Happy Tails: February 2016

Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Khaleesi aka Caramel’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday February 17


I adopted Caramel. She is settling very well into the new house and she loves attention, cuddles and kisses! We renamed Caramel to Khaleesi: Mother of Dragons (It is from game of thrones), and she has started to recognize her name and comes on command. She had her first vet appointment last Tuesday and he said she was a very healthy pup! We were concerned about her left eye and we made sure that the vet looked closely into that (it looked paralysed). The vet did say that her left eye is sluggish and her reflexes are a bit slow compared to the other eye, but she can still see out of it and she will be just fine. I have attached a few photos of Khaleesi and we would like to thank you for giving us an opportunity to adopt our best friend!

Maggie’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday February 16

My husband and I adopted Maggie, a now 6 year-old terrier blend, a year ago and we could not be happier! The first few months were a bit tough due to a bad cough she developed as well as needing oral surgery to remove four bad teeth and years of plaque build-up, but we are happy to report that she is doing so much better now. Even though she clearly had a rough life, she has the sweetest disposition. Her favorite things in life are cuddles on the couch, laying out in the sun, infinite belly rubs and long car rides. The three of us went on our first family vacation this summer and had a blast!

Thank you to everyone at LDCRF, especially to Ann (Maggie’s foster mom) for rescuing this sweet dog. We could not imagine our lives without her!

Oliver’s Update

Posted on: Sunday February 14


We adopted Oliver one year ago, January 2015.  He is celebrating his 2nd birthday tomorrow and have a couple of his favorite toys lined up to give him.  He has made us laugh and has brought us so much happiness.  He loves to play fetch in the back yard and chase after the taunting squirrels.  He came to us already obeying “sit” “down” and “beg” but we’ve taught him to rollover, spin, and give a high five!  He’s so smart!! He can smell peanut butter a mile away and sits patiently for his treat.  We are so happy that we made a forever home for him and think he’s so happy too : )
Thank you for choosing us to take him home!

Luna aka Gigi’s Update

Posted on: Saturday February 13

Luna1 Luna2 Luna3

Nika’s Update

Posted on: Thursday February 4

photo-12 photo-13Dear LDCRF,
Nika is an absolute joy! She is pure happiness in our home. Coming home to her hugs and kisses is always the best part of coming home. Her first week in her new home I ran out and bought her toys so we could play together. The downstairs now looks as though we have quite the doggie play den with Kongs (large and small, both spheres and triangular shapes, etc.), a variety of balls, tug of war ropes, and other assorted toys for her to entertain herself as well as our everyday battle of tug of war (she’s a fierce competitor, hehe). She’s a very adventurous doggie who doesn’t turn down any offer to go out or be active. We have our playtime in the backyard and we always enjoy our walk everyday and also sometimes in the evening. She is always with me. She is unconditional love and companionship no matter what the activity may be. After our recent snowstorm we went on a bit of a trek together. She loved every minute of it. We walked in the snow, played in the snow and it was quite an active day of fun and exercise. When we returned home we enjoyed the evening with dinner and tv together. The first week in her new home I also bought her a bed (at Pet Smart). When I arrived home (and after her hugs and kisses, hehe) I took her new bed back to my room and put it next to my bed. She followed me and immediately jumped in her new bed. After the day has come and gone and we’ve had our walk and play time (sometimes multiple tug of wars can take place, hehe) we enjoy dinner together and then unwind with some tv before bedtime. Every night around 11:00pm, or so, she heads back to our room. She always comes out every so often as if to ask, “When are you going to go to sleep?” hehe. Sometimes she hangs out for a little bit and then returns back to her bed. When I finally retire for the evening it’s always wonderful to have my sweet new family member sleeping right next to my bed. The sight of her all comfy and cozy in her bed makes me fall asleep that much faster in my bed. In the morning she greets me with hugs in kisses in my bed before I even wake up and it’s a great way for the day to begin again! Thank you LDCRF for bringing such joy back into both my life and hers. I hope other families are as happy as we are and I hope the LDCRF is around for a long time so that they are able to bring joy to both homeless animals and families. Thank you again!

Chai aka Cookie’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday February 3

Cookie is fantastic! She was a little shy for the first couple days but after giving her some space and time, she came out of her shell and revealed her sweet and loving character! She loves to rub faces and meows when she wants attention; Cookie is by far the most expressive cat I know! She also loves to play. I have a video folder full of clips of her chasing a laser pointer.
As Cookie is my first cat, giving her medication for her tummy was also a bit of a challenge but I’m proud to say that I now know how to make the process quick and easy for the both of us! (:
We’ve taken her to a veterinarian about four days after her adoption. Cookie was very well behaved throughout and everyone at the vet loved her. Most importantly (outside of her tummy issues), Cookie has a clean bill of health!

Words can’t do justice to show how thankful I am for the LDCRF and Jan (Cookie’s foster mommy) for letting us adopt her. They did so much taking care of our newest family member till adoption and I am grateful for all their help and assistance!

Miller’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday February 2

unnamed unnamedWGN7D74DMiller is doing great! He went to the vet during the first week with us and everything came back fine. Everyday we are so empressed with how fast he is learning a routine and getting to know our home. He has felt like part of the family since day 1!
I have attached pictures of him during the snow storm :)
Thank you for providing us a dog that loves us as much as we love him.

Teaka aka Teacup

Posted on: Tuesday February 2

Teaka  is doing great! We are loving her! She has had her first vet
appt. as well as the follow up for it for her Lyme’s vac., and all is

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