Happy Tails: December 2015

Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Bella’s Update

Posted on: Thursday December 31

Bella at Christmas Matapeake Beach-09-20-2014

The year ends very well for my soon-to-be 13-year old girl: Darth Vader is dead, and food has never tasted so good.  Goodbye, dry commercial dog food. Hello, real food.  Since a variety of approaches have failed to keep her liver enzymes in check, I decided three and a half weeks ago to give nutrition a chance.

Within 3 or 4 days of eating balanced home-cooked meals, her coat became softer.  Another week, and it started looking as if she has a bath every day.  I am now transitioning her to a raw food diet recommended by a holistic vet.  These days, there is a new spring in Bella’s step, and 2-year old Border Collie Toby has learned that she is now a force to reckon with.  She no longer lets our demonstrative friend boss her around when we meet him during our neighborhood walks. This past weekend, when he tried to jump on her back, she quickly outmaneuvered him and, to his surprise, put her paws on his spine!  She is no longer drinking like a camel, and her digestive system has never been better. Neighbors and regulars we meet on the street have commented on how good she looks.

And Darth Vader?  He was standing on the front lawn of a house in my neighborhood earlier this month. As we were getting closer, Bella stopped dead in her tracks, stared at him for several seconds, and then turned her head completely in the opposite direction.  It took great persuasion on my part (and heavy pulling on the leash) to get her to keep moving forward.  A few days ago, we saw what remained of the Sith Lord – a heap of deflated plastic lying on the grass, a Christmas decoration that was no more.

Bella must feel like the luckiest resident in town, but I know I am the luckiest of all to have her!

Coal aka Bear’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday December 30

Bear, now Coal, is doing so well. I think he has really integrated into our family. He is so happy and he is very smart! We are taking him every week to learn from the PetSmart instructor in Chantilly. We are learning so much. He is such a good boy and responds so well to positive reinforcement.

Our three girls love Coal and have really gotten into taking him for walks and taking him outside to go to potty. Coal loves being part of our pack. Sometimes when he walks around with us in the house he likes to walk around our feet and be in the middle of everything. His favorite toys are his stuffed Dragon and a treat toy that we fill with some his food when we have to leave him. He does well with separation. I work part time so he isn’t home alone for long during the day.

It took him about a week for he and our two cats (Spooky and Ebony) to get used to each other. But they are now getting along where Coal ‘plays’ with the two of them. It’s more so Coal playing and the cats looking at him. They are too funny!

He had a skin infection when we took him to his initial vet visit after we got him from Lost Dog and Cat but they treated him with an antibiotic shot and medicated shampoo that we use on him twice a week. We have also started giving him coconut oil to alleviate his skin issues which he has taken very well to.

We love Coal so much and I think he likes us too. ?

Here are some pics of Coal (after a bath, being brushed in his bed and one with my brother’s dog Parker after a walk). Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt him. He is such a special soul. We joke that Santa brought us Coal for Christmas and we are so happy he did. ?

Thank you and have a very Merry Christmas!

Cain’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday December 30

We are so in love with Cain & he’s brought SO MUCH joy to our other dog’s life. We recently lost our Neapolitan Mastiff & our Husky was pretty sad. When we brought Cain home she lit up & now they are the best of friends. As a matter of fact they are both passed out after a long day of activity.

Cain is up to date on all his shots, just got him the Leptospirosis & Lyme disease vaccinations last week and have him set up with a Wellness Plan with Banfield. I’ve attached some photos below.

Linda’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday December 30

FB_IMG_1449674723450 FB_IMG_1449674731779 FB_IMG_1449674752490Linda is such a great dog. She has jumped right into the family. She loves playing with my daughter and our other two dogs. Here are a few pics.

Tater’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday December 29

Hello, awww
Tater tot (1)
I adopted Tater from LCDR in April 2014 and I have not sent an update since June 2014. I wanted to let you know that Tater is doing great! He loves going to Grandmas house and walking the trials near our house. He recently “adopted” a kitten who he loves, most of the time. Tater is the most amazing dog in the world to me. He follows me everywhere and I love him to pieces. Thank you so much for the work you do!

Diego aka Calino’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday December 23

We adopted Calino (now Diego) in mid-November and he has been the best addition to our tiny family. My husband and I are so in love with him, we can’t wait to get home from work and play with him and let him cuddle with us on the couch.

He loves napping, snuggling, playing tug of war, looking out the window, eating delicious treats and learning new tricks, and running around with other dogs. He has settled in so well, it’s like we’ve always had him.
Thank you to Lost Dog for letting this sweet little doggie into our lives. We can’t wait to celebrate many more Christmases with him by our side.Please see the attached photos of him.


Oreo Munchkin aka Angie’s Update

Posted on: Monday December 21

This pup used to be Angie now it is Oreo Munchkin or Baby Girl Spoiled pup…. or Lovebugfloppyears…….What ever we call her she is my Love!! She had just weaned her last batch of pups when Lost Dog got her and for that reason she didn’t like tall grass too much. Now she is off chasing squirrels and sniffing to her heart’s content!!

She is doing the best job ever of putting up with me as I figure my way through this rough patch in my life. Her furry brother Onyx (adopted in 2008 from Lost Dog) lives with the other half of my heart at her fathers…. he is just as spoiled…. We miss the former neighborhood of Lost Dog alums but….. life goes on!!! I have my own girl and she will be my baby girl forever!!!
I will continue to volunteer but will always appreciate the happy wagging butt dance when I get home!!

