Happy Tails: June 2017

Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Clover aka Sandy’s Update

Posted on: Friday June 30

It’s been wonderful sharing time with Sandy (aka Clover now)! 
Yes, we did had first check up at vets and everything came up well. She just growing very well. We love Clover!

Ivy aka Sansa’s Update

Posted on: Friday June 30

Sansa’s new name is Ivy and she is doing great, loves running up and down the house with her Bff Luna: she enjoys her window time in her room and cuddles every morning.  She sounds like a squeaky toy sometimes and is a dramatic little girl who knows how to cry in Spanish — she was meant to be in a Spanish telenovela.    

Max aka Mako’s Update

Posted on: Friday June 30

Max/Mako is a great little kitty!  He has been to clocktower and kept separate for about a week from my 17.5 lb Maine Coon kitten Nikki. Max topped at 2.2. (Future visits for final kitten shot and rabies)
Once I felt it was safe for him, I left the door to his room open. Nikki never knew what “hit him”. (They had had visiting hrs)  Max just took over.  he’s now on the highest perch of the highest tree, and does not respond to Nikki’s efforts to tell him that’s his spot!
So little Max is doing his job to help us with our grief!! 

Moondoggie’s Update

Posted on: Friday June 30

Moondoggie is doing great and loves being with her new best friend, Chito.  They are inseparable.

Missy aka Callie’s Update

Posted on: Sunday June 25


Callie is now Missy.  She was initially timid but is now very friendly.  She is the best cat ever!

Eugenia’s Update

Posted on: Sunday June 25

I fostered Eugenia when she first came to the rescue as a super shy little girl who was rescued from an abandoned house full of cats in Baltimore until she was adopted by another family. Once she was no longer in my home, I realized that I should never have let her get away.  So when it did not work out with her first adopters, I jumped at my second chance and made it official. I think she knew she was meant to be my kitty long before I did but we are together now and she is adorable, playful with a bit of mischief, and a total lap cat.  Thank you for saving my Genie!

Eclipse aka Galaxy and Amber aka Sprocket’s Update

Posted on: Thursday June 22

I knew the minute I met Eclipse that he was the one.  He was so friendly and handsome!  I had been looking to adopt a cat, and he was exactly what I was looking for.  I adopted him right before Valentine’s Day, which was perfect.

It didn’t take me very long to conclude that he would need a friend and playmate.  It took me a few months to find someone suitable, who would run and play with him and not be intimidated by him or my two dogs.  I brought Amber home as a foster, and after about a month, decided that she and Eclipse should be forever friends and siblings. 


I did not plan to adopt two essentially identical cats, but that’s how it goes sometimes.  They are both fabulous.  Thanks for saving their lives and introducing them to me!

Harley aka Hagrid and Miss Molly aka Nelly’s Update

Posted on: Thursday June 22

Hagrid (now known as Harley) and Nelly (now known as Miss Molly) are doing FANTASTIC.  They have made themselves right at home.  They sleep thru the night in my bedroom, Miss Molly is housebroken, knows sit, can walk on a leash and Harley is super in the house alone when I have to go out.  



I want to take a minute to say how impressed I was with your Organization, the paperwork, the knowledge, the friendliness and willing to help new or prospect owners was superior. Thank you again for the privilege of being part of your Organization and permitting me the honor of rescuing these wonderful dogs.  

Izzy’s Update

Posted on: Thursday June 22

While I had no idea on that Saturday we were getting a new dog, I was over the moon when I met her! She fits right into our home and has definitely let our golden know who’s boss!  Haha They play together for hours and play for all of our attention together. She was meant to join our family and we are so happy to have rescued from lost dog and cat for a second time :)

Thanks for checking in!


Ps she’s had her well check and they believe she is closer to 2 years old so that’s great news she will be with us longer than expected and yes she still has her bone tag on :)

Ripley aka Deb’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday June 21

Wanted to take a moment and share an update on Deb. It’s been a few months since we adopted Deb and she’s been doing great! “Deb” is now know as Ripley and runs our house!
We could not have asked for a better match or better experience. She loves to be around people and follows us all around our house. She loves to keep us company and play with her favorite string toys, and sometimes just carries them around the house with her. She is not shy and makes friends with everyone that comes in the house. She greets everyone at the door and asks for attention. We’ve had friends and family compliment how friendly and playful she is. She makes non-cat people play, befriends them, and has even gotten a few interested in possibly adopting a feline friend because they didn’t realize cats had personalities like her. 
It has been amazing to come home and be greeted with her rubbing on our legs and purring for some attention. Here are some photos of her at home.

