Happy Tails: October 2016

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Stella and Luna aka Marcie and Millie’s Update

Posted on: Sunday October 30

Greetings, and Happy Autumn!

It is high time to send in an update on the “happy tails” that we have in our home. As you can tell by the puppy pictures and the adult pictures, our two girls have grown up to be our own little furbeasties!!! Luna (the black girl) we adopted about 2 1/2 years ago now and will be turning 3 years old in just a couple months. That little ball of fluff didn’t stay little for so long and has since shot up to a whopping 80lbs of fluff! Luna is doing wonderfully with where we moved to recently. She was raised from puppyhood in the city with all the noises and stimulations of the city life, but now is enjoying a much quieter country setting with a lot more grass than concrete. It only took about 3 months of having baby girl to realize that as much as she loves running around, swimming is her true bread and butter! So much so that she doesn’t want to get out of ponds or streams when we let her go take a swim!
Stella (the brown girl) has likewise shot up like a weed. She is now a year old (and a couple months) and is weighing in at almost 70lbs! Having been raised more in country settings than the city, she is the more timid one. But you can bet that if her sister is out sniffing something, or staring in a direction, she is right there watching as well. She’ll even look Luna straight in the snout and then follow her gaze out to see what is worth looking at in that moment. She really is a hoot. The 2 couldn’t be more polar opposites. While Luna has become more restful at home, Stella can’t stand such idle activities. She’d much rather be chasing her ball around, or chewing on one of her many toys that she carries around with her everywhere.
All in all, both our baby girls are doing marvelously, and we are so happy that we found them both from LDCRF. The current picture was on our vacation while Grandma was pup sitting for us. The girls loved their vacation as much as we loved ours and I know their Grandma was sad that first night alone missing her bed warmers in there with her.

Moonlight aka Tensie

Posted on: Tuesday October 25

Tensie’s great! We renamed her Moonlight.

She’s had 2 vet appointments for shots/boosters (I added Lymes and Lepto to her vaccinations) and she is scheduled for Rabies next week.

She’s loves her new sister (7 year old Star) and 2 legged brother (my son) Robert. And she’s definitely a daddy’s girl always following my fiancé around and curled up by him.

She’s doing really well with potty training… only an accident here and there. And she’s not a fan of being in a crate at night but she’s still in an adjustment period (she’d rather sleep in our bed… not by it). She’s a really sweet dog.

She’s also getting a lot bigger. She gained a pound and a half the first week we had her!

Here’s some pics of her with her new family! (Don’t worry she doesn’t get toys in her crate. She just loves napping with her mini-elephant on the couch).

Monkey’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday October 25

Monkey is doing very well. She is still a puppy so she has lots of energy and we are working to keep her entertained. We were pleasantly surprised to find that she is house-trained: 3 weeks and no accidents! She and our other dog, Cece (formerly Carolyn), are figuring out their relationship; since Monkey is still young she plays a little rough, but otherwise she is doing well and settling into her forever home. We’re having a lot of fun with her and we’ve enrolled her in a Basic Manners training class.

Monkey is the third dog we’ve adopted from LDCRF and we are very grateful for all the work you do. Thanks for checking in!   :)

Brit’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday October 25


We are having a great time with Brit and I think she is doing really well with us. She had a good visit to the vet, has been registered with Arlington County and is slowly meeting and getting to know some of the dogs in our neighborhood. I’ve attached a couple pictures of her around our house.

Thanks again for all the great work that you do!

Abbie aka Ginni Ann’s Update

Posted on: Friday October 21

Ginni Ann is doing well. We renamed her Abbie and she is such a good dog! We absolutely adore and spoil her rotten. It looks like someone must have started to work with her on basic commands like sit, stay, and shake. We have continued that with her and crate training which is going well. She sleeps in a crate in our room with lots of blankets and an old pillow. She also has a big crate in the kitchen for daytime and a doorwall that looks out onto our deck with woods in the background. I work from home two days a week and our parents take her out, play with her, & walk her around noon on the other days. We also started socializing her with her “cousin”, Bailey, who is a boxer/plotthound mix so she’ll get used to being around other dogs and people. She loves going on walks with us and is getting the hang of walking on the leash. We already updated all her shots and gave her lyme and lepto as well.
Attached are some pictures of her. We will send you more soon so you can see how big she is getting!

Harper aka Michaela’s Update

Posted on: Friday October 21

Michaela is now named Harper. We had her microchipped, and she had a great visit at the Vet. within the first five days of her adoption. She is growing, learning how to sit, come and go potty outside. She and our other Ldcrf dog Bella, are already best buddies. I have attached a photo of our two girls. We couldn’t have asked for two better pups!

Quinn aka Tatum’s Update

Posted on: Friday October 21

We have renamed Tatum, Quinn and she has quickly become a very important part of our family!

She settled in quite easily and has a constant playmate with our other dog, Brogan. They are often playing around the house, wearing each other out and then napping together.
Quinn also loves the car and comes with me most nights for soccer drop off and pickup for our three kids, who shower her with plenty of love daily. She has been to the vet and has been given a clean bill of health and on Monday got her next round of vaccines.
She is doing wonderfully with housebreaking and is really getting the hang of ringing a bell hanging on the doorknob to tell us she needs to go out.
Truly, she has been a joy and we are thrilled to have her!! I have included some pictures for you to enjoy.

Inca aka Lucy Lou’s Update

Posted on: Thursday October 20

Lucy Lou is doing well. Her name is now Inca.  She has been to the vet and is wearing the dog tag, as instructed.


I would just like to give a shout out to the foster parents of Inca. They did such a good job with her. It took her only a couple days to adjust. At three months old when we got her and she was essentially house trained. By day three our house was dry and she was signaling us when she needed to go out. Clearly the foster parents had done some very good training of Inca before we got her. That was such a gift to us. She willingly went into her kennel from day one – and could sit on command. She learned so quickly that I can’t help but think the foster parents had been teaching her. She stops at the end of the sidewalk before walking into the street, on command. So, because of the foster parents, Lucy Lou, now Inca, adjusted beautifully. I don’t know if all foster parents are that good but we feel very fortunate. As if that weren’t enough, the foster mom took us around PetSmart and helped us get what we need, answered lots of questions that we, as first puppy owners, had. We are immensely thankful.

Mafalda’s Update

Posted on: Monday October 17

We did take Mafalda to Old Dominion Animal Health Center the first week after she was officially adopted where the entire staff immediately fell in love with her.  There really is something special about this girl that I can’t quite put my paw on but she wins people’s hearts with no effort whatsoever.  Mafalda received a clean bill of health aside from her deformed paw.  The vet has recommended taking her to the Hope Center in Vienna for a consultation regarding the paw and we plan to do that in the near future and she is now taking a Glucosamine supplement to help offset stress on her other joints that compensate for the paw.
 Mafalda is adjusting to life with our family very well. She grows more confident every day and seems quite happy.  She seems to relish being worshiped by all the members of our household.  Her diet has been unaffected by the transition and she eats very well.  The vet did ask us to get her down a few pounds to not put unnecessary stress on the paw,  and we are working on that.  Mafalda has been very active outdoors and loves to hike at Scott’s Run a couple of times a week as well as play in our yard with our boys and chasing the abundance of squirrels that are brave enough to enter her yard.
We could not be more pleased with how this adoption/rescue has turned out and we hope she feels the same.  Thank you for all the support and the important work of LDCRF.

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