Happy Tails: December 2016

Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Bear’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday December 20

Hi Lost Dog,

We wanted to share a little update on our rescue, Bear.

We officially adopted him at the end of September.  We’d been fostering different cats throughout the year and we just couldn’t bear to give him back once we had nursed him to health after his time at the cat cafe.  It took about a month for him to shed his skittish, extremely shy nature.  Now he struts around the house in true cat style and even plops down in front of visitors demanding pets from everyone.   He excitedly greets us at the door when we come home and follows us around until he gets enough chin and ear scratches.   He is an absolute sweetheart and always wants to be in our laps or at least nearby.  He’s more than we could have hoped for!  While we’re sad we won’t be able to help foster liked we used to, I couldn’t imagine our home without this little guy.   Thank you for bringing him into our lives!

Laney aka Cielito’s Update

Posted on: Saturday December 17

Lulu aka Coco’s Update

Posted on: Saturday December 17

Orange Monkey and Yahtzee’s Update

Posted on: Thursday December 15

The last week of August we welcomed these two characters into our home! Initially we were more excited than the boys as they spent most of their time in our guest room or under the couch. With lots of encouragement from us and cautious bravery from Orange Monkey & Yahtzee, we gradually we saw more and more of them. We think it makes their acceptance of us and our home that much more satisfying. These gentle giants share their food, play with each other and are waiting for us in the window when we come home. We are delighted with them!!

Dot aka Tiana’s Update

Posted on: Monday December 12


My name is Katie and my husband and I adopted Tiana from Lost Dogs a few weeks ago. My husband said that you wanted an update and pictures if possible.

We have decided to call her Dot, and she’s already learned her name. She still wears her blue dress harness every day, and always gets compliments from our neighbors on our walks. She gets along with our other dog, Eddie, and they even sleep together every night.

She went on a trip to visit my parents for Thanksgiving and did very well. She’s stolen the hearts of all of our family and friends who’ve met her. She’s a love and I’m so glad we can be her forever home.

Serena aka Grazy’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday December 6

Grazy (We just changed her name to Serena), is doing great. She quickly made our home hers. We have been taking her to the local dog parks to socialize with other dogs and people, and is making huge improvements with playing with other dogs. She, completely understandably with all the new changes, at first was a bit timid going around the other dogs, but is loving going to the park and playing with the other dogs.
We picked up a crate on the way home and before we could even get a blanket inside for her she was trying to go inside. We’ve placed it in our bedroom so when we go to bed she climbs right in and lays right down and we leave the door open. We have had to crate her when we leave her alone as we found she gets a little separation anxiety and has accidents in the house when she sees us leave. We have found that a cong filled with her favorite soft food keeps her calm(we monitor with security cameras when not home).
Training wise she is doing great. Huge improvements so far, as she was pretty unresponsive at first, but now responds to her name as well as a few other commands and working with her daily. We have just started doggy obedience classes through Kissable Canine, and after one session and working on the commands the trainer showed us, Serena is now coming when called using the command”touch”, she will come to another area of the house and touch her nose to your open palm, and doing great with commands such as “leave it”, and going to an area if pointed to.
As for how she adapting to us and us to her, she is extremely loving, always trying to cuddle up to us or give kisses. We consider her part of the family and love showing her affection as well. She is an amazing dog, and we are so fortunate to have her in our family.
I’ve attached a few photos for you, unfortunately most our pictures are on Fiza’s phone, but I have attached the ones I currently have with me.
Thank you again for giving us this opportunity,

Nellie and Rosie aka Betsy’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday December 6

image1 image2

I just wanted to update you on our 2 “Lost Dogs”!  We adopted Nellie, our JRT mix on Valentine’s Day.  It would not be an exaggeration to say she stole my heart!  She is a sweetheart and quite the cuddle bug!

Although Nellie was a great fit for our family, I really felt that she could use a little canine companionship!  So, in July, we headed back down to an adoption event and found our Rosie (was “Betsy”), a Beagle mix.  Rosie is a Beagle in every “scents” of the word!!  Nose to the ground, selective hearing, and a sweetie!!

Rosie and Nellie quickly became the best of friends!  They love to play and chase the squirrels and bunnies together!

We are so lucky to have found your rescue!  It might sound cliche, but “the girls” really have added so much to our lives!  We are so grateful to everyone that had a hand in helping them find their way to our family!

Thanks for all you do!

