Lost Dog Merchandise

Posted on: Wednesday November 19

All merchandise on site is 25% off

Lost Dog Merchandise

Black Friday Promotion 11/28-11/30 all merchandise on site is 25% off


Posted on: Thursday August 14

10533267_10152620834666552_5111477084284132556_nThis Labor Day weekend, the Lost Dog and Cat Foundation will be participating in its first ever mega-adoption event!  The event will run on Sunday and Monday of Labor Day weekend (Aug. 31 & Sept. 1) from 12-3pm each day.  We will have lots of adoptable dogs, puppies, cats and kittens for people to meet and adopt that very same day!

The event will take place at the 7 Corners PetsMart, 6100 Arlington Blvd. Falls Church, Virginia.  Dogs will be in the side parking lot, under the tents.  Cats will be keeping it cool inside the store.15220_10202804347334650_1210249875779855385_n

This will be a great family outing!  We will have games (with prizes, of course), a bake sale, photos with puppies, and lots of pets looking for homes.  Come on out and enjoy your chance to adopt a back-to-school pet!

Have you successfully adopted from LDCRF previously?  We are offering discounted adoption fees for alumni at this special Labor Day event only!

To qualify as a prior successful adopter, please bring either your adoption contract or LDCRF tag (the metal one, with our phone number on it) to the event with you.   Please note that dogs or cats that were returned to LDCRF will not qualify an adopter as an LDCRF alum.  All adopters, including alumni, must successfully complete the LDCRF application/interview process and be approved for the pet they wish to adopt.  Alumni adoption fees for this event only will be as follows: $250 for a puppy (under a year old), $200 for an adult dog (a year and older), and $100 for each cat/kitten.

Questions about the Labor Day Adoptorama or our reduced fees for alumni?  Contact marcia.tiersky@lostdogrescue.org


To volunteer at this event email volunteer@lostdogrescue.org

LDCRF thanks PetsMart Charities for its support


Meanwhile, Back at the Vet’s Office…

Posted on: Tuesday March 25

maria campeon

Campeon was fortunate enough to capture the heart of staff-member, Maria, who plans to adopt him.

Every week, the cages at Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates (BRVA) are full of Lost Dog & Cat Rescue dogs and cats with a variety of issues. Most of the time we have dogs and cats recovering form spay/ neuter, heartworm treatments and routine dental cleanings. Sometimes, like right now, we have a few really special cases needing a whole lot of extra care.

campeon in cage

This week, we have two dogs at Blue Ridge who are being treated for serious injuries related to being hit by a car. The first, Campeon, had initial treatment at a vet’s office in Puerto Rico where he is from, but had to have a follow up surgery once he was transported to us. Luckily for Campeon, things are going beautifully and he captured the heart of a BRVA employee who is planning to adopt him!

Jordy, meanwhile, was transported over the weekend by volunteers form a rural WV shelter. He had been hit by a car and suffered a shattered pelvis, a badly broken leg and contusions to his lungs. He received emergency treatment at a WV vet and was stabilized prior to transport to make him as comfortable as possible. Tonight, Jordy undergoes surgery with an orthopedic specialist to begin to repair the damage. He is in great spirits and looking forward to the day he can romp in somebody’s securely fenced yard!

Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation is grateful for the support of the Pepsi, Griffen, Sprite Legacy Gift which allows us to say “yes” when we get the calls to help dogs like Campeon and Jordy. To contribute to their care or to the care of future special needs pets, click here. 

Jordy is in Good Spirits! Click the link to see him greeting visitors in his cage at Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates.

jordy photo in cage

Jordy is awaiting surgery.

Jordy is awaiting surgery.

Young Volunteers: The Impact is Mutual

Posted on: Monday March 10

jennaLost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation has been blessed to have a number of young people volunteer on a regular basis for the organization. On any given weekend day, you will find plenty of eager young faces waiting to see which lucky canine will occupy their next few hours at an adoption event and celebrating the adoptions to follow.

Some of our young volunteers find ways to give more. The latest volunteer newsletter describes how Jenna and Priyanshu organized a supply drive for LDCRF as part of a school project, Hailey organized a dog walk last year and Allison collected contributions for the dogs and cats for her birthday. Other young volunteers have organized bake sales (kudos to the Kircher girls who have held an annual bake sale for 5 years), collected blankets and bedding from yard sales and made blanket beds for the dogs and cats. We are grateful and appreciative of all of their efforts and hope they know their efforts have an impact on the fate of homeless animals.

Recently, we have become aware of ways in which this impact-making is mutual. We have heard about how volunteering with Lost Dog has helped some teens work through difficult adolescent times, helped them find focus and even influenced a career path or two. Some of our teen volunteers have even found a way to integrate LDCRF into their school work. Click this link to read a paper on the issue of puppy mills written by a regular teen volunteer named Jon.

We are proud of all of our hard-working volunteers, but especially proud right now of the young people who open their hearts and minds to homeless animals and allow LDCRF to be part of their growth and development.

More ideas for younger volunteers can be found on our “Kids and Teens” website page HERE. Creative types can also contribute to our Paws for Art Show and Sale in April (details below). Ideas for fundraising drives and collections should be sent toFundraising@lostdogrescue.org for approval.

LDCRF Honored with Grant from Cox Communications

Posted on: Monday March 3

LDCRF's Barbara Hutcherson accepted the donation check from Cox Charities.

LDCRF’s Barbara Hutcherson accepted the donation check from Cox Charities.


Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation was honored recently with an employee grant from Cox Communications.

Twenty-five different agencies throughout the state of Virginia were awarded with grants totaling $160,000 through Cox Charities, an employee-led initiative of the organization. LDCRF received a $2,000 grant, thanks to a nomination by a Cox employee who had a positive experience adopting a dog from the foundation.

