Happy Tails: July 2017

Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Bruno aka Dr. Nefario’s Update

Posted on: Friday July 28

We adopted Bruno (Dr. Nefario) on June 28.  We are so in love with him and he became a huge part of our family! He is very smart and he already learned basic commands. Bruno loves to play with our cats and other dogs. He is healthy pup and is up to date with vaccines.  We took him boating and swimming in NC and he did so well. He played with other dogs and even swam a bit. We look forward to taking Bruno hiking and other adventures. Thank you so much for our new family member!  He’s the best addition to our family we could’ve asked for! He is our “boss dog.”

Kuzy and Oshie aka Dill and Basil’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday July 25

Dill and Basil (now Kuzy and Oshie) are doing absolutely wonderful! Both of them seem like they are settling in a enjoying having a place to call their own they have already started ruling the place. They are extremely social cats with a lot of energy – especially at night 😊.I have their first vet visit scheduled for this coming this Thursday for their last shot in a series of three and I plan to get a general checkup for them during that time as well.
I’ve attached a way better picture of them being cute in their homemade bed. But lets be real, every surface in my house is now their bed…. 


Bea aka Pamela’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday July 25


Pamela aka Bea was adopted on June 10, and is a happy and healthy little lady! In her free time, Bea enjoys chewing on bones, playing with toys, attempting to befriend cats, long walks, and anything to do with her big brother, Dante. Bea loves Dante so much that sometimes she even sleeps on top of him. 

Bea has been to the dog park three times, and makes new friends every time! She is extremely playful and lovable. Bea is also about to graduate from puppy school. She loves learning new tricks and enjoys receiving treats. 

Bea is the perfect addition to our family, and we are so lucky to have adopted this feisty ray of sunshine. Here are some photos of her! 


Aspen aka Jasper’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday July 25

Jasper is doing GREAT, is very happy to have us as his “people”, and to have Pillar as his big brother kitty.  :)  He still has a lot of kitten left in him and a lot of energy to burn; but much more manageable and controlled.  After a rough and stressful few months, we were finally able to get he and his brother Pillar integrated and peacefully existing together.  They both wanted to have another kitty around.  Pillar didn’t know how to deal with the bundle of energy and playfulness that is Jasper.  Jasper was just excited to have another kitty around that he could jump on and play with.  We spent a lot of time just trying to calm Jasper down.  We knew it was all going to work out the one evening in May at bedtime when Pillar was up on the bed, Jasper jumped up and Pillar didn’t immediately take off.  Jasper laid down next to Pillar and the two sat together for 20 minutes sniffing and pawing at each other.  Today they are the best of pals; inseparable; enjoy chasing each other around the house; playing with their various feathered toys; tackle, tumble/flip, and regularly groom each other; and enjoy sharing space in the front bay window or the cat tree in the living room.  Attached are some photos of Jasper and Pillar.  Thanks again for connecting us with Jasper and the support/advice that Liz McCoy provided back in April.  We look forward too many years of good times and purring happiness with Jasper and Pillar.  

Cooper aka Ozzy’s Update

Posted on: Sunday July 23

I wanted to show you a few new pictures of Cooper. As you can see, he’s been a busy boy, getting used to his new family, and he’s been receiving some education and manners at his basic training classes. Cooper has put on about 10 pounds, loves cheese and bacon treats, and enjoys barking at deer and snuggling with all of his family. He also likes playing with his friends at doggie daycare, and he is getting used to going on car rides and long walks with us.


Zion aka Edith’s Update

Posted on: Sunday July 23

image3Edith (now Zion) is doing really well! When we first took her to the vet two weeks ago her fecal sample tested positive for Giardia. Shimage1e’s been doing much better since she took the antibiotics for that. 





Zion3 Zion1We have been loving getting to know her personality, playing with her, and training her. She is catching on very quickly (as long as food is involved)! She has attended the WOOFs puppy social and loved playing with equally energetic puppies her age. We are looking forward to taking her on our camping trip to Maine next week! She’s named Zion for the national park because we hope to take her on plenty of adventures and also for the biblical meaning Zion has.


Rico aka Spencer’s Update

Posted on: Sunday July 23

“Rico” (formerly named “Spencer”) is doing great!
He was shy in the first few days, but quickly adjusted and is a super-happy lil’ guy!!
We just love him to pieces!!
Rico is thriving and enjoying his new home. He loves his walks and meeting up with his neighborhood dog pals. He also enjoys the local dog park where he is so excited to play and run with other dogs, and man he can run!!! He loves all dogs and is very friendly with any dog he meets. He is a bit shy with people, but is coming out of his shell more, especially with people he sees more frequently.
We took Rico to our vet shortly after we brought him home. He was frightened of the exam so we have been bringing him by the office when we are out for our walks, and we just go in and get a treat and let him interact with staff so he will be more comfortable on his next visit. They did find an intestinal parasite in his stool sample and we have gone through the medical treatment for that and he is in good shape now. We also gave him his prescribed heartworm medication and flea and tick meds. as well.
Rico is super sweet, affectionate and well-behaved! He brings us joy every day!!
We couldn’t be happier with the new addition of Rico to our family!!
Thank you!!

Cain’s Update

Posted on: Sunday July 23

Hello all at Lost Dog and Cat Rescue!

We adopted Cain the Rottweiler from you back in January. Just wanted you to know that he is doing well and we love him immensely. He has filled our home with his goofiness and love. Thank you so much for letting us add him to our family! 

