Happy Tails: September 2017

Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Babu aka Anna’s Update

Posted on: Friday September 29

We adopted Babu from Lost Dog in November of 2015. She came from Puerto Rico with her brother and mom and had been given the name Anna (now Babu). The whole clan was the most unique mix of what looked like a lab and corgi, but she was EXACTLY what we were looking for. It’s hard to believe that Babu has been with us for almost two years, but what a transformation we have seen! Babu came to us at 6 months old—timid, fearful, and very, very skittish. Over the last two years, she has developed into an amazingly fun and loving girl. She has come to love car rides, trips to wineries, vacations to the beach, and weekly shopping trips for all kinds of puppy goodies.

Most surprisingly of all, she has become alpha dog pushing “big” brother (a normally dominant Boston terrier mix named Gatsby) around like she’s the boss of the world! Those two have become inseparable and having Babu has been a wonderful addition for Gatsby (who is a rescue from Indiana).

We are so proud of how far Babu has come and we look forward to seeing her continue to blossom for years to come! We hope you enjoy the pics below and can see how much fun we’ve all been having!

Tobi and Tori’s Update

Posted on: Thursday September 28

Tobi and newly-named Tori are doing great. He’s earned the nickname Tubby Cat – he loves his food lol. Any time he hears a food bag, he comes running. Her too. But she’s still a little girl. She’s gotten longer and he’s gotten wider (and longer). They’re both very playful and active kitties. At first, they HATED the dog, Gage. They hissed at him all the time and hid under the bed. Now, they’re all the best of friends. Licking eachother and running throughout the apartment 😂 They kick him out of his dog bed too even though they have their own 

Jack’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday September 26

He is our kind soul…he is our happy, playful, active, and certainly curious family member. He is so gentle with our kids, he is my son’s playmate, my daughter’s study partner…

Blue and Watson aka Maven and Juno’s Update

Posted on: Monday September 25


Thank you for following up on Maven and Juno (they have been renamed Blue and Watson).  They settled in amazingly fast!  On day one, it was like they had been here since birth.  We have had no problems with the kittens, they are very well behaved.  And I think they love us as much as we love them.

I already have about a hundred pictures of the kittens, I hope you enjoy the one I’ve attached.  These two run around and play for an hour or so and then snuggle with each other for some downtime – they’re too adorable!

Thank you for the good work you do in rescuing so many animals.  These two have certainly brought a lot of  joy into our home.

Chico’s Update

Posted on: Friday September 22

Chico Chico2

Chico is doing great: he has made a lot of new friends in our neighborhood and he gives so much love to everyone that meets him that they all end up falling a bit in love with him. There is definitely a lot of terrier in him: he loves sniffing through the grass and playing in the meadow outside the house. I’ve attached a picture of him chilling in his favorite little patch. We brought him on Wednesday for his first monthly flea/tick/HW after adopting him and we also send him to the doggy day camp on Tuesdays at the PetSmart in Fair Lakes where we adopted him so he can get more socialized with other dogs. 


Overall, he is doing super well and we couldn’t be happier. He really does complete our little family. : )

Apollo aka Onix’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday September 20


Apollo has adjusted to his new environment and is enjoying playing with his new brother and sister.  He has been to the vet and received the dhlpp.

He has another appointment scheduled for next month.

Ollie aka Clyde and Katie’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday September 20

 thumbnail (3) Clyde now called Ollie

Clyde (now called Ollie) is doing great, and he and my female Jack Russell are having lots of fun together. He’s sweet, fun, and cuddly.  A really great doggie.

I might also add that my female Jack Russell Katie, who’s 9 years old now, is also a Lost Dogs alum.  And she’s been an awesome doggie as well.  

Photo of Katie and Ollie attached (It’s Ollie’s first time wearing a life jacket, so he’s got a puzzled look while out on his first boating adventure).

Thank you for all you do with Lost Dog Rescue.

