Happy Tails: May 2016

Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Teddy aka Kaine’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday May 24

Kaine had a slight identity crisis, and now goes by Teddy or more affectionately Teddy-Monster, Tee, Ted, and my favorite, Teddy Bear. But in all seriousness Teddy is a big Nats fan (if you couldn’t tell by his red collar and Nats tag), and is named after our favorite racing president, Theodore Roosevelt. Teddy is very excited to attend a “pups in the park” game at Nationals Park this summer! He is a big ham and will eat up all the attention!

While Teddy may be a Nats fan, he tends to have more of a Californian personality. I say he is the most chill dog I know. And I don’t mean a bum that sits around and sleeps all day. He is just a happy go lucky, silly puppy. And he is he easiest puppy ever! But let me say I wasn’t mentally prepared for a puppy. I forgot about all the pathetic whining and teething. He may need a lot of attention now, but I think once he is potty trained he will be a very easy dog.

Some may say I am crazy, but I didn’t adopt Teddy for myself. I needed a playmate for my other dog. And while this could have backfired and turned out terribly, it was definitely the best decision ever. Teddy and his sister, Leila, are inseparable buddies. And Leila is even learning from Teddy. You see Leila is very shy and fearful, and Teddy is teaching her that people aren’t scary and toys are meant to be played with. That makes for one happy momma!

Teddy’s vet visit went very well, and he is one healthy puppy. He has already gained 6 pounds in the last three weeks! He is picking up on his obedience training, but we are still working on potty training. He is an eating, drinking, peeing, pooping machine! Another puppy trait I seem to have forgotten.

Teddy is very excited because he gets to go camping in Shenandoah for Memorial Day. I know him and especially his sister will love it. I just hope he can keep up on a few short, easy hikes. I can’t wait to see what his personality is like as he grows into it. He is great already, but I am oh so curious about how he will look and what he will be like a year from now.

I want to give a special shout out to all the volunteers who make up Lost Dog rescue. Teddy is my second Lost Dog and both experiences have been wonderful. The adoption fair volunteers, screeners, and foster parents are all so kind and helpful. You can tell Lost Dog really wants to find homes for as many animals as possible. Amazing a lot of other Rescue groups have convoluted the process and make it very difficult to adopt. Makes it seem like they don’t want to adopt out animals! I will forever be grateful to Lost dog for connecting me with my fur-babies!

Coqui aka Perla

Posted on: Monday May 23

Perla, now called Coquí, settled right in to our family immediately.  When my daughters came home on Sunday there was such joy from all three of them!  She handles the crate well, almost has the hang of “sit”, and gives numerous exhuberant kisses to anyone who lets their face get within tongueshot.  We’re working on the whole housebreaking thing, but having raised two kids, it’s not a big deal to me.

I just took her to the vet and she’s been given a clean bill of health, with the sole exception of mild allergies.  She’s got flea/tick and heartworm meds on board, and has been microchipped.  Several vet techs stopped by to praise her for being so good-natured during her exam and various pokes and prods.

I will write a letter to Ms Garcia in Ponce as requested to give her an update and some photos.  I owe her a huge thanks for taking such good care of my adopted girl.

Logan aka Tom’s Update

Posted on: Sunday May 22

Tom is doing great! We are so in love :) He’s gained 8 lbs already!!! We have changed his name to Logan and he has brought us so much happiness :)  His favorite activity recently has been pulling mommy’s clothes out of the laundry basket and racing out of the room with them! Rotten!

Pete aka Tuquito’s Update

Posted on: Sunday May 22

image001We renamed Tuquito. We call him Pete. This is a picture of him lying on the bed with our cat Mia. We took him to the vet and all of his labs came out great, but he has Giardia so he is on a course of Panacur every other week for 4 weeks. He has a new LSU Tiger collar with his identification dog bone from Lost Dog Rescue attached! We love him dearly!!! Because he is used to walking a lot, we have to walk him 3-5 miles a day! Thank you for letting us adopt him!!! He is like a family member already!! We have all of your information and will contact you with any new information or changes! If you ever want to see Pete, I can bring him to see you! He loves us, but is a little hesitant around new people and isn’t into other dogs, so we are thinking about classes after he is settled in with us!!