Wilma and Betty’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday June 21

Betty and Wilma are doing fantastic.

General Hux (aka GE) and Toothless aka Emmy Lou’s Update

Posted on: Sunday June 18

General Hux reporting here. I am enjoying my new encampment. There are some very nice humans and The Other Cat. She wasn’t too happy to have me as her new commander, but no one is immune to the charms of The General.

 This new place is great. I spend my days eating, napping on the couch, snuggling under the covers, planning strategic military maneuvers with The Other Cat, and fulfilling my mission: attacking unsuspecting human toes. The human rank and file living here is coming along, but they aren’t too bright. They keep referring to The Other Cat as “Toothless.” There are a lot of things she isn’t, and toothless isn’t one of them! The female child thinks I’m going to walk on a leash, but it should come as no surprise that a high ranking cat such as myself walks on no one’s leash. It’s undignified and against protocol.

 Shortly after reassignment with my new unit, I as diagnosed with a UTI and possible bladder crystals. They tried to give me this medicine, but I’m too smart for that. I spit out my medicine, and instead of trying again, they put “gravy” on my food. Clearly these humans are no match for my intellect and tactical expertise. I did overhear the human woman who works in the mess tent that I will return to the vet in July for a dental and X-rays. The field hospital is top notch, so I anticipate a medical discharge and a return to my regular duties soon.



The General

Fitz aka Hoyt’s Update

Posted on: Sunday June 18


We had been considering adopting a cat for a long time and after browsing the website almost daily for months, we noticed Hoyt.  On June 3rd, we went to adoption fair at the Petsmart in Falls Church and finally met Hoyt in person.  While the calico kitten at the adoption fair was adorable, we felt a grown up cat would fit into our lives better.

And Hoyt has fit in perfectly!  As soon as we opened up his pet carrier, Hoyt ventured out and immediately checked out our entire condo.  The first evening with us at home, he slept at the foot of our bed.  No howling, just a cat happy to have a home asleep in bed with his two humans.  He’s been incredibly friendly, but also playful.  He loves his “bird”, dynamite catnip stick, and laser pointer.  

He truly appreciates having a permanent home.  When we’re on the couch watching TV, he’ll jump up with us and sleep by our sides, resting his head on us and eventually rolling over onto his back.  From the attached picture, he really loves his sleep.

We’ve changed Hoyt’s name to Fitzpatrick, or Fitz for short.  He doesn’t respond to his name yet, but he’s a smart cat and we have no doubt he will soon.

Our experience with Lost Dog has been very positive.  The volunteers were very helpful in the adoption process, and they obviously care deeply for all of their cats and dogs.  When we took Fitz to the vet for his wellness check, the vet was impressed with how healthy and calm he was.  The folks at Lost Dog did an amazing job caring for Fitz before he found his permanent home with us.

Ashe and Flame’s Update

Posted on: Friday June 16

Ashe and Flame are adorable and we love them! My children have so much fun playing with them and taking care of them. The kids love to sleep with Ashe and Flame in the night. See attached pictures.

So far, they look happy and health, especially Ashe, he is already one size bigger than Flame. We are very happy that we adopted the cats and wanted to say thank you for letting us having them!

Demetri’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday June 14

Demetri is doing great and has been such an incredible addition to our family. We adopted him to try to alleviate the separation anxiety our other cat was suffering from and he has been such a saving grace for Kiki. They bonded so quickly I could barely believe it! But he really has made a place for himself in our hearts all on his own. He is incredibly affectionate and sweet and quite the cuddle bug. Thank you so much for helping us find each other.  
We took him to the vet within his first week with us and he got a perfectly clean bill of health. We also registered his microchip details under our name and got him started on Revolution for his monthly preventative.
Picture wise, Kiki has her own Instagram account and since she and Demetri are rarely apart, he’s all over the place there. The account name is @littlesquishbigworld. I’ll be sure to share our story on your site. I really cannot thank you guys enough for helping him and by extension our other girl. The chance to give them both the life they deserve has been such a joy for our family.
Much love to everyone there!

