Thank you to Len for becoming the Pal for Paws Sponsor for Cleo

Breed: Pit Blend
Sex: Female
Age: Approx. 3 year(s)
Color: Black/White
Size: Approx. 49 lbs
Good with Cats?: No
Good with Dogs?: Some






Cleo is a 3 year old Pit-ish Mix.  Fully grown at just 49 lbs, she is a passionate bundle of enthusiastic licks, kisses, belly rubs, wriggles, wiggles and joy!  Her energy knows no bounds – she will be most successful in a home where she gets lots of daily walks, interactive play and training.

Consistent guidance and positive reinforcement will help her mind her doggie manners in her forever home.  For example, in her Foster home, she sits prior to putting on her Halti collar (great for walking!), prior to exiting and entering the front door, prior to receiving meals and snacks, etc.  We are working on “Stay” and “Leave It” in internal and external environments …she is picking this up quickly.  The one command that might be tough is the “Down” command…..she forgets that all four feet have to be on the floor! 

She is a sensitive, intuitive little girl…she often mimics the reactions of other dogs/people in uncertain situations.  As an example…if a noise startles her, she might run out of the room while peering anxiously in the direction of the noise.  When her person does not react…she relaxes – no coddling or reassuring is needed!  This has made a huge difference in her comfort in new environments…she is one smart, perceptive little girl! 

When things are quiet home, she wants to be right beside her people.  As you can see from the first photo listed below, she sits right beside her Foster Mom all day during work hours…she loves being close by. 

Cleo is housebroken; we don’t recommend her for homes with young kids…she will be best in a house with people age 13+. She warms up to some other dogs (once they are introduced properly) but can also be reactive.  She will be best as an only dog or with a more mellow male who can tolerate her extreme energy .  She is currently happily living with another  Lost Dog and Cat Rescue dog, Boss…but we introduced them slowly to be sure they would be compatible.   As always…both she and Boss exceeded all expectations.   


To meet Cleo at an adoption event, please e-mail or call (703)295-DOGS.


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