The funds will be used for medical care for dogs and cats awaiting adoption.


LDCRF Featured in DomiCile Magazine

Posted on: Monday March 3

Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation is thrilled to be profiled in the latest issue of the digital publication of DomiCile Magazine. Click the link below to read the article and see some adorable pups.



My Furry Valentine

Posted on: Monday February 3



At Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation, we heart our “Furry Valentines” and now you can too!

It’s simple. Go to our Furry Valentine donation page, make a $10 donation, give us the name of your pet and a volunteer will get it posted. We even have special hearts to commemorate our furry family members who have passed away.

NEW heart with wings

The Rescue and Rehabilitation of Lily

Posted on: Tuesday December 31

website banner lilly-2resize

About Lily

Lily was abandoned at a garbage dump in rural Georgia.  She lived there for months among the the mounds of garbage, scrounging for scraps to eat, waiting for help but too frightened to even recognize it.
Eventually, a kind soul came along.  She saw the fear and pain in Lily’s eyes, as well as the love and hope in the poor dog’s heart. Carefully and patiently, she coaxed Lily into the car, away from the garbage and onto a path for a better life.
One kind and patient human put Lily on a path north to Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation, where we can support the rest of her journey home, thanks to the Pepsi, Griffen, Sprite Legacy Gift.  
Getting to Lost Dog
Lily arrived at Lost Dog skinny, missing most of the hair on her back end, with a crippling leg injury and a massive, chronic ear infection. She arrived with a serious need for medical care, and with a huge heart full of hope.
We knew she deserved better than what she and her body endured in the past.
Our rescue partners and team of talented veterinarians designed a care plan for Lily that included major ear surgery and back leg reconstruction.  It also included time for her skin to repair itself, good nutrition and a lot of TLC.
LDCRF Supporters Made her New Life Possible
Thanks go the Pepsi, Griffen, Sprite Legacy Gift, Lily is halfway there! She recently had surgery to remove the entire ear canal and the ear drum. The chronic infection had done so much damage, there was no way to save her ear. She is already happier and healthier, free from infection and pain in her ear. Already, Lily’s body is starting to match the beautiful life that she so desperately wants to lead.
In a few weeks, when her ear is all healed, Lily will have her leg surgery and after a few weeks of recovery, she will begin the final stage of her journey- the quest for a loving, forever home.
Lily is one of many, many dogs that received life-saving care in 2013 thanks to the Pepsi, Griffen, Sprite Legacy Gift and thanks to the generous and giving spirit of our supporters.


Posted on: Thursday December 19

At Lost Dog, we are always growing, always reaching. We have added a new adoption event just in time for the holidays, so check out the updated schedule below and come and find your new best friend this weekend!

Weekend adoption events



Home: Pam’s Birthday Wish

Posted on: Monday December 16

Dear Friends,

Today is my 50th birthday.

Throughout this past year, loved ones have asked how I want to commemorate this milestone. How can they make my day special?  What can we do to celebrate?  Is there something in particular I want?

When I reflect upon this half-century of life and think about what would make my birthday special, I think of the animals of Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation and the many others waiting in shelters for their turn to start a new life.

Together with the dedicated staff at the Lost Dog & Cat Ranch, our amazing volunteers and our partners in rescue, I enjoy the privilege of giving dogs and cats a better life each and every day.  Together, we rescue dogs and cats from the harshest of circumstances so that they can be begin their journey to a new home. Our veterinary partners provide essential care so that the sick and injured can heal. Our ranch staff (some of whom have been with me since day one) exercise, rehabilitate and care for each animal as if they were their own. Dedicated volunteers spend weekday and weekend hours raising the exposure of our adoptable pets and working hard to get them adopted. I feel blessed to have all of this support to help these former throwaway dogs and cats find new homes.

That, my friends, is what I want for my birthday.  I want to save more dogs and cats and help them find their homes.

This has been the work of my heart, the passion of my soul and the daily focus of my mind.


 Because I have been given the gift to see beyond the dirt, terror, sadness and defeat to find the soul that lies within an abandoned animal.

Because when a dog or cat knows he is home, he will love unconditionally, whether we are successful or struggling, happy or sad.

Because when we find a home, we give a pet so much more than just a place to live.


When I look around at night and see my own motley collection of former throwaway dogs settled into comfy beds, my heart is full and my energy renewed, no matter how long and hard the day has been. Seeing what having a home does for a previously homeless pet keeps me going, no matter how many hours I have spent arranging intakes, making vet trips and organizing adoptions.

I started this rescue 12 years ago, at 38 years of age, when being 50 and talking about a half century birthday seemed a lifetime away. I started this rescue because I have loved animals and worried over their plight for as long as I can remember. Devoting my resources and my energy towards bettering their lives is my way of giving back, both to animals and to people.

Since its inception, Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation has saved over 20,000 lives. Last year, Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation placed well over 3,000 dogs and cats into forever homes. During the months of June, July and August we participated in the Rachel Ray ASPCA $100K Challenge and we increased the number of lives saved in that period by almost 300 from the previous year. We partnered with the Humane Society of the United States to rescue more than 20 animals from horrible conditions. We increased our adoption events, we took our animals to the streets to get them seen and to the airwaves to raise awareness.

2013 was a very good year. But we can do more.

So today, on my 50th birthday, I am asking you to join me in the fight to find more homes. I am asking you to give generously so that, together with volunteers, ranch staff and rescue partners, I can make my 50th year the best one yet, with more pets than ever finding a place to call home.

Together, I know we can make it happen.

Yours Always,




Pam McAlwee

Founder, Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation

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