Happy Tails: April 2016

Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Mitzi aka Frida’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday April 27

We adopted Frida two years ago in April of 2014.  She was one of a litter of pups from Puerto Rico.  Recently, after going through her vet. records, I found a note from Frida’s foster Mom, Nilsa.  The note mentioned that Frida was one in a litter born to a  very poor family in P.R. that could not care for them.  Nilsa asked that one day, could the person who got Frida reach out and let her know how she is doing.

Somehow Frida made her way to Northern Virginia where we adopted her.  She has been a delight, and she has lots of couches and beds to sleep on all over the house; a yard to play in with her mini pinscher brother, and two parents that love her very much. She is sitting on my lap as I write this note.
We named her Mitzi, after my wife’s doctor.  There is a reason for this; my wife has stage 4 cancer, and Mitzi was a gift to her.  My wife’s doctor (first name Mitzi) has been with us every step of the way with great compassion and kindness: a gentle soul.  We wanted to honor her for all she has done for us.
Just like our doctor, Mitzi our pup, has been very caring and protective of my wife; she knows when her cancer is hurting her.  She snuggles with her when she is sad.  She watches her everywhere she goes, and when she is pain, Mitzi runs to her aid.
She is a sweet girl, who has made such a difference in our lives.  I have some pictures, and I hope Nilsa sees this happy tail.

Bailey aka Lola’s Update

Posted on: Monday April 25

IMG_7581 IMG_7598Lola (now named Bailey) is living the good life. She has a job keeping all the squirrels and birds out of her big backyard. She takes it very seriously. She loves sleeping on her comfy bed, it’s so much better than sleeping in the cold hard ground. Bailey has two furry siblings…2 black cats. They are getting used to each other and learning how to get along. She also has two non furry siblings….teens who love their new sister. When Bailey is not patrolling her backyard she goes on walks, plays with her toys, lounges next to her mom or dad, or goes swimming in the lake. Bailey is also making new friends with some neighborhood canines.

Tali aka Chrissy’s Update

Posted on: Monday April 18

tali-clover tali-day2For the one-year anniversary of our adoption, we’d like to submit this Happy Tails story. Thanks!

Last February my husband and I lost 2 beloved dogs within 4 weeks of one another — Bailey, 16, and Indy, 14. Needless to say we were heartbroken and not sure if anyone could ever fill their shoes, but after 2 months of a too-quiet house, we started looking to adopt. We knew we wanted to adopt a small shelter/rescue dog, and we thought we wanted to give an older dog a chance. “Don’t let me get a puppy,” I told my husband and my best friend. “Puppies are too much work. Let’s save an older dog.” We met a few potential older adoptees but none we really clicked with. Then I found a listing for a beautiful 4-year old Dachshund girl who would be at a Lost Dogs event in Fairfax last April. She seemed perfect — older, smaller, house-trained, cute. We excitedly made plans to come to the rescue event to meet her.

Fast forward to the rescue event and unfortunately (or so we thought at the time), the Doxie girl seemed to have zero interest in interacting with us. Very disheartening; we didn’t want to adopt a dog that didn’t seem to want us back. But meanwhile there were a few pens of puppies in the center of the aisle and this one little black/brown puppy kept jumping up and down and looking at us with those puppy-dog eyes. All it took was one snuggle from 14-week old  “Chrissy” and I knew I was a goner. “I know I told you we shouldn’t get a puppy, honey, but would you mind terribly if we got a puppy?” I asked.
Fast forward one year and Tali Noodles, as we now call her, rules our house. For a random puppy adoption it could have gone so wrong, but other than a few shoes and a rug or two, it has gone so right! Just goes to show you that you should keep an open mind when looking to adopt; even if you think you know what *you* want, sometimes the right dog *picks you* instead.


Cash aka Frankie’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday April 12

IMG_0340 IMG_0361Frankie (now named “Cash”) is doing great! He is so well behaved in and outside.  I already took him to get an exam and everything was good on him.  Its been neat to watch him get comfortable to his new home and how he has taken to me, we are like best buds now! He has his LDRCF tag on and a tag with my information and will be getting micro-chipped soon.

We are attending an obedience class next month which I am looking forward to!  I included a few pics!

Brownie aka Maple’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday April 12

Mapl20160405_130016e is now Brownie.

She is the best dog ever!!!

We love her. She is getting along so well with our cat.

We just finished her antibiotics, and we will take her to the vet to check she’s done with Lyme disease.

Chloe’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday April 12

Hi LDCRF,Just a quick update on Chloe who settled in extremely well from the minute we brought her home on Sunday, April 10th.

She couldn’t be more happy and content and loves to sleep on her new mommy’s neck. She loves chasing the laser light and playing with her feather rod but her greatest hobby yet is still cuddle time. She’s super curious and sociable and took very well to our friends who are cat owners too. They were so impressed as to how well she has already integrated. We can’t imagine not having her in our life and are blessed to have her.

A BIG THANK YOU again to everyone at LDCRF at PetSmart Reston! You guys were so helpful and patient and couldn’t have made this process any easier. You guys rock!!

Thanks again,

Zoe’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday April 5

Roxie&ZoeBenderZoe is doing very well, and she has completely stolen our hearts! She has bonded with Roxie, her fur sister, and they are inseparable. They are more compatible than we had dreamed possible.

 We appreciate all that you and everyone at the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation do and are glad that we found you at Petco!! Attached is a picture of Zoe and Roxie that I thought you might like.

Sage aka Dipper

Posted on: Monday April 4

Sage is the happiest little boy on the planet who loves his brother more than anything else. He’s super energetic and happy, he loves cuddling and talking to his momma. He sleeps on his mommas face and likes little strolls through flowers on a leash of course. He also enjoys car rides but not to the vet, and is very strange but that’s what makes him special and we love him so much.


Posted on: Monday April 4

I just wanted to update you all on Nelly, the JRT blend that we adopted from you on Valentine’s Day.  It has been a pretty seamless transition for all of us!  Nelly is just a wonderful dog, and I don’t think that we ever could have found a better fit for our family!

Nelly just graduated dog obedience school, and we are thinking of trying our hand some agility classes.  She really likes “hunting” the squirrels in the yard, but I think she is just most content snuggling with me on the sofa.
Thank you to everyone who had a hand in getting her home!  it has only been a few short weeks, but already, I can’t imagine our lives without her!

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