Thank you so much for our wonderful dog,

Rosie aka Wrinkles’ Update

Posted on: Sunday May 22

Wrinkles (who’s name is20160508_134947 now Rosie) is doing amazing! I’m so proud of he20160501_195038r and all the progress she’s making. She’s wagging her tail and is always excited to see us. She loves my other dog and is starting to mimic his actions. She loves running outside and has picked up potty training so amazingly fast. She’s consistent with sitting for things she wants and we’re currently working on down. She’s so smart and I can’t wait to see all the other things we can accomplish together :)

Pancho’s Update

Posted on: Friday May 20

It has been one month since Pancho came home and as you can see he has adapted very easily! He was so shy for a couple of days but has become  such a member of the family! He has learned to walk well on a leash and learned some basic commands! He goes everywhere and absolutely loves the car!  He’s a little angel in my life!
Thank you,

Millie J aka Audrey’s Update

Posted on: Friday May 20


I recently adopted Audrey (now updated to Millie J) from Lost Dog and I could not be happier with her! She is a complete sweetheart and loves to please. Overall she is calm and quiet, unless squirrels or bikers are involved. She is learning how to loose walk on the leash and is signed up for training to help IMG_7188make sure she feels safe and confident when we are out and about. She is able to come to work with me, which I adore, and everyone in the office is smitten with her. I am so grateful to have her in my home and in my heart!
Thank you for all the work you do!

Shorty’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday May 18

ShortyShorty on Sofa started out as our foster around two years ago, but quickly endeared himself with us and our other dog, Nellie.  We adopted him and love him to pieces.  He’s the best dog.  This photo shows how spoiled he is.  If he’s not sleeping on the sofa, he’s in bed with us at night.  What a wonderful dog and we are so happy that he became a part of the family.

Houston’s Update

Posted on: Saturday May 14

Houston has settled in with us quite nicely! When I brought him home I discovered he was afraid of our stairs – which was a bit of a challenge for us because we live on the third floor! I carried him up three flights of stairs several times a day for the first week because he simply refused (it was great exercise for me though!) It only took a week and the help of some friends and neigbors with dogs and now he’s a pro at the stairs.

He’s such an incredibly sweet and loving dog to everyone he meets, including children. He loves other dogs and has made great friends at our neighborhood dog park. He broke out of his initial shy shell and he’s just a big goofball who likes to give kisses and tucks himself into his crate every night.

He’s the perfect dog for us and we love him so much. He makes us incredibly happy every day and we do our best to make sure he’s happy as well. I’ve included some pictures of him – he’s hard to get a photo of because he wiggles so much!

Thank you for all of the effort and work you and your organization do to save the lives of animals who in turn save their humans.

Hobbes aka Reese’s Update

Posted on: Friday May 13

We adopted Reese on April 2 and quickly renamed him Hobbes because of his Tiger stripes (Hobbes as in Calvin and Hobbes). He loves everything and everyone and has not had one single accident in the house! He and Holly are getting along great, they share toys, beds, even food. He is very smart and catches on quickly – we are training him to walk nicely on a leash, and it is going well.

Teddy’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday May 10

FB_IMG_1462845329535 2016-05-07 17.26.51Hello! I thought it would be nice to update you all on Teddy. My husband and I adopted Teddy at your Petco Rockville event on 4/23, after we saw his picture on your website and emailed for more info (I emailed Lost Dog in the morning on 4/23 and got a reply so quickly that we were able to make it to Rockville as the adoption event started!) Teddy is a shy boy and we have been working to decrease his fear of cars, but he is so sweet and well behaved that he won his way into our hearts quickly! I have attached a few pics so you can see how he is adjusting. Thank you so much for the wonderful work that you do!

Scarlett’s Update

Posted on: Friday May 6

Scarlett is doing very well.  She has adapted well and has been quite comfortable.  She is such a sweet girl and is doing well when meeting new friends, two and four legged!! She had a good check-up… she’s a few pounds underweight but they feel it could be because she recently had a litter and wasn’t receiving proper nutrition for herself. But, she is eating and drinking well!  She loves walks and car rides, her tennis ball and dinosaur, and is cozy as can be at home!  She’s a wonderful addition and we are so very happy we found each other!

I’ve attached some pictures for you to enjoy!

Abby aka Clarita

Posted on: Thursday May 5

We love Clarita, who is now known as Abby and responds to that name.    She is loving, clever and funny and is bAbby with her toy #2 - Copyeing spoiled rotten.  She has since managed to untie the knots in her rope toy in this photo.

She brings us joy every day  and seems to love us equally.  We are forever grateful to Lost Dog Rescue for bringing her to us!


Ginger aka Peggy

Posted on: Wednesday May 4

Thank you so much for giving us the love of our lives. She has blossomed incredibly in a short period of time. She and my husband are inseparable. We can’t even imagine our lives without her and we are truly blessed to give her a forever home. We are grateful to everyone at lost dog for the important work you all do.


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