Breed: DSH
Sex: Male
Age: Approx. 2 year(s)
Color: Gray/White
Size: Approx. 14 lbs
Good with Cats?: Not Yet Determined
Good with Dogs?: Not Yet Determined

Axel is a sweet, cuddly fur ball who would make a wonderful addition to your home! He is very alert and attentive to his people and follows us around when we go from room to room.

He isn’t afraid of strangers and will walk right up to visitors to say Hello! Axel would ceaselessly play with you if given a choice. He likes to chase toys, and loves balls and things with feathers.

When tired, he’ll curl up beside you on the couch. He will also request to be petted by rubbing up against you. Additionally, he knows to claw only at cat scratchers and not at furniture.

His fur is super soft. He rolls onto his back a lot, but is not a fan of belly rubs. He will paw at us playfully without using his claws. When he has had enough cuddling or petting he will let you know with a light nip.

Axel isn’t demanding at night, but will mew along with your morning alarm clock in anticipation of your attention. This big boy is a sweetheart and a joy to spend time with!

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