Happy Tails: June 2016

Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Oakley aka Cordell’s Update

Posted on: Thursday June 30

Cordell, now known as Oakley, is doing great!!

Oakley has settled in so well and we love having him part of our family! One is his favorite hobbies is watching the squirrels at a local area nicknamed “Squirrel Island”. He visited the beach for the first time with us this weekend and enjoyed swimming (although is still a little unsure of the waves!) and rolling around in the sand! The squawking seagulls also caught his attention :). He is such a sweetheart with people and other dogs and he is so good at giving us his paw. We look forward to the many new memories we will make with him in our family!

I’ve attached some photos of him and we can’t thank you enough for introducing us to the newest member of our family!

Brady’s Update

Posted on: Thursday June 30

I just wanted to give you an update on Brady to let you know he is doing wonderful! He is a great addition to our family. My entire family adores him and this includes my mom, brother, aunts and uncles, cousins, and most of all my son! He has brought such joy to our household and I am so appreciative of you and Lost Dog for what you all do to ensure dogs are adopted into wonderful, loving homes.
Brady is such a smart puppy. He listens well, he has picked up on quite a few of our commands already, and he doesn’t like to leave the yard.
I truly want to thank you for allowing myself and my son to become Brady’s new owners. Here are a few photos of us!

Griffin aka Harry’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday June 29

We were searching for a playmate and companion for our one-year-old high energy cat, Dante, who could never get enough playtime and who had so much energy he would literally run around the house when we could no longer keep up with him.

So we adopted Harry (now called Griffin) and it was the best decision we’ve made since adopting Dante. We were concerned about the transition, but the boys bonded immediately. Now Dante has a buddy to chase, be chased by, and wrestle with. We never realized just how much he needed a companion until he met Griffin, another high energy male who needed a home and a playmate. Now they are completely inseparable. They learn from each other. They mimic each other. They talk to each other. They groom each other. They share everything. It’s amazing to see how well they get along, even when they rough house.

Griffin is a sweet, confident cat who purrs at the drop of a hat. He adapted to our house immediately. However, we quickly learned that he has some secret food issues – he loves bread. If you turn your back he will steal your bread and run off with it, thus he is known as “the bread thief.” LOL.

Initially, we were a little reluctant to become a two-cat household, but now we can’t image life without him, and neither can Dante.

Zephyrus and Feadora aka Weeble and Bobble’s Update

Posted on: Sunday June 26

Nellie’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday June 22

We adopted Nellie, a terrier mix, on April 23rd and she has been thriving! She saw the vet on April 29 at Hunter Mill Animal Hospital in Oakton and Dr Caldwell said she was very healthy. Nellie bonded with our 8 year old GSP Denver quickly. By day 3 they were sleeping on the same dog bed.  We are thrilled to have Nellie in our family!

Puffin aka Buddy’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday June 21

Hi!  I adopted Puffin one year ago today; he was called Buddy then.  One year ago, he was shy, frightened, and full of anxiety.  And I was worried that I was bringing a new dog into my life too soon afPuffinversary one yearter losing my beloved Lolly (another former Lost Dog).  But over time, we found our way to each other.  Puffin is now affectionate and energetic; he’s even learned to play and has a collection of stuffed animals to run around the house with.  He’s still a very shy boy and probably always will be, but I just think of him as a fellow introvert.  He’s happy and healthy, and he brings so much joy and love into my life!

Buster aka Bingo’s Update

Posted on: Monday June 20

Roo aka Navi’s Update

Posted on: Sunday June 19

IMG_1736 IMG_1749 Navi is doing great!  She has fit right in to our family. She is sweet and loving with a pinch of Naughty:) She loves our other dog and they play and respect Escher nicely.  She is even good with our rabbit ( though we don’t trust them alone ) I will send a picture of her. We call her Roo because she runs and jumps and is the color of a kangaroo. I hope to make it to one of your adoption events soon to return her harness and leash and bring her for a visit.

Baya aka Lucy’s Update

Posted on: Sunday June 19

IMG_1100Lucy is absolutely wonderful and has become a part of our family. We have renamed her Baya,after the town that she was originally from in Puerto Rico. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and for being responsible for giving us one of the greatest joys of our lives.