Tilly’s Update

Posted on: Monday December 14

20151201_163522Tilly is doing very well and is absolutely adored by the entire family. She is a really sweet, loving and playful dog. She loves to lay on laps for naps and she loves to lick.  The kids love her so much they fought over who got to scoop the poop!   Although she will need some obedience classes for pulling when walking, jumping and nipping. She is a very smart dog and has learned many commands quickly like sit, paw, and lay down.
Tillly has brought us a lot closer as a family again so I’m not sure who rescued who.
Thank you so much for all that you do at Lost Dog Rescue, we are extremely happy to have Tilly in our family.

Oscar aka Mork

Posted on: Wednesday December 9

image1 image2 image6 image7





Oscar, formerly known as Mork, has been a part of our family for almost three years now.    We are incredibly grateful to Lost Dog for introducing us to Oscar and making him part of our lives. We love Oscar to pieces and are so happy we adopted him.

Oscar has a great personality, is incredibly well behaved, and is full of energy.  He is friendly towards everyone he meets–human and dog. He loves going on walks around the neighborhood, running around the dog park, swimming, and chasing squirrels.  His absolute favorite activity is fetch.  He can’t get enough of it!

Thank you to Lost Dog for letting us give Oscar a home.  Your organization is wonderful and we support all of the good work that you do.

Tira aka Isabel’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday December 9

image1 image2Tira has settled on very well. She is finally eating regularly and taking walks outside. She loves a lot of attention. She is getting along with Rocket our 8 year old jack Russell we adopted from list dog and cat rescue. Here are a few pictures I have captured the last 3 weeks.
Thank you.

Ursula and Shi’s Update

Posted on: Monday December 7

Ursula and ShiPuppies Ursula and Shi were adopted into the same home Nov.28th. They are settling in well with their new family.

Wallace aka Dawson’s Update

Posted on: Monday December 7

image1(1) image6 IMG_6549I adopted Dawson, now named Wallace, about a month ago, and I swear he was meant to be in my life. At first he was very nervous and didn’t want to leave the bathroom, but after leaving him be for an hour he ran right in to the living room and jumped in my lap for a belly rub and kisses and it’s been that way ever since! Wallace loves to snuggle and sleeps right next to me every night. I can even catch him in the window looking for me when I get home from work. He is also a playful boy with tons of personality. He loves to play fetch and jump in and out of my reusable grocery bags while he “hunts” his toy mice. He is constantly making me laugh and turning my “non-cat” friends in to lovers of kittens with his affectionate headbutts and purrs!

Bosa aka Pumpkin’s Update

Posted on: Monday December 7

IMG_0003 IMG_0035 IMG_0086 IMG_0091We adopted Pumpkin 2 weeks ago. His name has been changed to Bosa. We love having him as a member of our family. Our kids and Bosa love playing and cuddling together. We have been taking advantage of the nice weather and getting him out to socialize and meet the neighbors. He is such a sweet puppy. My husband and I have both commented that getting Bosa has been the best thing for our kids! Next up for Bosa…….puppy kindergarten!

Harley aka Autumn’s Update

Posted on: Friday December 4

Autimage2umnimage1s name has been changed to Harley, and she is doing great, she has become accustomed to her new surroundings and is becoming less timid! We took her to the vet a couple of days ago and they said she is very healthy and gaining image001 (1)weight :)

Here is a picture of her now!


Indy aka Diamond’s Update

Posted on: Friday December 4

image001 Diamond (renamed to Indy) is doing awesome! She has absolutely settled into her new surroundings and loves to play!  She is the perfect companion for me as I work from home, she loves to come over and cuddle with me during the day.  She has also become very attached to her Flamingo toy and runs around all day and night with it.

 I couldn’t be happier with my little furry friend and am so happy she has come into my life!

Our vet visit occurred within 3 days of her adoption and went very well. She is a completely healthy baby.

image003She’s definitely a festive kitty and is already in the mood for Christmas being the first present under the tree!

Perhaps her favorite activity is getting her belly rubbed, which is surprising because most cats want to play after a few scratches.  Indy will just sit contently ALL day long and let you give her a great rubdown.


Cassie aka Brooklyn’s Update

Posted on: Thursday December 3

Hello Happy Tails!

in da trees hype Dope Dank
Checking in with you all and our rollicking success story.  We have been looking for a second cat for a year and had some tough luck cases.  We were committed to having another cat in our home, and got a tip from one of the fosters that we had worked with previously.  We were able to adopt Brooklyn in September and named her Cassie, after the constellation Cassiopeia.  I was stunned that we adopted a second black cat, but Cassie is the perfect foil for our other cat Katness.  I’ll have to say that we had up days and down days, and even once when I thought that we would not make it work. I always had Cassie’s foster Betty to go to for suggestions.  In the end we have two cats that act for all the world like sisters – happy, rambunctious and bickering.  Cassie sits on my lap now and then and loves affection on every bed.  One of my favorite things about Cassie is how delicate her paws are.  They look so sweet when she kneads her favorite fleece and so pretty when she sits up proud.
See attached success images.  (The names are from my 20 y/o daughter.)

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