Happy Tails: October 2017

Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Sky’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday October 31

 Sky is doing great! (Although I renamed her Pinky). We went to the vet and everything looks good! She loves scratches and rolling around on the floor. I’m so very very happy to have her in my life now! Thank you so much for making it possible!

Oliver aka Benton’s Update

Posted on: Thursday October 26

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Everything is going well. Oliver (aka Benton – we ultimately decided to change his name) is settling in just fine! He is very playful and adventurous, but also very cuddly (when he wants to be!). He loves to explore and doesn’t seem to be phased by much that is going on in the house. He loves playing and pouncing on Maddie (although it took a little while for Maddie to warm up to him). I think Maddie is excited to have a new playmate, but she’s still getting used to having another cat in the house…we will get there though!  We took Oliver to the vet last week and she said he’s a healthy kitten. He’ll be going back for another shot in about two weeks. Overall, everything has been going great. I don’t have many pictures yet because Oliver tends to move quickly, but I’ve attached a few.

Mylo’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday October 25

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Mylo is doing very well. He will be getting a check up soon. All in all things are going great he has claimed his favorite spots in the house. He is such a good cat and loves to snuggle. 

Sadie Belle’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday October 24


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Thank you Lost Dog for bringing Sadie Belle (aka Copper Belle) into our lives two years ago. Today is her Gotcha day!! She is a super sweet girl and we are very blessed ❤️

Lilly’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday October 24

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Things are going well, she is still great and is appreciating not having to make a bi weekly road trips., Lily is still her playful, amusing self- she has such a personality. We didn’t expect to “foster fail” with our first foster. 

Boris aka Boomer’s Update

Posted on: Sunday October 22

It’s been a little over a year since we adopted Boris and we wanted to share what a happy boy he is. We’ve included some pictures below. Boris has had an eventful year. He attended classes for his reactive behavior, ate a couch and a wall, had a party and a big steak for his birthday, had a portrait commissioned, learned many new tricks, had a root canal, dressed up for Halloween, got matching pajamas with his humans for Christmas, acquired a variety of outfits, and was showered with toys and treats. One could say he’s a little spoiled, but he knows he’s getting the treatment he deserves. And in return, he loves his humans and gives us lots of kisses and cuddles every single day. Between weekly hikes, doggie daycare, and snoozing on his humans’ bed, Boris is keeping very busy. He’s a wonderful dog and we could not be happier!  

Samwise aka Apollo’s Update

Posted on: Thursday October 19

Samwise was adopted on September 3, 2017. It was love at first sight. I knew he would be the perfect addition to our family. I am happy to say that he is! He has never had any problems with us, our dog, or our other cat. He is very chill like a California surfer dude.

I am thrilled he chose me as his person and spoils me with kisses and snuggles. He loves to join me for shower time because he likes to drink the water I wring from my hair onto him.
He loves his brother, Elrond, whom he gets along with like old litter mates.  He plays with and kisses Bella, our shepherd/lab mix. She is very careful with him because she is stellar!
We are so thankful for him and love him so much!

Ruby aka Maxine’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday October 18


 Maxine is now Ruby, and she is doing great. She is settling in well and is now best friends with out other Lost Dog and Cat rescue dog (Max). We took her to her vet wellness appointment and found out that she had tape worms, but other then that, she is perfectly healthy. She loves to dig in the yard and go on walks with her brother. Ruby is one of the sweetest puppies we have ever met and love her very much. Thank you for all the work you guys do and bringing her into our lives. 

Spike’s Update

Posted on: Monday October 16

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 We had a rough start with Spike, but he’s definitely found a home here!  He was completely freaked out when we brought him home and spent the vast majority of his first 2 weeks here under the bed, hissing and scratching when we tried to engage him.  When he came out and spotted us, he darted right back under the bed. He slowly started coming out now and again during his third week, and now, 6 weeks later, he’s finally at home and very loving with us -I enjoy his purring wake up call after he hears the alarm every morning.  Our only remaining problem is that he still attacks our other cat at least a couple times a day.  Our other cat is very chill and non-dominant, and previously would always but hanging out near us, but now she’s taken to spending most of her day hiding. :( We’re hoping time will fix this – just as it took a long time for Spike to get used to the people in the house, hopefully he’ll get more used to our other cat as well.

Abe and Teddy’s Update

Posted on: Saturday October 14

Abe (LDCRF class of 2017) and Teddy (class of 2014) were best buds from the moment they met last month – they wrestle, play chase, share toys and even sleep in the same bed. We were very lucky with both dogs and they were lucky to find each other.
Abe had some health issues when he arrived, but has been a champ about taking his meds, and he’s almost done!
Thanks for all you do to help guys like Abe and Teddy find good homes!

Tabitha’s Update

Posted on: Friday October 13

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Tabitha is doing fantastic. Her and Alfred (our other cat) are getting along great. They will tussle from time to time, but no claws come out and nobody gets hurt. And, five minutes later, we’ll catch them curled up together napping. Tabitha has been to the vet, and checked out fine; she also received her booster and has been microchipped.

Mocha and Harvey’s Update

Posted on: Friday October 13


Our new guys are doing well and our pug Arlo has taken to them as well. He’s like a pup again. They’ve all really adapted well. We’re finding interesting little novelties about our pups. We had no idea that Harvey sometimes would walk on his hind legs like a person. Mocha, who was reasonably shy when we got her is actually the outspoken one of our trio. When I come home from work, she’s always eager to tell me about her day.


So far, no issues. We had them checked up at Banfield and there were no worries delivered to us by the doctors. So far, we’re all doing pretty good. They wanted to let you in person, but we decided a photo would do just as well. Attached is a photo of the gang. (Took a lot of patience to get them to look at the camera with snacks at the lens. Thanks for checking up.

