Happy Tails: March 2017

Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Simba aka Serge’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday March 28

I changed Serge’s name to Simba ! He seems to be very receptive to it. He’s a great dog I love him so much already. We travel a lot. I had him certified to be Psychiatric Service dog and his temperament is perfect for it. I’ve been teaching him many new tricks. He just learned Paw, and lay. He’s not really treat motivated but he does it just to please me. We go to the dog park daily I am working extensively with him to tame his aggressiveness towards other dogs. I notice it’s only with bigger dogs but he’s is progressively getting better

Olivia’s Update

Posted on: Friday March 24

Our family lost our very loving dog Mia after 14 wonderful years.  My husband suggested that I should try to look for another dog since I was very upset after losing Mia. So, early this month I went to an Animal Shelter and didn’t really find a dog that really caught my eye, even though they were all so cute.  Then one Saturday morning my daughter, myself and our other dog Bacci decided to do to 3 different Pet Adoptions.  Again, I didn’t see a dog that really caught my eye or my heart, and on the 3rd Adoption place which was a Petsmart in Fairlakes I saw Olivia, and I knew that I wanted this cute little dog.  I put my name on the list but seeing that there were 3 other people that wanted Olivia, my chances were not so good. I was told that in cases like this they will have to draw names.  Well, I was the lucky one, and they drew my name so it was meant for me to adopt Olivia.  Our Mia will never be replaced but we are very blessed to have Olivia in our family.  She is such a loving dog, easy to train, attached to Mommy of course and my family loves her so much.  She also gets along with our dog Bacci.  Thank you so much to Lost Dog Rescue cause we found the new addition to our family.  Here are some of Olivia’s pictures. 

Disko Dog aka Buddy’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday March 21

unnamed unnamed (2) unnamed (1)





We are so glad that Disko Dog (fka Buddy) rescued us.  It has been a little over 2 weeks now and he is settling into his new forever home.After jumping over another dog (or two) to get to us on adoption day, he was very shy and skittish for most of his first week with us. 

“Who are you people? Where am I?”  We are very lucky to have a daughter-in-law (who was until very recently a professional dog walker) coming to visit, walk, and play with Disko while we are at work. She even took him out with her on the day the cleaning people were due to come during his first week so that he would not be scared of the vacuum cleaner.  That day was Disko’s turn around day since it was when he met Harvey (our son’s dog – also a LDCRF rescue). Disko was in love – “Oh Boy, a playmate!!!” – and that love brought him out of his shell. Not only did he have a blast playing with Harvey, he started playing with us and letting his personality begin to shine through. He loves all his toys – the old ones we had from Ivan (the first LDCRF dog that rescued us) (yes, we washed them for Disko) – and ALL the new ones that he is getting (such a spoiled pup).  He plays with the toys with us and by himself and with other dogs.

We had our first visit to the vet the first week we had him and he is doing well – although he needs to put on a few pounds. That shouldn’t be a problem since he has no problem eating his food. But he is not a beggar.  We have barely heard a peep from him other than some quiet whimpering when we were first getting him used to his crate. That has passed and he is doing pretty well with his crate.  We hope to give him free range of the house while we are out soon but are still getting to know him. He seems to be mostly house trained.  We’ve only had one accident in the house and that was our fault as we didn’t see the sign – he has been very good about waiting by the door or stairs to the basement when he wants to go out.  

He loves going on walks and is no longer scared of the cars, trucks, and buses as they drive by while we are walking. When he sees a squirrel,  he goes into alert mode – and if dogs could climb trees, he would be chasing them up them.

We are looking forward to many years with our little guy.

Peg aka Victory’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday March 21

In December, our family happened upon a Lost Dog adoption event at our PetSmart in Arlington. So we went in to pet some of the dogs, starting to get a feel for when our time to adopt came next year. Well, it’s not next year yet, and we have a dog! We all immediately fell for Victory, a 3-pawed pit mix who convinced us all now was the perfect time to add to our family. Now named Peg (for her peg leg), she has settled in amazingly well, loving all and loved by all who meet her. People say how lucky she is that we adopted her, but I think we’re the lucky ones. Thank you, Lost Dog, for giving us such an amazing gift.


Lily aka Flacko’s Update

Posted on: Monday March 20

Thanks for reaching out to us regarding Flacko/Lily (we stuck with Lily—the name her foster family gave her).  Lily has settled in very well!  She and our other dog, Russell, became fast friends on day one and – despite a little competition between them- are pretty much inseparable.  Lily is a very sweet, loving pup that truly seems to just want to be one of the family and we’re thrilled to have her in ours.