Beau aka Henry’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday September 20

thumbnailthumbnail (1)

Thanks for reaching out about Beau (fka Henry)!!  He is just a joy!  Beau has warmed up quickly around our house.  He loves our yard, and loves playing with our other dogs.  He is still a little nervous in the leash, but we are in obedience school, so hopefully he will soon learn to love walks!

Thanks for all you do!  We love all our Lost Dog alums!

Otto aka Joshua’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday September 20


We have had our buddy Otto for almost two months now and cannot believe how much he has grown! He is full of puppy energy and loves going on hikes, playing fetch, and learning new tricks! He can shake, high five, sit, and roll over! He is super friendly and loves to snuggle. 
We are so happy to have Otto in our lives, and are so thankful for Lost Dog & Cat for giving us this rescued bundle of love!

Bear aka Pokeccino’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday September 20

Everyone’s favorite brown cat is doing great in his new home.  Still a whirlwind of energy but making progress with his two brothers Wolf and Lion.  Follow him on IG at @bnussb01.

Aramis and Porthos’ Update

Posted on: Wednesday September 20

image1 image2Two weeks ago we adopted two kittens and are very happy. They are a perfect fit for our family. I really wanted a dog but since we aren’t home most of the weekdays we decided to get a cat. This has worked perfectly because the kitten keep each other enter while we’re gone and when we’re home we get to enjoy them!

Izzy aka Perla Isabel’s Update

Posted on: Saturday September 16

Picture1 (1)




Izzy as we call her is doing wonderful. She loves hanging out with her sisters. They play together in back yard & go for walks. Izzy snuggles right in for bedtime. We couldn’t be happier. Izzy is the perfect addition to our family. Thanks for checking in. 

Lady Liberty’s Update

Posted on: Saturday September 16

Hello there, a while ago I had received and email regarding my adopted puppy. Liberty one of the Satos from Arecibo, Puerto Rico. We decided to keep her name and now she is Lady Liberty. We are very happy to have her, for she brings so much joy to our family. Right now she is 15 pounds and has all her vaccines up to her age, she will be taking puppy training classes soon, for she is a handful. We love how she feels home in her half Puerto Rican familia. We thank you for checking in and hope you enjoy some pictures of our baby 🙂

Rocky’s Update

Posted on: Saturday September 16

kitten rocky3 rocky kitten 2
Rocky is doing great. And remains a very social little fellow with daily outings with his fellow buddies – George & Peanut.  And this week we are moving into our new town home which Rocky continues to have fun exploring. 

Bailey aka Bonnie’s Update

Posted on: Saturday September 16





Bailey is doing great she is such a sweet dog and loves to cuddle.   She is getting along great with her big brother I attached a picture of the 2 of them.     She has finally come around to the idea of where to go potty J

Candy’s Update

Posted on: Thursday September 14

Picture1 image003image001 (1)

Candy is doing fabulous. Started training at a local training center, eats very well, sleeps in her crate throughout the night, is very very playful and overall a very happy puppy. We only had two accidents inside the house but other than that she does outside. She is very good listener and chews only her chew toys. We take her for walk twice a day, around 30 minutes each considering she is still a puppy. We will increase the time as she grows older. She totally stole our hearts and we love her to pieces. I attached some pictures.

Thank you again for bringing Candy in our lives

Hugo aka Smith’s Update

Posted on: Thursday September 14

/Smith (now named Hugo) is settling in well. He and my resident cat, Laurent, are getting along mostly well. They're still figuring out the boundaries during playtime, but there's no territorial behavior. I took him into the vet on Tuesday and we got the all clear. He's doing really well!

Smith (now named Hugo) is settling in well. He and my resident cat, Laurent, are getting along mostly well. They’re still figuring out the boundaries during playtime, but there’s no territorial behavior. I took him into the vet on Tuesday and we got the all clear. He’s doing really well!