Enzo aka Toby’s Update

Posted on: Friday October 13

Enzo2 Enzo1
Enzo (Toby) is doing great! We took him to the vet and he did have giardia, but looks like it cleared up. He has received some of his shots and done very well at the vet. Our neighbor has a 6 month old puppy and they have become best buds and play everyday together.
He is growing very fast, almost 10 pounds heavier than when we got him! He doesn’t like walking a leash very much yet, but I think he’ll get he hang of it soon. We have to stop so often because he loves to say hi to everyone that walks past. He is pretty much house trained, only had one accident in the last week.
He’s such a sweet puppy and we’re so glad he’s ours!

Bria’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday October 11

 Bria is doing well. She’s still adjusting, but I think we’re going to be just fine. I’ve attached some pics for you.

Marley aka April’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday October 11

All is going well with “April” (we’ve renamed her Marley). She is such a sweet girl and has adjusted to life with 2 parents and 3 kids (ages 5-11). She’s happy, doing well with training and has been a wonderful addition to our family. 
Lost Dog and Cat Rescue was so wonderful to work with and we’ve already recommended you/them to others to check out. Thank you for making the process so easy and for helping us find Marley. We couldn’t be happier with our choice!
I’ve attached a few pictures of her out and about and with our kids. She really has been such a joy and all seems to be right with the world. There’s nothing like a dog’s love to help you through your days.

Simba aka Rabito’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday October 11

 Our family all love Rabito!  He has settled in very well and loving the attention, food and companionship of Milo, our other cat.

I am attaching photos of him looking stunning!

Luna aka Tiggs and Pico aka Earl Grey’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday October 11

​​We adopted Luna from LDCRF in April 2016, and she adapted immediately. There was no transitional period with her, and she continues to be the most social and affectionate cat we’ve ever met. (Seriously, everyone who meets her comments on it.) We had been talking about getting another cat (partially for us, and partially so she’d have a playmate), when the LDCRF Adoption Event came across my Facebook feed. We figured we’d stop by and see if there was a cat who might be a good complement to Luna. We saw the Teacup kittens, and knew that Earl Grey (now Pico) was it. He was shy and quiet at first, but warmed up within a day or so. We introduced them slowly, and it DID NOT go well at first. After a rough few weeks, they are finally getting along well enough to be left alone without supervision. There is still some occasional hissing, but they tolerate each other enough to snuggle their people near-ish each other. I’m sure that in time, they’ll get along even better!

June’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday October 10

thumbnail (4)

June is doing great in her new home! We took her to the vet last week and they found she had hook worms, so she is being treated for that. Other than that, she is healthy with no other issues. She has adjusted well with only 3 accidents in the house! She’s met a lot of other doggie friends around the neighborhood. She loves to cuddle and play fetch, and we absolutely love her!

Thanks again. 

Corkie’s Update

Posted on: Sunday October 8






This is Corkie checking back on my seventh birthday. Things are so good here with Dad and Mom. They were pretty easy to get trained, but my kitty sisters took some effort – they kept thinking they could sleep on the bed too. We play chase a couple times and day through the house. Dad and I take three or four walks a day. The squirrels need help getting directions back to their trees. With a couple other pups on the street here, we team up on the squirrels. Thanks for getting this little puppy from Florida to my Virginia home and family six and a half years ago. Gotta go. Time for a nap on Dad’s lap.

George’s Update

Posted on: Friday October 6

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George is settling in very well.  His first vet check was on last Friday, and it was full of good news.  His ruptured eardrum has completely healed over, with some scarring but without sign of polyps in either ear.  We’ll continue to be sure that his ears are carefully checked at his annual exams. He and our other cat, Jazz, continue to get more comfortable around each other, and yesterday, George let Jazz play-chase him up the stairs.  George has no problem zipping up the stairs in our house, despite his bum hip (or possibly it’s his knee, according to our vet).  They are still working out their signals to each other as far as play goes, but they are already very much at ease with each other’s presence.
We appreciate all the time that Lost Dog and their fosters (Jazz was also adopted from Lost Dog almost 9 years ago) spend in finding a good match between pets and homes. Deciding to adopt another cat was as much about finding a good companion for Jazz as for us, and it was important to learn as much as possible about his personality before bringing him into our home.  George has lived up to the glowing recommendations, and is an exceptionally sweet cat, full of personality, and definitely lives up to [his] nickname, “Curious George”.  

Bailey aka Gamora’s Update

Posted on: Friday October 6

 IMG_0878Gamora, now Bailey, is doing great.  What a joy to have a puppy back in the house.  She is doing very well with our 10+ year old male dog Buster, and the three cats around the house.  She sleeps in the mud room inside with a gate at night and has not messed in the room at all since we adopted her. 

She had a few accidents in the house, but minor and we believe she is very close to be house broken.  All else is great.  She has had two baths and a full exam at Pender Veterinary Clinic.  Will follow up with them next month so she is current on all vaccinations.

All is good.  Thanks for the note.  Glad we could help with the adoption, but elated that we found Bailey!

Thanks for all you do!

Buzz’s Update

Posted on: Friday October 6

thumbnailWe are happy to report that Buzz is doing great and adjusting well!  He went to his first doctor checkup with Caring Hands and charmed everyone on the office. We also registered his chip with Home Again for extra protection. 


We are so grateful to have Buzz join our family!  He loves his walks and has had a couple play dates with his girlfriend Cassie who lives in the neighborhood!  He also likes belly rubs and to cuddle on the couch:)


Thank you so much for bringing him to us! 

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