Happy Tails: December 2011

Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Suzanne and Bette’s Update

Posted on: Friday December 30

And the dogs waited patiently until the cats were finished before moving in to cleaning their bowls.

Fiona’s Update

Posted on: Thursday December 29

Fiona is the sweetest, most lovable creature! Thought you would like to see her –in my bed, of course!  Having a forever home was not a concept that I understood until I had her. She is so loved by everyone that meets her and to think that no one would adopt her! She is truly a treasure….

Finnegan aka Magic’s Update

Posted on: Thursday December 29

Lost Dog,


We adopted Magic on December 17th. He was part of a litter of 5 Chihuahua/Terrier mix pups (Halloween Pups). We already had a 5 month old Chihuahua and was looking for a brother for him. We brought Duncan (our Chi) to Pet Smart so he could meet a potential sibling. He hit it off with Magic (now named Finnegan). We stayed at the store for about 2 hours to see how they adapted and then decided it was a go.

 I am happy to report that Finnegan and Duncan are best buds. They play together and Duncan shares all his toys with Finnegan. They love cuddling up with each other and groom one another regularly.

 The best part about adding Finnegan to our family if the positive influence he has had on Duncan. We were having the hardest time housebreaking and walking Duncan. He had many accidents and would not “notify” us when he had to go. He did not like taking walks or being outside for that matter; he was our little prince. He would not sniff around and never go to the bathroom on command. Then along came Finnegan. Now here is a “dog.”

Finn loves to go for walks and would pee every time we took him outside. We would praise him and once Duncan saw this, he would mirror Finnegan’s actions. Now Duncan not only sniffs and pees just about every time we take him out, but he will actually run to the door when he has to go! What a mentor Finnegan has been – he is teaching Duncan how to be a dog!

 They sleep with us every night and get a walk every day. They love going for car rides with us and they are nearly inseparable. We feel so blessed to have Finnegan as part of our family and thank you for helping us make that happen. You have a top-notch organization and we hope to volunteer sometime real soon.

I have attached some photos. Finnegan is the black Chi mix.

Stanley’s Update

Posted on: Thursday December 29

I had always heard that dogs and special needs children went hand in hand but had no personal experience with it. Honestly I never really gave it a second thought as my 10 year old son Jay, who has Asperger’s Syndrome- high functioning autism, was not what you would call a dog type of guy. “I want a FISH. Fish don’t bark, don’t slobber and they eat their own poop. No scooping involved,” he once told me. It is hard to argue with logic like that. In fact, his scooping pooping case in point even had me rethinking the whole getting a dog bit. But then we met Stanley.

The above is an expert from one of two articles I have written in which our Stanley whom we adopted from your organization in June is the star! In such a short time Stanley has been able to work his way into all our hearts… and I do mean all. Jay went from being a Fish type guy to now sleeping with his new 4 legged best friend. Watching the two of them together is amazing! There is this unspoken bond. As Jay says, “He gets me and I get him!”

Their special relationship inspired me to write two different articles for two different magazines. An Autism Service Dog article in which Stanley and Jay will also be mentioned in will appear in the March issue of Nashville Paw magazine. And Stanley and Jay will be the SHARE column piece in the May edition of the National Magazine DogFancy which will hit newsstands everywhere on March 27th, 2012. They will even run pictures of our pooch and my son!

I just wanted to let you know that although your organization is looking for people to help change and better the lives of these animals… in many cases it is the other way around. Stanley changed our lives for the better! 

Here is one my favorite shots of Stanley and Jay! Enjoy and thank you for doing all that you do.

Jaguar’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday December 27

Jaguar has kept his name per our 4 year old’s request.  He spent the first day home in solitary confinement and the next morning was screaming to explore and we let him.  He hasn’t looked back since!  We love the energy he brings to our home and the sanity he has brought to our older cat Oscar who was mourning the loss of his “brother.”  Within a week the two were grooming one another and as of now are almost cuddling when they sleep.  Oscar has been very tolerant of a kitten and lets him run under and around him.  The only time they squabble is in bed at night.  Jaguar quickly learned that sleeping with me is the best spot in the house and has taken over Oscar’s pillow spot.  We are working on managing this minor sibling dispute. He is fighting a little cold, which the vet didn’t seem to think warranted medicine, but rather some anti-oxidant supplement therapy.


In short, we are in kitten love!  He is the sweetest baby and great fun to have in the house.  As I write this he is throwing a toy mouse in the air and catching it on the way down.  Here are a few pictures. 

Ferris’ Update

Posted on: Monday December 26

I was adopted two weeks ago and I’ve been told I’ve found my forever home!  I’m adjusting to my 14 year old “sister” Tootsie and am handling the chaos of Christmastime in a home with a 12 year old girl and a 7 year old boy quite well!  I’m still a shy boy, but I love going on my walks and meeting all of my neighbors.  I’m meeting my aunt and uncle tomorrow and I hear they have Christmas gifts for me – I can’t wait!  

