Happy Tails: August 2016

Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Junebug’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday August 30

IMG_1084 IMG_1061
June is doing well and settling in nicely. She loves playing in the backyard with our toddler and has won over everyone who she has met. We love having her in our family! She has had her bet appointment and is in good health and up to date on all of her shots.


Wander and Dover’s Update

Posted on: Thursday August 25

Patches’ Update

Posted on: Wednesday August 17


Patches is doing wonderfully! We renamed him Reggie, he’s a goofy guy! He has been to the vet and is very healthy. He’s getting along great with our other dog Penny, he definitely lets her be the boss. He’s great on walks and will start puppy class soon.

 We love him! Thank you so much for checking in and to Lost Dog for introducing us to our boy!

Pauley’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday August 17

Pauley is great! He has definitely become a social dog. Our 11 year old black/golden retriever mix has become more social too. Pauley follows him everywhere! Winston doesn’t mind though and is showing him the ropes of being a spoiled dog. He loves toys, chewing, running, and walking in the woods with me.

Pauley has been to the vet a few times. He had a cold, has had his wellness visit and shots, and has been for worms. He is on a few antibiotics for the cold and worms. He also has had his flea and tick pill etc. We keep his tag on at all times also. He has gone through one collar already due to his growth! We are training him and he is doing well with potty and walking on the leash. 

 He is able to sit and stay for a second but that is a start for the command -staying. he is really loving having the granddogs here also. He plays non-stop with Sadie-the Australian Shepard. He lovvvees swimming and even dunks his head under the water to grab leaves.

Thank you for giving our family a wonderful gift.

Nitro’s Update

Posted on: Monday August 15

FullSizeRender IMG_0051 (1)

Nitro is doing great he loves the family and he gain 2 pounds. On Monday I’m taking him to the vet. Thank you for checking up on him! Keep in touch

Simba’s Update

Posted on: Sunday August 14

Simbawithyellowflowers1 year ago today after requesting to meet Simba from his on line picture he came home with us.
It didn’t take anytime for him to get comfortable here and he keeps us walking & playing too.  Currently he is a level 4 in dog training & hoping to earn his good citizen award. He loves his family, adventure and other dogs.
Thank you Lost Dog Rescue & all your volunteers & especially Simba’s foster for all you do in making this possible.

Kylie aka Franny’s Update

Posted on: Friday August 5

image1 image2

Franny is doing well, and she has been growing very quickly in the few weeks we have had her!  She is wickedly smart, but also very much a puppy, so it has been fun to train her and also to watch her learn all the things we take for granted for the first time.

We changed her name to Kylie since we felt it more suited her personality, and she has learned her name very quickly. She has had her wellness check up, and she is all up to date on her vaccinations and meds.  We are also taking training classes with her, she is a bundle of energy and loves the training.

Thanks again for letting us adopt Kylie, she has been a great fit for our energetic and on the go family!

Chloe aka Cha Cha’s Update

Posted on: Thursday August 4

FullSizeRender IMG_3858

We are doing great!  We did rename Cha Cha to Chloe and she is doing fabulous!!!!  She had a great check up at the Falls Road Vet and is going for her booster and Lyme vaccine this Friday.  She had a little irritation between her toes and we have been using special wipes nightly and it seems to be improving.  The vet also recommended that she stay on the antihistamine through the summer and then we will ween her and see if she stops itching.

She is 90% potty trained already and trained on the electric fence.   She has learned how to sit, lay down, high five, go into her crate perfectly.  She is never alone more than 3 hours at a time.  She plays great with our 15 year old rescue dog named Van (I’ve attached 2 pictures).  We still don’t leave them un-attended together.  She loves all people.  She’s done great with 3 other dogs in our neighborhood so far and has only show aggression to one dog that came over unannounced who loves us and when I opened the front door, the dog (Coco) came barreling in and jumped on me, as always, and Chloe went into attack mode, but I couldn’t blame her. We are waiting a few weeks before we try to introduce them again (on neutral territory) – her owner will call ahead next time!!!

We are taking her to the beach next week and I am looking forward to taking her (on leash) on the beach to see how she does with all the other dogs.  It will give me a good idea of her doggie personality and give her some good socialization.  

She is so loving.  Our vet is looking for a dog.  I gave her your organization’s information.  She said we got such a great find that she was “rather jealous”. 

Thank you for doing what you do.  You helped fill our house with love.

George’s Update

Posted on: Thursday August 4

George collage George1

George is doing really well. He has been very well-behaved, never barks, and does shockingly well with people and dogs. We imagine he must have had an owner before and just got lost. We went to our first obedience training class with him yesterday and are taking him to his 2nd vet appointment tomorrow to get his follow-up shots. And it seems like he loves his new home! He’s always excited to see us, loves curling up on the couch, and has scattered his toys everywhere :) We’re very happy to have him!

Jack and Jasmine aka Snickers and Skittles’ Update

Posted on: Wednesday August 3

My husband and I love our kittens/babies and it makes us grateful to be a happy family. Now they are enjoying their new home, playing, running around, snuggling with each other and with us.

They are very precious and we are doing our very best to spoil them :) From the first moment on I knew they were special and it was meant to be. I wanted to thank you lost dog rescue foundation for uniting us. Here are some pictures of Jack & Jasmine.

Austin aka Boston’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday August 2

Austin (Boston with you) loves his new home.  We are so thankful to have him.  He sleeps in bed with us, and has been wonderful with our cats.  Only “concern” we have is that he hasn’t barked once.  Thanks for your hard work at Lost dog and Cat.

Bella’s Memorial

Posted on: Monday August 1

We adopted Bella from Lost Dogs in 2007 at the Petco in Sterling. I don’t even remember what her name was at the rescue. She had been found wandering the streets of Fredericksburg, and ended up with Lost Dogs. Once Lost Dogs rescued her, she had two attempts at adoption, but was returned twice, because she kept having peeing accidents. The rescue thought it was a bladder infection and had her on antibiotics.

We adopted her, and after three weeks we found out she had a large bladder stone and needed surgery. We had the surgery done, and she never peed in the house again. She was just the best dog.

Three years ago she developed insulinoma, a cancer of the pancreas, which we only found out because she had seizures. We took her to Virginia Tech, and they recommended surgery and told us that surgery should give her another 19 months to two years. She had the surgery and they removed part of her pancreas. The surgery worked, she did not have seizures again until two weeks ago.


In the meantime, about 18 months ago, she was diagnosed with weakening of the mitral valve, and VA Tech told us she would have about 12-18 months if on medication. Sometime in the near future she would get congestive heart failure. This was about 18 months ago, and she has been on heart medication ever since. We had her at the Vet two weeks ago to have them give her heart a listen, they said she still had the same murmur, nothing additional. The day after that vet visit she had her first recurrence of the seizures. At that point we knew that the cancer was back. Last Thursday, on July 28, she had the beginning of another seizure, but before it could fully develop her heart gave out and she passed away in our arms.


She left us peacefully and on her terms to go to the big dog park in the sky, where it rains tennis balls and marrow bones. Bella was the best dog anyone could have wished for. We will miss her so much, but we know she did not die in pain from the cancer or suffer through the symptoms of congestive heart failure. She died peacefully, and we never had to make the decision to let her go, she decided when it was time. I am heartbroken, but I know we gave her 10 great years and she was a happy dog. Good bye Bella Baby, we will never forget you.


Thank you for finding Bella for us.


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