Lily Russell with bone

We took her to the vet the weekend after we adopted her and got her on heartworm and flea preventative and had her micro-chipped.  The vet said that she’s in good health and that her incision from being spayed is healing well.   She needs to gain a little weight, but she’s working on that and has quite the appetite!


All in all, we couldn’t ask for anything more.  She’s happy, healthy and loved.

BTW—our other dog, Russell, as also adopted from Lost Dog Rescue about 1 ½ years ago— he is also AWESOME!

Thanks for all of the work that you do—it’s an amazing organization that is doing wonderful work!

Gershwin aka Gertie aka Ben’s Update

Posted on: Sunday March 19

In February, we were very lucky to have met and adopted Gershwin.  It was love at first sight.  Gershwin is a shepherd/hound dog mix.  We think he might be part Black Faced Cur, because of his markings and his long legs.   Gershwin is a sweet, lovable pup.  He is smart and has learned several commands very quickly.   We have beds in a couple of rooms for him and he loves snuggling in them.   We were worried about how he would get along with our cat, but he is great at reading cat queues and gives the cat space which has kept interactions calm.   Gershwin loves people and other dogs.  He loves to be very social when we are walking.   We just love our dog and are thankful to Lost Dogs Rescue for saving this special little soul.

Phoebe aka Cindy’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday March 15

Dear Lost Dog Rescue,
Thank you for bringing Phoebe (formerly known as Cindy) into our lives. She is the sweetest puppy ever, makes friends everywhere she goes (especially at the Banneker dog park in Arlington), and has firmly established her place in our hearts. She is a fast learner and is even convincing our two cats that she’s not as scary as her fast movements might indicate. I was so glad to read the updates on two of her siblings, so I thought I’d send along greetings from our sweet girl.

Thanks again for the amazing Phoebe!

Daisy’s Update

Posted on: Monday March 13

I wanted to let you know that Daisy is doing well. She is finally to her full weight of 60 lbs and playful as ever. The scared dog we brought home is no longer. She loves to play with the kids in our big back yard, takes long walks, enjoys sittings outside hours on end on a nice day, learning new commands and follows the kids everywhere, particular my five year old . She doesn’t bark much, but sure is protective over my younger kids. We watch her hop around the back yard like a rabbit and just smile. She makes the kids laugh because she has all the room on our big “L” shape couch yet chooses to squeeze herself in the smallest space between all kids and myself. Daisy seems to think she is a lap dog and tries to sit on us all the time. We are just happy to have a gentle and happy dog. I will send you photos in another email. I can not attach anything in the email for some reason. 


Teddy’s Update

Posted on: Saturday March 11

Teddy2 (2) Teddy

Teddy is doing great!  He’s been a very happy addition to our family and gets lots of attention from friends and neighbors too.

 Teddy had his wellness visit at the vet last week, and wears his Lost Dog tags proudly all the time.

 Thanks very much for helping bring Teddy into our lives.  We’re grateful to Lost Dog for all of the good work that you do!

Bran aka Coco’s Update

Posted on: Friday March 10

20170220_153505Coco, now named Bran (he’s a love muffin, the color of a Bran Muffin, hence his name) is doing great. We adopted Keaton from Lost Dog just a few months earlier, and he LOVES his new Lost Dog friend, Bran – if you want to see a great picture of these two unLost dogs, I’ve attached one that everyone I show it to says “awwww – that’s amazing”  Bran and Keaton are our 3rd and 4th adoptees from Lost Dog.


Zula aka Nancy’s Update

Posted on: Friday March 10

We just wanted to share an update on Nancy, now known as Zula.  She is doing great and is settled in.  She already knows how to “sit” and “lay down”.   Her favorite things are to snuggle and play with her brother McBain. (also from LDR).  She loves to follow McBain around and lay as close to him as possible.  She has been a perfect additional to our family!  We can’t thank Lost Dog enough for blessing our family with the best fur babies!


Panchita’s Update

Posted on: Friday March 10

We fell in love with Panchita at a pet adoption event two months ago. She was a rescue from a shelter in Puerto Rico and. according to her records, she had been on the streets for about a year before being taken in by that shelter and given care there for 5 years. She came to the US and Lost Dog Foundation in December. Despite having never had a family to live with, she is gentle, loving and very eager to please. 


