super spoiled haha, But we have no regrets on our decision to adopt her and looking forward to giving her the best home we can for years to come.
Attached are some pictures of Riley and Maggie. Sorry, I couldn’t resist…

Tyrone’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday November 11

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to share a happy tail update on Tyrone the cat!
Tyrone has been my furbaby for about two months now. When he was listed, he was listed as ten years old. Going through vet records, the vet and I found that he’s almost 12- but you wouldn’t know it by how he plays! He loves his wand with strings and loves his laser toys.
Tyrone had a minor ear infection and suffered a paw injury just a couple of weeks ago, but am happy to report that he’s 100%! Tyrone and I have become best buds, and Tyrone has become the best cuddle buddy there can be.
I am happy to update that Tyrone is as happy as can be, and spends much of the day watching the birds and squirrels in his window perch, and is spoiled with many treats!
Thank you so much for brining Tyrone into my life!
I’m so happy I am able to give my little old man a good life.

Shorty’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday November 11

Nellie and ShortyI’ve been a long time volunteer and more than a year ago chose a dog from the “needs fostering” category.  His name was/is Shorty and he’s a Corgi mix.  He can from a hoarding situation and had little or no human contact.  He feared all humans, but with patience and affection, Shorty has become a different dog.  He was housebroken almost immediately.
Shorty now sleeps with, right between us.  He socializes with other dogs, including our lab mix, and greets our friends and neighbors at the door.  He’s become a very happy and very loved little dog.  Because we fell in love with him, we decided to adopt.
I just want to say that it is so fulfilling to bring a terrified and emotionally injured dog into your home and bring him along at his own pace with patience and love.  The picture shows Shorty behind our little girl, Nellie.  They clearly love each other.  Thank you LDCRF for taking such good care of the dogs and cats until they find their forever homes.

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