Kane’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday December 6

Kane is doing great, he is a little sweetheart! He’s getting along with Leia, even though she’s sometimes a growly girl … but not so much anymore. We have our daily walks, meals, and snuggle on the couch at night. He’s made a couple of other dog friends too.

We just went to the vet tonight, I have them both signed up for wellness plans at Banfield Animal Hospital at PetSmart, that way they get all their shots and visits and it saves money. He wears his collar all the time. He’s very well house trained, the only thing he needs to work on is his barking at other dogs (he seems to have stopped barking at other people), so we’ve made progress on that front as well.


We love him! I’m so happy to have him, I can’t express. Attaching a picture of Kane with his new sister!

Thanks so much for making this possible,

Gus aka Rick’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday December 6


Rick, now Gus, is doing well. He has taken a little longer than expected to transition, but he’s coming out of his shell and beginning to trust that this is his forever home. He even dressed up for Halloween. He was not used to having stairs in his previous life, but is learning and gaining confidence every day. He’s all up to date with his shots and has been enrolled in the annual wellness program at Countryside Animal Clinic in Sterling. Thank you for following up!

Millie aka Snowy’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday December 6

img_8780 img_8827

Snowy is doing great! We renamed her Millie and found out her health is perfect at her vet appointment. She had some rashes but was quickly remedied with some antibiotics. She is super playful and a social butterfly with other dogs. She’s still learning to pee outside at her scheduled times but improving everyday. Thank you for introducing Millie to our family!

Jack aka Big John’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday December 6


Big John is doing quite well.  We renamed him Jack because my husband is John and you can imagine the confusion, although, it was quite hilarious!  We have 4 acres of property and are fencing in an acre and a half of it because we want Jack to be safe.  He’s integrated quite nicely into our household, one other smaller dog and 3 cats.  We also have a covered porch and he loves sleeping on the sofa out there and the sofa inside.  He also has a jumbo bed which he likes quite a bit.  He has been to our vet (Great Falls Animal Hospital) and is quite healthy.  They made a big fuss over him which he also loved.  He gets lots and lots of petting and is not quite as shy as he was.

Thanks again for letting us adopt him!

Max aka Rock’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday December 6

Rock is now Maximus aka Max and he is doing amazing!! We couldn’t love him more! He is so sweet and easy going and he gets along wonderfully with his old lady roommate (Sydney, 14 year old corgi/Shepard mix). He loves to give her puppy kisses and she seems quite content to receive them. He was so easy to potty train and has probably had less than a handful of accidents since we first got him. Since I work from home, we get to take long walks and he has even visited the dog park twice. He is a dream with other dogs and is a joy on the leash. He is happy to go in his crate when we are gone and likes to nap in it on occasion even when we’re home. Mark and I let him sleep in bed with us and thoroughly enjoy his puppy snuggles. We are trying to get him used to car rides, as he does get carsick most times:( I am hoping this will get better with age. Our daughters have such fun playing fetch with him and he is great at retrieving the ball. We are looking into puppy class in the near future, even though we think he is quite perfect;-))

We cannot thank you enough for bringing this angel into our lives. He has definitely helped heal the hole in our hearts from the loss of our other dog.

We were curious if any of the adopted siblings parents ever would be interested in getting them together? Just a thought:-)

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Zoey’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday December 6

Everything is going well with Zoey. she’s part of our family and We’re so happy to have her in our life. She is an important member of our family that give us love and happiness and I know she feels the same.

Please find attached  some photos of Zoey

Casey aka Kelly’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday December 6

img_1530We could not be happier with Casey – you’ll note that we’ve changed her name.   She is a delightful dog.  Very calm, peaceful, playful, obedient and a very polite young lady.  She loves people and she absolutely has a blast with other dogs – she is the hit of the dog park.   I think she is close to being house trained and our kids adore her.  

Though LDCRF thought she was about 3 months the vet thinks based on her teeth probably close to 6 or 7 months…but we are totally fine with that.  My wife in particular who likes smaller dogs.   She contracted some type of cold/cough/runny nose about 10 days and was examined by the vet then who prescribed antibiotic if we chose to use it if or if she got worse.  Her energy, appetite and all other signs have been good so we waited as we are not big believers in antibiotics.  But because she didn’t seem to be getter any better either we started the antibiotics yesterday.  The vet also gave us probiotics which we have been using.  Her stool sample revealed a couple intestinal parasites and the vet also gave us a couple medications for that which we are near completion.

Anyhow, as I said …. we could not be happier.  And she seems very happy too.  She is a great dog, a wonderful addition to our family and home and loved by all. 

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