Some pics to share with you:

Happy’s Update

Posted on: Sunday July 23

Thank you so much for checking in on Happy. He has settled in very well and has become a great addition to our family. We think he likes it, too. 

 Within his first week in his new home, Happy had a visit to the vet where he got a clean bill of health. He also got microchipped, set up for monthly heartworm medication, got some flea and tick medication, and we signed him up for health insurance. 

 Although we live in an apartment Happy gets out a lot. He has enjoyed visiting the dog park just up the block from where we live almost every day and has been to various parks in the area and, of course, all the pet shops. He gets along well with other dogs and people. Everyone always compliments his behavior (and his good looks!). We plan on enrolling in private training for Happy to be sure we’re doing everything right. 

 We are forever grateful to LDCRF for all that you do and especially to another volunteer, Kathy. Kathy’s quick reply to my Petfinder inquiry enabled us to meed Happy the next day and come prepared with the application and other paperwork so we could take him home right away. 

 I’ve attached some pictures of Happy for you to enjoy. We’ll be sure to keep LDCRF updated on any changes in Happy’s life. 

 Please don’t hesitate to contact us if LDCRF needs a testimonial. We also plan to make an annual donation to LDCRF on Happy’s adoption anniversary to help other dogs and cats find their forever home. 

Bamm Bamm’s Update

Posted on: Sunday July 23

Bam Bam is now Rascal.  He’s doing great and having fun with LDCRF Dagwood.  His first vet appt is today.  He’s so sweet and playful. 

Elsa’s Update

Posted on: Sunday July 23

Sheimage3 ‘s been a wonderful addition timage2o our family. We love her to pieces. 😻 We are starting to give her more and more freedom in the house and we try to spend one on one time with her away from her littermate which we are still fostering. 
Here are some recent pictures. 


Azul’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday July 18

Azul is doing great, she is the cutest little puppy that our family adores. She is enrolled in Puppy School and should hopefully graduate from beginner classes next Sunday. We are very proud! Her beautiful grey coat is coming in nicely and she is getting bigger each day. We absolutely love having her as our first fur-baby. Azul loves snuggling in bed so much that we ended up buying a bigger mattress so we could all fit more comfortably. Needless to say, she pretty much rules the roost. She also loves to play with other pups, go on long hikes, and swim. Her webbed toes make her quick in the water! Thanks Lost Dog for bringing this sweet puppy all the way from Puerto Rico to her furever home in VA.  

MC and Minnie’s Update

Posted on: Sunday July 16

The initial visit to our vet went well.  She has us keeping them on their current diet and medication, thinking to make any changes very gradual. Of course we wanted to reduce MC’s weight from the 21.6 pounds he started at.  The big news today is that MC broke the 20 pound mark, at 19.8.  We are being careful not to make the weight loss to rapid, and will be happy if he stabilizes for a while.  Our vet is watching his weight loss very closely, so as not to be too rapid.  Minnie is stable at her 11 pounds. They are a delight to live with and to get to know better.  We are as pleased as we could be with our two new family members.

Jake aka Cub’s Update

Posted on: Saturday July 15



Jake (who now goes by Cub) is doing amazing. He’s very energetic and fun but also loves his naps. He’s getting along great with his sister Juno who is also from Lost Dog and Cat Rescue. He actually just started losing his baby teeth. 


Attached is a picture of him and his sister.

Todd and Margo aka Doodle and Scribble’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday July 12

We adopted Todd and Margo (formerly known as Doodle and Scribble) on June 10 and couldn’t be happier. They have taken our house and lives by storm in the best way possible, and love snuggles, boxes, meal time, and playing. They are bundles of energy, running to greet us when we get home, wrestling each other, and doing sprints around the house, and are growing from babies to little cats unbelievably fast. We are so blessed to have these two new members as part of our family!

Luna aka Lara’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday July 11

I wanted to share an update on Luna (formerly Lara). She’s an absolute sweetheart. It’s been a delight to watch her settle into her forever home. She started out a bit timid and shy, and spent most of her time sleeping for the first few days. But these days, we take 2-3 mile walks together every day, and sometimes, when it isn’t crazy hot, even runs! She’s become quite the cuddler, and never likes to be far from me. When I come home she greets me at the door, wagging half her body with pure joy.
Luna has become part of my family so quickly and completely, I can’t believe that I’ve only had her for such a short time. When I think about the crazy, unlikely set of circumstances that brought her all the way here from Puerto Rico, I figure it must have been meant to be. Thanks to Lost Dog for making this little miracle possible!

Jameson’s Update

Posted on: Monday July 10

Jameson has been phenomenal! His love and energy always keeps a smile on our faces. He’s been super friendly and has adapted to our home like he’s known it his whole life! He loves to follow us around and play with his string toys an us for hours.. well when he’s not asleep haha. He has been amazing and we are so lucky to have him in our lives!  Here are a few pictures of the little man cuddled up on our pillows, crashing on the couch, and most importantly his cuteness when he’s excited and stands up when one of us comes home! 

Tater’s Update

Posted on: Sunday July 9




I’m late with my update…in April it was 3 years since i adopted Tater from LDCR. He’s the still my spoiled baby. This is a picture of him on the couch with his pillow and blanket. We were binge watching Netflix. Tater is about 13 now and he’s still going strong. Thank you for all that you do. 

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