Pablo aka Choco’s Update

Posted on: Thursday September 14


Choco (now Pablo, aka Pabs, Pabsie, Pablo Diablo, and Pabalicious) is doing just great. Other than being a chewer (we’re learning to keep  shoes out of his reach) and having an occasional accident in the house (we’re learning to pick up on his “let me out” cues), he has adjusted quickly. His first vet check was good, although he did have worms, which have been successfully treated. We’ve also enrolled him in obedience class and, lo and behold, he really DOES know how to sit. And stay. And many more things, no doubt. Everyone who meets him loves him, even my friends who are hardened “cat people” have told me if they had a dog they’d want one just like him. Here’s a picture for you of Pabs doing his best gremlin impersonation, with my daughter, who rarely leaves his side. Many thanks to Lost Dog and Cat Rescue for all you do. We love our new dog!

Cricket’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday September 13

image1 image2
Cricket is AMAZING! So tiny and so cute and getting on well with our other dog and cat! I’ll attach some photos. I’ve scheduled a vet apt for later this week. We couldn’t be happier! 

Dublin and Shamrock’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday September 12

Both kittens are very happy and doing well. They have lots of energy and play with each other most of the day and sleep together as well. [We] love having them in our lives. I’ve attached several pictures of them.
We did have an issue probably 7 weeks ago where both were diagnosed with eosinophilic granulomas with mild symptoms. They were treated immediately and the symptoms cleared. The symptoms began shortly after vaccinations so we’re hoping there won’t be any re-occurrence.

Hamlet’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday September 12

I am so happy to say Hamlet is doing WONDERFUL!  It did take her a few days of hiding and hissing at our other kitten, but now, Hamlet (who we call Hammie Prissy Pants) and our other kitten are inseparable :) 
They play great together, chasing each other around, and grooming each other while they take turns feeding from the same food bowl (even though they have their own bowls), or while they are just lounging.  She doesn’t hide anymore, and I haven’t heard any hissing in weeks, which is so great to know how comfortable she feels here! :)
I took Hamlet to the vet on Sept, 7th, (at the Alexandria Potomac Yard Banfield) where she got her rabies shot, and I will be taking her back on the 21st for her third distemper shot and microchipping. She’s got a clean bill of health, and is growing like a weed already :)
She’s got great litter manners, feeding and is overall an amazing addition to our family.  Our family couldn’t be more happy with her and I am so glad she and my other kitten are forever playmates :)
Thank you again for all you work in rescuing and finding these deserving animals homes.  We have rescued all of our animals, and Hamlet is no different than how much we love and cherish them into our family. Below are some pictures of our Hammie Prissy Pants 😉

Lia’s Update

Posted on: Monday September 11


We adopted Lia on Sept 3, 2017 from your Labor Day adoptathon, and she is doing great!  It really feels like she has always been a part of our family. She loves belly scratches, and running around in our yard with the kids. She has made herself right at home on our sofa and in our bed, and gets along with our senior dog, Sophie. We love her and are so happy to give her the loving home she deserves!  Here are some pictures. 

Charlie aka Miguel’s Update

Posted on: Friday September 8

Everything is going great with Charlie (Miguel). We couldn’t imagine our lives without him. He fits in quite well with our family and he’s already visited the beach and loves it! He has visited the vet and is in good health and wears his Lost Dog tag every day! Thank you so much for a wonderful pup and see photos attached!!

Ziggy aka Monkey

Posted on: Thursday September 7

ziggy3 ziggy2 ziggy1
 I have been loving having Monkey (now Ziggy, we changed his name!) in the apartment. He is a little ball of energy during the day and a cuddle bug at night. When I get home from work he follows me around everywhere. Also he makes this adorable squeak sound because he hasn’t quite found his meow yet. 
I took him to the vet last weekend – he is doing great, and got an antibiotic to clear up the little cold he had picked up from the shelter. He weighed in at 7.1 pounds and stole the hearts of all the vet techs. 
I attached a few of my favorite pictures of him for you all to enjoy!
Much love from Ziggy, and thanks from me!

Sofie aka Bandit’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday September 6




Bandit (Sofie) is doing great. She has already been to her first vet
appointment (a whopping 16lbs!) She is also 99% housebroken and has learned
to sit, lay down and shake! She loves to wrestles with our other Lost Dog
Alum Trooper (Peter). Here is a picture of them!

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