We’ve taught Pachita to sit and walk on the leash, and she is almost fully house trained. She loves all of us, and even though she came with some anxieties about men, she is really warming to my husband to the point of snuggling next to him on the bed on cold nights.


Panchita has been a complete joy! I wake up excited to walk her and come home from work each day looking forward to our hugs and kisses and long walks. Having been on the streets most of her life, she loves to be outside and can’t get enough of her walks. She’s really helping me get in shape!


We are so grateful to the Lost Dog Foundation for bringing “Panchi” to Virginia where we could meet her and bring her into our family. Thank you!

Jake aka Negrito’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday March 7

I just wanted to update you on Jake (formerly known as Negrito) who joined my family on February 24. He was so shy and fearful when we first met, and now he’s so relaxed and at home here. He’s an incredibly affectionate and sweet little boy, and so eager to please! He’s completely housebroken, he’s learned “sit” and he knows his new name. He’s learned what toys are and has them sprawled all over the house. His favorite is a fleece bone that he carries from room to room. He loves his new “cousin”–my sister’s dog–and was racing around the back yard with her yesterday playing tag.He is still afraid of stairs, but we’re patiently working on that. Please know that he is VERY happy, incredibly loved, and well taken care of in his new forever home. I can’t thank you enough for bringing us together!

Cookie Monster’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday March 7

IMG_0490 IMG_0491
Cookie Monster is doing great and has settled in very well. He had hook worm but we have treated that and he’s probably closer to 10 then 8 but otherwise he’s a wonderful addition to our family.


Bob’s Update

Posted on: Sunday March 5

P1020607 P1020604
Bob, aka Super Bob, is settling in at our house.   We took him to the Columbia Pike vet office the Tuesday after we adopted him and the doctor said he is very healthy, if a bit overweight (over 12 pounds).  We have taken quite a bit of time to acclimate him to our home and 10 year old spayed female cat Pumpkin.  They are not best buds yet but are  getting along.  Bob really goes through toy mice!  He purrs quite loudly and likes to sit next to one of us on the couch and often sleeps by my feet at night.  He is a very nice cat.  I am attaching a couple of photos.
Thanks to all of you for doing so much for homeless animals!

Batman’s Update

Posted on: Sunday March 5



We found 6-month old Batman at an adoption event at the Falls Church Petsmart. It was love at first sight, and we just had to take him home that day. He was wary at first and spent the first couple hours exploring our home. Our dog Remmie, who we adopted in 2013 from LDCRF, was quite uncomfortable with the situation and spent those few hours hiding from our new furry friend. Now they spend their days cuddling, playing, and scouting for dropped food in the kitchen. We love Batman and his cute quirks like knowing our morning alarm clocks mean breakfast and thinking Remmie’s tail is a toy. He fits right in with our family.

Leo aka Duke’s Update

Posted on: Friday March 3

We are very happy with Duke. We changed his name to Leo and he is one happy puppy. He already learn to sit, lay down and give his paw. So far we have had no problems with  him, everyone seems to love him. I brought him to my office once and everyone was really happy to see how well behave he is. My husband took him yesterday to his office and everyone was so happy to meet him and be around him.

We just want to thank you guys for giving us such a precious boy, he is our sweet little boy and we are so happy to have him in our lives.

He had his first vet. appt. on the 22nd and he is doing great.

Eris aka Hazel’s Update

Posted on: Friday March 3





Hazel is now known as Eris, and she is amazing! She loves her big brother Zack, and she is doing super with training. We couldn’t be happier to have her as a part of our family :) 

I attached a few pictures for you. She is such a good puppy!

Thank you for all your help!

Mason aka Bud’s Update

Posted on: Friday March 3

Bud, now Mason, is doing well and is spoiled as ever! My husband and I made the right decision adding him to our family.  I’ve always only adopted. He makes the second dog in addition to two cats. His two dog walkers loved him from the first day they met him. In December, we lost one of our two dogs. Dexter, who we lost, was an amazing dog that I adopted at about 5 years old. He lived with us for an additional 10 years. His brother, Cody, who is now Mason’s new big brother has taken to him well. Cody is 12 years old. Interesting to have an older dog with a puppy! I have not had a puppy in 20 years. Now that he is solely my responsibility, it keeps me on my toes! And awake early in the morning too…..Mason was at our vet on day 2. They loved him! He had some issues initially, but he is now doing well.  Thank you for all that all of you do. My husband and I would love to give back in any way we can. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Maggie aka Amber’s Update

