A&B: Butterscotch

Breed: DMH
Sex: Male
Age: Approx. 6 year(s)
Color: Buff
Size: Approx. 12 lbs
Good with Cats?: Yes
Good with Dogs?: Not Yet Determined

Almond Joy and Butterscotch are an awesome pair with super-size personalities! These two buddies are bonded and need to be adopted together, but they are also VERY people-oriented. They both enjoy petting and attention, and can be quite talkative. Butterscotch, especially, is often vocal about his opinion that he should get frequent petting. He’ll also just sit or curl up on a lap and offer conversational meows and chirps. He LOVES to be brushed!

Both are quite playful when the mood strikes them, and very curious — as if they forgot to stop being kittens. Almond Joy is especially fun to watch: he often entertains himself with small toys that he’ll bat and chase very energetically, and then Butterscotch will usually join in the fun. Almond Joy also loves ball-in-a-track toys, and his flopping contortions as he tries to extract that ball can be quite hilarious. They will examine any small item they can find to see if it can become a toy to chase or chew, and they have been known to open drawers or cabinets and investigate the contents.

They enjoy plenty of down-time as well. Butterscotch loves to sleep on his foster’s legs, while Almond Joy will usually sleep at his person’s feet. They share the sleeping space quite well, even when one climbs over the other to get comfortable! Almond Joy is an expert biscuit kneader, as he frequently demonstrates on a soft fleece blanket. If no lap is available, they can be content lounging in the sun or curled up in a paper bag.

Like many adult male cats, Almond Joy needs a special diet to help prevent urinary issues. Both AJ and Butterscotch can eat this food, and they don’t mind sharing food dishes (and litter boxes).

With these companions, no one would ever have much opportunity to feel lonely, as one or the other of these boys is usually quite willing to be affectionate or entertaining. Give yourself a double treat and meet this sweet dynamic duo!

For more information about A&B: Butterscotch, contact his/her foster at catfoster@lostdogrescue.org

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