Coqui aka Perla’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday June 15

Perla, now Coquí, has settled in like she’s always lived here!  She’s housetrained and crate trained, follows me around, and loves to cuddle and lick.  She goes on multi-mile hikes with my boyfriend and I (she gets super excited when the long leash comes out, and is getting used to a doggie backpack), and patiently walks the neighborhood with my kids leading.  She enjoys the dog park and is socializing well with both animals and people.  The vet has given her a clean bill of health and a microchip.  She still wears the bone tag, and is licensed by the county.  We’re doing obedience training and she’s learned Sit, Down, Heel (for the most part, unless there’s a squirrel), Crate, and Wait/OK at dinnertime.

We love Coquí, and she loves us.  Thank you for helping me find our girl!

George aka Kristoff’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday June 14

Kristoff is doing great! We renamed him to George, and he is such a great dog! We took him to the vet (Pender) and found out he did have hook worms, but he just finished his meds for them and has a follow up appointment in another week. We have floating stairs in our house and George was very afraid of them at first, but after about 3 days (and a ton of treats) he acts like they are normal stairs now. Besides that he just loves sleeping, asking for belly rubs, and hiking. He is not crated during the day while we are at work, and we have a webcam set up to make sure he is OK (and that the dog walker comes) and he pretty much sleeps by the window. It seems like each day he is coming out of his shell more and more and becoming very playful!

We will make sure to update you guys if we move or change numbers. Thank you for picking us and bringing George into our lives!

Precious’ Update

Posted on: Saturday June 11

Precious is doing extremely well and we are thrilled to have her as a part ofIMG_3462 IMG_3452 our family.  She has really bonded with us and we with her.  We have renamed her “Poppy” to give her a new start with a name that sounds young at heart.
We started positive clicker training to work on her reactivity to other dogs, and also had 2 private lessons with professional trainers. She is a very smart girl, learns things quickly, and is improving on her reactivity though we’ve been told that she will never be completely comfortable with other dogs.   She also has skin allergies that led to her ear problems, and we are working closely with our vet to ensure that stays under control.
We have a lot of fu together, take her with us on vacation sometimes and love to go for hikes in the woods on the weekends.
Thank you again for rescuing her and providing her such great care. Without Lost Dog Rescue I’m sure her minor conditions would have become major impairments and made her not adoptable. We feel very lucky to have found Lost Dog.

Rosie aka Amber’s Update

Posted on: Thursday June 9

IMG_0281 (5) IMG_0283 (1)Rosie has brought so much joy into our lives. It took her some time to adjust to our little family of two adults and one cat, but she has blossomed in the last few weeks. Rosie loves going for her daily walk in the neighborhood and can be seen chasing squirrels up trees in our backyard in her free time. We’ve worked on her potty training and now she has free roam of the home when we aren’t there!
Slowly but surely her confidence has increased – she’s our beautiful, loyal girl and we couldn’t be happier having her in our home!

Dora’s Update

Posted on: Thursday June 9

Dora is doing wonderfully and is already such an important part of the family! As you can see from the pictures, she has made herself right at home. We love her to death and could not have asked for a better behaved dog or a dog with a sweeter disposition.

We took her to our vet on 5/16/2016 and our vet is extremely pleased with her health!

Thank you to everyone at LDRF for all the work you do, especially because you brought Dora into our lives.

Murphy’s Update

Posted on: Monday June 6

20160422_093421Last June when we went to one of your adoption events, my husband and I were expecting to meet a few dogs and maybe consider what getting a pet would mean for us newlyweds. But when a little brown pup named Murphy came running out of the van and hopped right into our arms, we knew that we wanted to bring him home with us.

After a few timid first days of refusing to go to the bathroom and not making any noise (we thought we had gotten the quietest dog ever), Murphy’s true personality began to shine through. He is a bundle of energy who loves running, hiking, playing fetch, and food. He has never met a person who he doesn’t immediately want to make friends with, and he especially loves when we can go hiking in the woods and he gets to explore new places. While he doesn’t get tired very easily, when he does cuddling is one of his favorite ways to wind down and relax.
Thank you so much for introducing us to our little guy and for all of your hard work caring for animals like Murphy who just need a some love to become their true selves!

Ben aka Tony’s Update

Posted on: Saturday June 4

My daughters were volunteers at the Rockville event the week after we adopted him, and they IMG_1465let everyone know wh13322207_10154234740641552_4332747962335397857_nat a wonderful little beagle he is.  He gets along well with our other beagle, who also came from Lost Dog three years ago.  He is house trained and very sweet and playful.  His tail is always wagging, and he loves attention.  Typical beagle.  My daughters will do some volunteer work again and bring pictures of our two beagle boys.

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