Happy Tails: January 2017

Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Rosie aka Cookie’s Update

Posted on: Sunday January 29

Today is Rosie’s (formerly Cookie) 5 year adoptaversary.  We adopted her when she was 3.  After adopting her, we adopted Frankie, and they are always together.  The first picture was taken when we got her five years ago, and the other pictures are more recent.  I will say, they are both as active, and friendly as when we got them, even though they are both now 8. We have started fostering for Lost Dog, and they have helped us find permanent homes for 14 foster dogs so far.  Bringing a foster into a home with dogs gives great insight as to how they are with other dogs, and in a home environment, so more information can be given to potential adopters.

Atira’s Update

Posted on: Thursday January 26


Atira is doing great, her personality is coming through now. She would get pretty upset when I left for work the first week, but is doing much better now that she knows I’m coming back. Her first vet visit was entertaining. She did well enough, still sensitive with her ears and mouth, though she let me brush her teeth the next day. She went to Caring Hands Animal Hospital in Centreville. I’m happy to say that her fecal test came back negative, so it seems she is in great health. We have a follow up next week for her microchip and a booster shot to one of the vaccines she received last week. I’ve included a picture of her making herself at home on our couch and my jacket.

Max aka Miguel’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday January 25


Miguel, now called Max, has found his forever Home!  He captured everyone’s heart within a minute or two of arriving on Christmas Eve.  He immediately bonded with our other two dogs, and often sleeps with his head over Annie’s hip and curled up next to her.  He has gained a little weight, is already House Trained, and can even do some tricks like , Sit, lay down, and even Roll Over!  We love him to pieces!  Thanks for making our house a full one again!.


Demetri’s Update

Posted on: Friday January 20


I thought I’d email some updates on Demetri! He came home at the end of September, just in the knick of time. His new sister, Kiki, had developed some severe separation anxiety problems with Mom now working full time after graduating college and was just miserable by herself. Nothing we tried helped and when I met Demetri at Crumbs and Whiskers I just knew he was the right choice for us.
He and Kiki bonded pretty much instantly and are rarely apart. Being similar in age, size, and temperament means they both get all the exercise they need playing but they’re still all about the snuggle life. Kiki enjoys grooming Demetri and he gets legitimately upset when she stops.
On his own, Demetri is a hugely affectionate cuddle bug. He’s not the world’s most coordinated cat but he’s big in the whole “hi I want attention so I’m going to head-butt you until you give it to me” thing and his favorite place to snuggle is directly on top of my jugular, which he does often.
It’s been such a blessing to have him in our lives. Seeing an animal you love who is a part of your family in pain and not being able to fix it is the worst feeling and Demetri has brought so much joy to our family by being his weird self and by helping us get our sweet, vivacious Kiki back. Thank you so much, from the bottom of all three of our hearts.

Olive aka Jolly’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday January 18

Olive (we renamed her) is doing great! She loves her new home and is making leaps and bounds towards being house broken, leash trained, crate trained and learning some commands. She is going to puppy class on Wednesdays to aid in this :) 

We love her so much, every morning letting her out of her crate is like opening a present, she is such a sweet happy girl!

Johnny Cash aka Bear’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday January 17



Hi there, Just wanted to drop a line, I adopted Bear (now Johnny Cash) in October 2015. Best decision I’ve ever made- he’s the best dog. I wrote a blog about him: My Black Dog. Thank you for the work you do!


Hazel aka Dolly’s Update

Posted on: Saturday January 14

Hazel aka Dolly is doing great! She is getting so big now and we are still falling for her everyday. She is adapting so well and she loves to sleep on us hahaha we love her so much! She has finished all of her shots and is doing well. Thank you so much, we cant thank you enough!!


Tone aka Kenzie’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday January 11

We are so happy to have Tone (formerly Kenzie) in our family! She is fitting right in with our other two Lost Dog alums – Eliot (formerly Lydia) and Ducky. She is a very sweet and active puppy – and, she loves to wrestle with her new brother and sister. She is learning how to sit, stay, and come and we are working on house training. Thanks for all you do! And, love from our canine crew!

Lucie’s Update

Posted on: Monday January 9

January 9th marks the first year anniversary of Lucie’s becoming a part of my life and what a delightful year it’s been! It’s been amazing to see her personality emerge as she grew accustomed to her new home – painfully shy and skittish to queen of the hill! She is a enchanting, sweet companion. When not snuggling with me, she enjoys being comfy on my bed or sunbathing. She also assures that I get my exercise by walking her around the neighborhood. How did I survive before Lucie? 😊

Gema’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday January 3


Gema is doing great!! Thanks so much for reaching out and asking!!! She is settling in well with us. She has pretty much mastered potty training and sleeps through the night. She is super high energy puppy so we take her on daily long walks and take her to the puppy dog park so she can learn socialization with other dogs. She has attended her wellness check up and the doctor said everything looks good! She is losing her teeth so we are going through the teething stage.

Koffee aka Estrella’s Update

Posted on: Monday January 2

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Estrella, we now are calling her Koffee, is doing beautifully! She is nearly potty trained, and has learned a few tricks. She is a very happy puppy! We are now looking into pet insurance for her. She has a vet visit coming up soon. Her stitches have healed beautifully, and she is growing like crazy. Thank you so much for helping us find her, she has made the perfect new addition to our family!

Rosie May’s Update

Posted on: Sunday January 1

We adopted Rosie May one year ago, and it has been the sweetest ride ever since!
She joined canine sister Luna, and human brother Mateo. She took to both very fast, becoming part of the clan in an instant.
Rosie May is very outgoing and not shy about asking for attention and pets, she would love nothing more than to cuddle with the dog, but the dog feels she is too warm for her taste. Still, they hang out together all day, and are ready to welcome us home after work.
We tried to put Rosie May on a diet, as instructed by her vet, but it has proven challenging. Rosie May likes to eat her (rationed) food, and then proceed to displace the Golden Retriever from her bowl, to eat dog food as well! Thus earning her the nickname of “Mrs. Garfield”
She has rightfully become the queen of the house, and we love her very much. Thank you so much for letting us adopt her! we are very grateful that she chose to share her life with us!
Happy New Year!

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