Happy Tails: January 2016

Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Lucie’s Update

Posted on: Friday January 29

IMG_0402 IMG_0901Lucie is an absolute delight. She passed her physical exam with flying colors except that she was a bit under weight-a condition which is being corrected. She was described as a “pocket” beagle because of her size. She had become my hip pocket beagle in the last few days. After a brief refresher course, she has become rehouse broken.

Lucie is more than paying her way with me by giving me so many smiles. I am truly smitten. It is amazing to me how quickly she went from (voluntarily) spending 95% of her time in her crate to following me wherever I go and spending extended periods snuggled between me and the arm of the chair in which I am sitting or between me and the back of my sofa.

Adopting Lucie one of the better things I have done in modern times-and the rewards have been immense!

Victor aka Mars and Louis aka Maddox’s Update

Posted on: Monday January 25

^008DC8C73D0874CE789A3D94B79643DDCFC525AD714B3FB81A^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr ^36C19738EDF12B2A5129AE82B673851895C4514B6885B7D3C3^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrMars became Victor, and Maddox became Louis.

The two cuddlebugs have adjusted well to their new home and are very much spoiled by an abundance of toys and affection, although the two of them were recently forced to endure the “worst day ever” when the vet visited and gave them shots.

Many thanks to Lost Dogs and Cats for making the adoption process so smooth and enjoyable!

Molly aka Polianna’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday January 20

It’s so nice you checking up adopted pets!
Our sweet baby Polianna (we honestly renamed her Molly!!!!!) doing great!!! She so friendly, so kind so beautiful and super adorable kitty, we love her so much!!!
And so happy we adopted her!!!!!
First day we brought her home and give her our son’s room, now she thinks it’s her own room, lol))) She like to sleep on the desk or with my 11 month old son!!!
Also she love to run around the home and play with sticks!!!!! She is smart girl:))
Will send some pictures of her!

Finley aka Findley’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday January 19

184554_10205293308912715_708523652853610441_n 1916880_10205257542738583_2748103238383520118_nHi, I’m the owner of Finley (we took the d out of the name).  

She is doing great!  She loves her new fur brother and sister and they play often.  We have already taken her to the vet (Dale City Animal Hospital) and she got a fecal check and her last Dhppv..  She did come back positive of coccidia, but she has been properly dewormed and they are all cleared up!  Since I work at the animal hospital she has made plenty of friends there and also has enjoyed some time at Dogtopia as well.  Definitely a big dog and people person.  Finley is super smart and we already started some of her training at home, but we have her signed up for beginner training classes at Petsmart February 6th! 

 She is a very sweet, playful and all around awesome dog, thank you guys so much for helping me find her!

Trude aka Pelua’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday January 19

image001 image002Pelua has now been renamed Trude, and she is doing great. She has learned how to walk on the leash, which took some time and is still a work in progress. She is now walking up and down the stairs and has found her favorite spot on the couch where she gets lots of treats. She sleeps in bed with me every night and loves the feather blankets. She has seen her new veterinarian already and got a clean bill of health, and she took her last doxycycline pill last night which she gobbled up with pill pockets. She is still a little scared but we are taking our time and letting her adjust at her own pace. She is a great little girl and we can’t be any happier with her. Thank you so much for everything your organization does!

Zoey’s Update

Posted on: Saturday January 16

IMG_2291 IMG_2374

Thank you for checking up on Zoey. She has adjusted beautifully. She  is a very sweet dog. Zoey and our dog Bagel were instant friends. We  are so happy to have Zoey as part of our family. Zoey has given our family so much joy. She’s playful, sweet and very smart. Once again, thank you for allowing us to bring her home.

Khaleesi aka Anna and Loki aka Scooby’s Update

Posted on: Friday January 15

2016-01-12 23.08.54 2016-01-13 20.53.01Two years ago we adopted a beagle mix puppy (formerly known as Anna,  now goes by Khaleesi)  from Lost Dog.  When friends would bring their dogs to visit,  Khaleesi had so much fun that she would cry and howl when they went home.  We decided it was time she had a companion of her own.  We again turned to the lost dog rescue.  The day after Christmas,  we adopted a German Shepherd mix, Scooby (now known as Loki).  They became instant best friends,  despite the size difference. They love to snuggle with our 4 year old daughter.  They even chew on the same bone together!

Here are two pictures.

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