Thank you to Phil and Debbie for becoming the Pal for Paws Sponsor for Rae

Breed: Hound Blend
Sex: Female
Age: Approx. 9 year(s)
Color: Blue ticking
Size: Approx. 40 lbs
Good with Kids?: Yes
Good with Cats?: No
Good with Dogs?: Some

Rae is simply special in a regular dog sort of way!  A small part of what makes her special is the fur that covers her eye sockets.  But believe it or not some people do not even realize she actually has no eyes. She charms them with her calm demeanor and tail wag and often times just drops right down for a full belly rub. After minutes of arriving in our home she had sniffed out the two sunniest spots, gone up and down the full flight of deck stairs all on her own, and sweet-talked our five year old into giving her a load of treats!  She knows the “sit” command and we have worked on “off” as well since she likes to jump up upon first meeting a human – a behavior I suspect just gives her a chance to get a good sniff so she can recognize you the next time she catches your scent.  The jump often leads to her nuzzling your neck while she hugs you – literally!  All this is to say she is treat driven and very trainable. She is housetrained and crate trained, but its clear she would welcome an invitation to sleep on a sofa or in bed with her human!

Rae loves cuddling up with her favorite child and playing tea party with her. Rae likes to play tug of war too! She takes a hold of her rope toy and loves to challenge us to a game or two each night. Although she is not a cat fan, given the right introduction and patience she can happily share a home with another pup with a similar disposition.  Often people are curious about how she can get around off-leash.  All I can say is she does – completely on her own.  Rae freely moves about the house and is never put off by the many obstacles (toys) put in her path by our child.  She simply walks slowly and self corrects.  But if she is outside in the yard with the knowledge there is room to run she will run her crazy circles and play chase.  Her heightened sense of sound sometimes leads her to perk her ears up and run off in hurried pursuit of an unfamiliar sound in the house. Kids get a kick out of this and mine often runs after her to help her “find” the source of the sound.

Rae gets a lot of attention on walks wherever we go. So if you are looking to meet new people, Rae provides an instant ice -breaker.  Or if you are retired and would like a pal to take a walk with she is your gal. Perhaps you feel down on your luck and need a little pick-me-up – Rae is a walking billboard for resilience, flexibility, and unconditional love.   Maybe you are a family whose kid has finally worn you down and you are ready to welcome a canine into your home.  Check out her videos, pictures, and then make a date to come meet her – you will love her!

Watch Rae Rae take on the stairs and run around in the yard!

For more information about Rae, contact his/her foster at cindycran@aol.com


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