Happy Tails: September 2016

Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Vincent aka Donnie’s Update

Posted on: Friday September 23

img_0549 img_0616 img_0852

My husband and I adopted Vincent, a dachshund beagle mix, on July 23 (he was named Donnie at the time) at the Seven Corners adoption event. Vincent has been great! He’s a true comedian with so much personality… he cracks us up. He goes from super playful to super cuddly in minutes, and it seems that he could play/ cuddle endlessly. He’s really into all his toys and will occasionally play fetch with them. He did a few naughty things in the beginning, but has fully adjusted and is able to be out of his crate when we step out. His big sister Mary Jane has been very patient with him even though he’s much more interested in roughhousing than she is. He’s truly a sweetheart and everybody loves him!

Boris aka Boomer’s Update

Posted on: Thursday September 22

We adopted Boris (formerly Boomer) a month ago. He was very anxious at first but has transformed into a brand new dog. Below is a comparison of his shelter picture and a photo I took today of him sporting his new bow tie. Boris is a complete sweetheart and loves to jump into bed every morning to cuddle with us. Hiking and barking at squirrels is his absolute favorite. He has lots of new toys, but his most prized one is a raccoon that squeaks every time he bites it. Boris is taking lessons to improve his leash agression and he’s learning new tricks as well. Our personal favorite is when he hops into the bathtub all on his own when he knows it’s bath time. We love our fur baby and could not be happier! He has added so much to our lives. There’s nothing better than coming home after work and receiving a puppy hug!

Charlotte’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday September 21

Charlotte is doing great! She quickly took to her status as the new baby of the house and plays it to the hilt. She’s enjoying her “big brother”, our 6 year old wheaten mix rescue, who tolerates her well, though sometimes grudgingly. She’s coming along slowly on the house training. Our vet said she’s in good shape. He put her on an antihistamine for a while to make sure she doesn’t scratch and reinfect herself with mange. But that seems cleared up and she’s not scratching. She eats everything she can get hold of, like any toddler, but we know how that is and keep a close eye on her. She’s got her tags on.

Sugar’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday September 20

sugar-1 sugar-smiling

sunglassesGood Evening!

I’ve had Sugar for three months now and couldn’t be happier! She is the best little pup I ever could have asked for – she’s such a sweetheart and is so loving. I can’t imagine how anyone could have neglected her, but I’m so glad that she came into my life. I can’t wait to spend fur-ever with her!
Thanks for saving my perfect puppy, LDCRF!

Fifi’s Update

Posted on: Thursday September 15

img_0353 img_0285
Fifi is doing well and settled. She was having a hard time on her first day about her food. But now she’s eating well – we found out later that we bought a wrong food- .
We also took her to the vet week later in Annandale, and was told everything is normal. And she took her heartworm medication for this month.
I’m attaching some photos of her.
Thanks for all taking care of her before she came to us.

Porter aka Davey’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday September 13

Our little Davey is now Porter, named by our very dear friend and neighborhood brewer!  Porter is simply a wonderful puppy.  He walks on a leash as if he’s been doing it since he was born.  He already knows sit.  And he’s already housebroken and seems to have been that way from the start.  All from a dog who was on the ranch!!!
Because Porter is so easy to walk, he’s easy to wear out.  He gets about 4 walks per day and sleeps very well at night.  He made his debut at our Silver Spring dog park yesterday and was so tired but just kept playing (don’t worry we didn’t keep him there for long.)  Porter has learned very quickly not to bark at our cat, but unfortunately he still wants to play with her.  Our 16 year old Electra is not about to acquiesce.  For now, she’s just getting out of the way, but I’m hoping she will, at some point hiss and swipe, to let him know who is the “real” boss.  Don’t worry, she doesn’t have many teeth left due to reabsorption cavities causing the need for their removal several years ago.
Thanks so much for checking in on our little guy.  He’s been a wonderful, wiggly reminder of our Onyx who we had to put down earlier in the summer.  It’s easy not to think about a pet without a reminder and I’m remembering Onyx more with Porter in my life.

Finn aka Mario’s Update

Posted on: Monday September 12


Mario (who is now named Finn) is doing great.  He is completely in love with our older dog, Ranger.  He is such a good boy!  We are going to be starting training this month, but he is already pretty good about going potty outside and walking with Ranger.  He has already been to the vet twice for a check up and follow on vaccines.  He also is wearing his Lost Dog tag and his new “Finn” tag with our phone numbers.  We are enjoying having the new member of our household!

Jackson’s Update

Posted on: Friday September 2

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