Happy Tails: March 2016

Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Obie’s Update

Posted on: Friday March 25

Hello Lost Dog and Cat Rescue,Obie

This Easter Sunday It will have been one year since we adopted Obie from Lost Dog and Cat Rescue.  Obie had spent the year before his adoption at the Ranch waiting for his forever home. His unruliness, fear of other dogs and subsequent aggression toward other dogs made him a poor candidate for participation in adoption events.

However, on March 23, 2015 Obie’s picture and profile was spotted on Lost Dog’s website when we were perusing dogs in honor of National Puppy Day.  It had been almost a year since the loss of our boy JRT and we thought that we might could make some room in our home and hearts for a new boy JRT.  Obie’s profile stated he needed a home where he would be the only dog. However, we still had one dog at home, a shy and sweet female JRT named Maya.  The wonderful people at Lost Dog thought Obie would be do okay with a docile female, which Maya definitely was.

We met Obie on our own and feel for him right away.  We decided immediately that if Maya accepted him he would have a new forever home.  Maya and Obie met and they seemed curious of one another but otherwise were somewhat indifferent so we adopted Obie on March 27 and brought him home.  Let’s just say he is a new dog and we are a new family with him in our lives.  He has really come into his own and has been a positive companion for Maya.  He plays and is very talkative and is an absolute joy.

We are so grateful that your organization exists and was able to give him a good home for the year before he was able to find his forever home with us.  He is happy, healthy and well loved and a part of our forever family!

Rico aka Georgie’s Update

Posted on: Thursday March 24

Everything is going great with Georgie (who has been renamed Rico (short for Ricolito) in honor of his being rescued in Puerto Rico).  Rico has fit in with our other three doggie family members (two of whom are also LDCRF alumni), and the pack has adjusted well. He’s brought his high energy puppy/yearling ways to our house, but is adjusting quite well to the routine and gets along great with his big brothers. All in all, another happy doggie rescue for our family, and we’re enjoying showering him with live and getting it right back from him (he’s really good at cuddling and giving puppy kisses..).

Thanks again to you, Michelle, and all of our friends at LDCRF for bringing us and Georgie/Rico together. We’ll be sure to post his happy tails story on the LDCRF website, complete with some photos as well. Thanks again!

Rocky aka Melo’s Update

Posted on: Friday March 18

Melo now Rocky is doing great. He is learning how to be a dog and her doggie sister Nutella is helping him a lot. During these two weeks Rocky has learned how to use the stairs, get in the car, and let people pet him and give him treats.

We are still working on Rocky’s confindence and his playing skills.  Rocky has been definitely a great addition to our now family of four. We love him so much!!!

He is doing better every day, he loves going out for walks and chasing squirrels down. He does not only enjoy his daily walks but also he loves going on car rides, we can’t get him off the window. It feels great to see him wagging his tail every time we walk in the house, we can tell he has gotten attached to us.

Rocky is really charming and a true gentleman, all our neighbors like him already. Besides getting a lot love from our neighbors, he has also made many doggie friends. In fact, some times he wants to run inside the house where two of his best “butts” live.

Tito aka Charlie’s Update

Posted on: Monday March 14

Chuck/Charlie/Tito is doing great. We have changed his name to Chuck. He is really a great dog. Chuck seems to really enjoy our backyard and other furry friends in the house. I have attached a photo. As you can see they are inseparable.

He is very playful and still working on potty training. He does a great job telling us when he needs to go out. Sometime he forgets, but very rarely.

At our last vet appointment he weighed a little over 30lbs. Everything looked good and the doctor was not concerned. “

Lani aka Isabelle’s Update

Posted on: Monday March 14

This is a one year follow-up to our Happy Tails post on April 30, 2015. We adopted Lani on Pi Day (3.14.15) one year ago today at an event in Fair Lakes. “Lani” means “heaven” in Hawaiian and our pup is living up to her name. She’s sweet, spunky and brings us so much joy and love. I made this video to celebrate this ‘Laniversary.’ It really shows what a love bug Lani is and we adore her!

Yala aka Sugar’s Update

Posted on: Friday March 11

Hi Everybody! I’m Yala and I was rescued on Valentine’s Day by a loving family. My name is Hebrew for “Let’s Go!” and what a great name for beagle like me. My daddy, Harrison, takes me to the dog park almost every week, where I get to play with other dogs and climb on the rocks. (See Picture 6) There I am at the end in the pink color. Sometimes my Aunt Alana comes over plays with me too! (See Picture 1) 

I am just very happy to be in a family that likes to play with me and spoil me with hugs, kisses, and toys. (See Picture 3) I just got this new Kong and trying to figure it out… (See Picture 4) 

Can someone help me get the treat out?! (See Picture 5)

Ok everybody….back to play time with the family! (See Picture 2)


Leila aka Sophie’s Update

Posted on: Friday March 11

Leila Leila1Leila (previously Sophie) is doing great! She has settled in nicely and my other dog has even warmed up to her. We comment daily about how we could not have gotten a better dog!

 Unfortunately the vet confirmed she had Giardia, and she is being treated for that. She has picked up nicely on the training we have been working on, as she is so well behaved already.

I have included pics of her in the snow and her hiking: two of her favorite things. I can’t wait to see what she thinks of the beach this summer…

Gertie aka Lemon Drop’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday March 8


Yesterday, March 7th, was the 7 year anniversary of our adoption of “Lemon Drop” from Lost Dog Rescue.  Now named Gertrude Lemon Drop Stein, “Gertie” is a happy, goofy, sweet and loving 9 1/2 year old girl.  Her dog tag proclaims “Free Kisses,” and she is more than happy to demonstrate that to any friendly person.  Gertie came to us with some bad habits — naughty counter-surfing and trash can diving, nervous peeing, fearfulness that would lead her to occasionally snap at some people.  However, through excellent training (thank you Old Towne School for Dogs!) and lots of patience, affection, and treats, we have “loved the naughty” out of her.  Gertie spends her days going on multiple dog walks, sleeping, playing with her dog buddies, and snuggling.  We are grateful to your organization for bringing Gertie into our lives.

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