Posted on: Friday March 3

I need to give a big thank you to Lost Dog Rescue (LDR) for bringing Amber (now Maggie) into my life. I’ve fostered cats for the MCSPCA for years, but I’ve never had a dog. I felt like I was at a point in my life when I was really ready for the extra commitment, but I didn’t know where to start. I spoke with Beth from LDR and told her my situation and what I thought would be things that I wanted to be considered when getting matched:
– I didn’t have a preference on breed—I just wanted the right fit for my household
– I didn’t have dog experience or the skills to deal with a dog that had issues such as anxiety
– I live in a townhouse, so I couldn’t have a dog that would be a big barker and disturb by neighbors
– I wanted a dog between 2-5 years because I’m not in a position to take care of a puppy
I wanted a mid-size dog that could handle 1+ hour walks, but wouldn’t go crazy if they got less exercise than that on some days
– I needed a dog that could get along with cats
Beth immediately looked through the list of dogs coming that day and said she had two that could be good candidates—one being Maggie. We instantly hit it off and she is truly the perfect fit for myself, my cats, and my life style. Her enthusiasm for life is a joy to be around, her energy level motivates me to get moving, her sweet and calm disposition helps me relax, and the love she shows me is priceless.
Not having dog experience—I didn’t know what I would need to care for a dog, so LDR volunteers walked me through Petco acting as my personal shoppers. They helped me pick out the right kennel, nutritious food and treats, fun toys, leashes, collars, the works. They were such a big help. If it wasn’t for them, I’d still be wondering the aisles helplessly confused.
Thank you so much for helping me find Maggie—the PERFECT first dog!


Baxter aka Gus’s Update

Posted on: Friday March 3


Just wanted to share Gus’s update with your awesome Rescue Foundation!!  I rescued Gus now known as Baxter on February 4th at the Falls Church Petsmart.  I rescued another dog almost a year ago with you guys and I needed to finally find him a friend! I came across Gus on your website and instantly fell in love.

 I drove all the way from Culpeper VA to Falls Church on a Saturday morning because I KNEW Gus was going to be the perfect fit! 

Since bringing Gus home he has been such a sweetheart! Him and my dog Buster get along so well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I will say getting to know Gus I should of named  him Shadow because he follows me around everywhere!  He never leaves me side which makes my heart melt.

Below are some pictures of Baxter

I want to thank the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation for yet again giving me the perfect companion!!!

Heidi aka Ariel’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday March 1

I rechristened our little girl Heidi Ariel “Miss Softie” Hanrahan.  She is perfect and doing so well.  She and my nine-year old male collie, Mason, get along great – they kiss and sniff butts and lay down together sometimes.  I’ve had him two years and I saw him play – for the first time ever – with Heidi in the yard.  What a treat!

Heidi was a bit scared at first and still is sometimes, with new or strange things – she wouldn’t do stairs at all, and now she bounds up and down two steps at a time.  Guess what! She came housetrained!  No accidents in the house still.  She of course still is a puppy and everything goes in the mouth – as with any baby. But she has lots of toys and loves to play.  She likes to steal laundry – clean or dirty – and shoes, and knick-knacks, and though I’ve moved everything up a few feet – I think she’s so funny – and she thinks she’s funny too. So she wags her tail and parades around with her stolen booty.  She stole a big white stuffed bear – twice the size of her – and she was bopping around the yard with him, leaping here and there.  She does a lot of leaping – when she chases a toy, she looks like a deer, bounding up and down.

I’ve had her to the vet twice–for an initial check-up, to round out the vaccines, she had some fleas so got some NextGuard (and Heartguard), got her microchipped (so she has her tags AND a St. Francis medal that has been blessed for good luck).  

I’ve had her to a couple of parks – I always take my guys to a park or wildlife refuge or field Saturday and Sunday mornings for a change of scenery and some good exercise, so we’re getting into that slowly.  We’ve had a puppy play date with some friends and she learned the doggie door right away.  And she’s mastered sit, come and down, so far. Now working on stay and paw.  She’s really smart!

So in all, she’s great!  As my dog walker says, it would be hard to imagine a more perfect dog and my vet gave her an A+. She’s met most of my friends and family now.  We’re making a nice little family here.  So BIG BIG thanks to all of you for bringing her into our lives! 

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