Percy/PJ aka Shelby’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday June 14

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender

Hi! Shelby (now Percy/PJ) is such a love bug and our family adores him! He’s an easy going kitty but also loves to play with us and his kitty sister, Hera (our other foster fail). Something unique about him is that he “nurses” on blankets, we thought he’d outgrow this habit, but I don’t think so now that he’s almost 1 year! Best to all at LDCRF!

Jessie’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday June 14

Jessie is well. I have included her “lion image1cat” photo. She is so sweet. We love her. We are planning to get a small dog companion for her soon.  She is so wonderful.  She is really sweet and whomever had her did a wonderful job.  Jessie is happy and healthy.  She loves to be cuddled.  Visitors even love her because she is so sweet.  We just recently had a dog person over and Jessie laid down with her belly exposed.  Our dog visitor guest ignored us and cuddled with Jessie :-)  You guys did a great job matching us.  Thank you for listening and understanding not just our needs but Jessie’s.
I have included some photos, including Jessie “standing watch”.  Not sure you want to mention but she “barks” occasionally, sits for treats, and “comes in hot” (running at top speed) when my daughter calls her name.  She is a really special kitty! 😊

Cody’s Update

Posted on: Sunday June 11

Cody is doing so great! He is THE most AMAZING dog ever. It is hard to believe that one little four legged creature can bring such joy and happiness to a home. We are fortunate that we have a very good life but Cody has made it even better. We can only hope that he loves us as much as we love him. At first he was quite the dawdler on his walks, but now he is up to two separate 1 mi walks per day and he seems to enjoy them and is now quite the trotter!! We did not hear his bark for more than a week after we got him so did not even know what it sounded like – until one day when we got home he was so excited he barked and howled!! He has gotten very very attached to us and likes to be wherever we are – in the same room in the house, outside, and even out in the car to run errands. He has such a good temperament and whenever people meet him they instantly adore him.  We love him so much!!!
He likes to cuddle and likes to sit and lay on the couch and would like the bed too but we don’t allow that. So instead he sleeps on his bed on the floor next to my bed. It’s rare that he chooses to go up to other dogs on his walks. Sometimes he entertains other dogs but he does not like little yappy dogs. He makes all kinds of noises which keep us very entertained and is quite the snorer!!
We truly feel that it was divine intervention for Cody and our family to find each other. I think he must have been very well cared for in his prior home and can only imagine how heartbroken they must have been to give him up. But we love him to death and are totally smitten with him. He is the best part of every day and is definitely a big part of our family. 

Clyde’s Update

Posted on: Saturday June 10

I can’t tell you enough how much we love and enjoy Clyde’s company. He’s become such an important part of our lives and we’ve loved every minute with him. He’s also loved by family and friends, who are so impressed by his calm and loving nature. I wanted to share a few of our favorite pictures of him enjoying life!

Rookie aka Jessie’s Update

Posted on: Saturday June 10

Thanks for checking in.  Jessie (now Rookie) has settled in well and definitely made herself part of the family in short order. She’s had her vet visits and has been treated and dewormed and we got her microchipped as well.  She has been having a great time taking walks and playing chase with her older sister in our backyard.  
Thanks for doing what you do.  LDCRF has given us the blessing of bringing a rescued woofer into our lives now three times over.  We couldn’t be happier.

Lady aka Freya’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday June 6

Hi there! I wanted to update you all on how Lady (formerly known as Freya) is doing since we rescued her in April. 

As you all know, she was extremely shy and scared of almost everyone and everything but in the short time we’ve had her, she’s really come out of her shell! We knew there was a dog in there some where! Lady loves to play at the dog park and snuggle on the couch. She loves her squeaky toys and playing fetch outside.  She still a little shy around strangers but we’re confident she’ll overcome those fears in no time!
Attached are some of our favorite photos of Lady. Enjoy! 

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