My mom says she doesn’t understand how I was ever a lost dog, but is overjoyed that they found me at Petsmart on December 9.  Thank you Lost Dog and Cat Rescue for all that you do!  To all of my 4 legged friends, I wish you a Merry Christmas and hope the New Year brings you a forever home!

Rugby aka Buster and Lyla aka Tabby’s Update

Posted on: Friday December 23

I decided to adopt Lyla earlier this year as a companion for my older dog, Rugby. She is doing great! She has learned basic obedience commands, and now usually remembers to sit instead of jump to greet people. Her personality complements Rugby’s very well. He is extremely independent and doesn’t seek out attention or physical contact. Lyla, on the other hand, loves to be petted, to snuggle, and to be close to people. At first Rugby merely tolerated her. He shared beds grudgingly. He stalked away if she got too close. Now he nuzzles her back, initiates play, and chooses to lay near near her. They seem completely at ease with one another. I never hoped for such a great match.
Boy did Lyla have me fooled at the adoption event! She was so calm and reserved there. I know dogs blossom when they settle into homes, but wow what a difference! I’ve worked as a dog walker, a kennel assistant, and a shelter volunteer, and I have never met a dog with this much energy. She learns like a Border Collie, sprints like a Whippet, and has the stamina of a Dalmatian, all in an unassuming little 35 lb lab mix package. I have yet to succeed in really tiring her out. I keep her energy under control with dog park visits, fetch, controlled walks, jogging, hiking, backpacking (with her own backpack, of course), sprinting around the yard, and a steady stream of kongs and chews, but still she is never quite tired. She certainly keeps me active.

Lyla is still unsure around strangers, but she’s getting better every day. Now she rarely tucks her tail or bristles. She wags softly and sniffs people happily, with some encouragement. We will keep working on it, and she will keep improving.

Rugby continues to be an all around great dog. We fight a neverending battle with his allergies and itchy skin. Some of his skin that was damaged in his previous life may never heal completely, but it does improve slowly. He is unceasingly loyal. He has grown into an excellent communicator from the neglected, chained out dog he used to be in Georgia. He knows to ring the bells on the door when he wants a walk. He knows to sit or touch my hand to ask permission for something. He brings me the dog dishes after each meal. He knows to wake me up in the morning without barking. He brings me his kong for assistance if a treat is *really* stuck (or if he wants a refill…). I remember a time when I longed for any recognition from him at all, when his eyes were glazed over and he had no idea he could work with people. He’s grown so much since then.

For my two dogs, and for all the other dogs you have helped, thank you!

Bronx aka Layman’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday December 21

What started out as a simple venture to the pet store to pick up cat food and “look” at the animals available for adoption, turned into a grand adventure as we left the store with much more than the intended bag of cat food.  Bronx (formerly Layman) has quickly adjusted to life in NoVA and he has almost grown into his gigantic puppy paws.  People have difficulty believing he is still a puppy at 10 months old as he currently weighs just over 90 pounds.  There’s no greater feeling than walking in the front door after a day at work and having Bronx greet us at the door, even if the remnants of the morning paper are shredded all over the living room floor (We’ve learned very quickly that Kong toys and Elk Antlers were a great investment after he destroyed a dozen tennis balls and a dining room chair).  This year, Santa has an extra stocking to fill as Bronx celebrates his first Christmas with our family.

We can’t thank the people associated with Lost Dog enough for helping us bring Bronx into our family.

Lily aka Porshe’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday December 21

I just wanted to give everyone an update on Lily (aka:Porshe).  She is pure JOY!!!  She LOVES to play, especially with puzzles and anything that squeaks!!!  She is really such a blessing in my life and I dont know how I ever lived without her!!!  Thank you so much for introducing us!!!

Happy Holidays!

Dana and Millie’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday December 20

This year we became the proud parents of Dana and Millie. Dana, who we adopted in the spring, is pure delight and the princess in the house. She loves to bury under her blanket on the sofa and likes to snuggle, especially when it is cold out. Millie, who we adopted in October, is a real love bug. One of her favorite things is to have her belly rubbed. Both the girls get along well with Ollie and they had a blast in the yard this fall running in the leaves. Millie and Ollie are determined that they are going to get the squirrel that keeps on coming into their yard. Dana likes to hang back and will watch and back when there is something happening she thinks we need to know about.

Millie, Ollie and Dana, or as my friend calls them, the “MOD squad” all have real winter coats but we could not resist getting them their holiday coats for their Christmas picture.

The dachshund patrol loves to talk walks around the neighborhood. We are so happy that Dana and Millie have been able to join our family and look forward to many happy years together.

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