Happy Tails: November 2017

Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.


Posted on: Wednesday November 29




Luna has been absolutely perfect! She is fun and active but also very happy to receive belly rubs or cuddle on the couch. We have worked on a few tricks and she will sit, give paw, lay down and sit pretty. We recently brought her on a road trip to visit family and she had the time of her life playing with our families other dogs so we have started discussing the possibility of finding her a brother or sister.

Her Royal Highness, The Queen Margot aka Margo’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday November 28

How does one little cat contain so much personality?

I’ve had Margot for almost two years.  She still surprises me every day. Her creativity when it comes to helping herself to high places and unguarded spaghetti is just astounding.  Wait, spaghetti? Absolutely spaghetti.  Her lack of depth perception doesn’t at all slow her down when it comes to, well, anything, but especially not her ongoing quest for noodles. She also enjoys wind-up butterfly toys, plastic grasshoppers and silicone wine bottle stoppers.  

This wonderful cat checks on me during late night writing jags.  Sometimes checking involves her howling at the neighborhood wildlife outside of her windows.  Other times she adheres herself to my lap, but she’s done that since the day I brought her home.  

If she sounds like a handful, she is.  I wouldn’t have her any other way though. I’m so happy we found each other.   

I cannot recommend adopting through the Lost Dog & Cat Foundation enough, and for anyone considering an extra special pet who isn’t quite perfect– go for it.  Absolutely go for it.  

TC aka Russell’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday November 21

Russell was renamed TC, and he took to it very quickly! He is fabulous.
unnamed (1) unnamed
We took him to the vet the first week and has a clean bill of health– a little tartar, but he’s getting teeth brushing and chews at home now! 
TC enjoys long walks, running (3 mi is nothing for him), hanging out in the kitchen while mommy is cooking, car rides… or at least the idea of going for one, and recently went hiking. He is making new friends (and getting some training on socializing) at our local doggy daycare, and showing real improvement. 
He has 2 dog beds to choose from, though he seems to favor our couches and beds… sigh. We’re working on the latter. Ha, we’ll see who wins out. 
He knows sit, shake, stay and taught us snuggle time– which is indicated by a paw pretty much anywhere on you until you pet him. He has also taken to talking to us now when he’s playing. 
We are having a great time, and he seems to think we’re ok people. 

Figaro’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday November 21




Figaro is awesome!  Thanks for adopting to me.  He and Ziggy love each other and play a lot.  What a great addition to our family he is.
He is going to the vets on Friday.

Rose’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday November 21

Rose (kna Rosie) is such a sweet addition to our family. We love her so much! thumbnail

She’s been to the vet (had an ear infection, and it was treated). Shots are also up to date. 
She and our dog love playing together. I think she’s doubled in size since the adoption.

Nala aka Sadie’s Update

Posted on: Sunday November 19

Nala (previously known as Sadie) is doing great in her new 10th floor apartment home. She spends her days people watching, making doggie friends at the dog park, playing tug of war, and snuggling. Nala also loves car rides and new adventures. She has definitely brought lots of joy and many smiles into our home. Thank you for bringing her into our lives!

Lena aka Spice’s Update

Posted on: Friday November 17



Spice is now named Lena and she is doing great. She’s been to the vet and did have hookworms so we are taking care of that. She is on Heartworm prevention and flea and tick. She’s doing great with crate training and housebreaking. She is also best friends with our 60lb lab. We all love her so much. Thank you for rescuing her.

Blanche’s Update

Posted on: Friday November 17

Blanche is settling in great, she is so sweet and we just love her.  Attached are a few pictures…it was hard to pick from the 300 I must have on my phone already!

Sierra Baye’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday November 15

23319440_10155305233669091_7088322423282873373_n 23472437_10155305233329091_8844467073733522526_n

We changed Baye’s name to Sierra Baye 🤗  She is amazing,adorable, and became fast sisters with her elder 9 year old golden retriever who adopted her well beyond what I imagined she would do. She’s had two vet apts already to complete other vaccinations and doc says she’s in great health!
My boys adore her so much and are helpful with daily walks and play. 💜  I will attach a few pics.

Josie’s Update

Posted on: Sunday November 12



Just an update from Josie. She’s a loving sweet troublemaker. Her day consists of a long run, 4 walks, a squirrel chase and ruling the neighborhood. We have learned to sit, are completely potty trained and are almost perfect on a lead. She has had a lot of fun car rides, and enjoys being the fashionable dog on the block with her sweaters. We are working on not being the bully on the street growling at every dog we meet. She’s a natural piece in our family.

Dougie’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday November 8

Hi! We adopted Dougie a few weeks ago, and we are so in love with him! thought you would enjoy a few photos from his new life! Thank you for all that you do!

Amanda aka Dahlia’s Update

Posted on: Friday November 3

Amanda caught my heart when I was visiting the pet store to get food for my two cats. She was so small and sweet and when I learned she had been rescued from the hurricane in Puerto Rico, I knew this girl had grit. She impressed me with her resilience and continues to impress me with her fearlessness.
My other two cats were hissing and offended when I first brought Dahlia (renamed) home. After a couple days apart, though, they started to tolerate each other. And then my one other cat fell in love with her and they started playing and chasing each other around. They are now best buds. It took another week for my third cat to tolerate her, but now she will even let her eat from her bowl (and she loves to eat).
Dahlia is fearless and loves exploring the apartment. She also loves running around in circles at high speed, as though she herself… were a hurricane. Then she collapses. She also enjoys Halloween and dressed up as a lion this year. She might be small, but she definitely has the spirit of a lion!

Mila’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday November 1

Captain Kirk’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday November 1

thumbnail (1) thumbnail (2)
Thanks for checking up on Captain Kirk.  He is settling in and doing well.  We have two dogs, and they seem to be getting along with Kirk.  One of the dogs seems a bit jealous, but she does not act out by attacking the kitten, she acts out by barking more at her owners instead!  Must be a cry for attention.  Also, we have to guard the cat food from the dogs, who will eat anything. Other than that, the kitten is a big hit with our daughter and her friends. 

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