Gaia’s Kitten: Katerini

Breed: DMH
Sex: Female
Age: Approx. 9 month(s)
Color: Gray
Size: Approx. 7 lbs
Good with Cats?: Yes
Good with Dogs?: Not Yet Determined

Don’t panic. You are not seeing double and do not need an eye check! Katerini and her brother Crete are as alike as two peas in a pod at least as to their looks. She is the more petite little girl but other than that, at first glance it takes different colored collars to tell them apart.  The real difference is in their personalities. Katerini is very sweet but shy; she wants to hang out with her people but is nervous about being petted.  She is gradually getting braver but would not do well in a household with younger children and will need a special adopter who is willing to be patient and allow her time to develop a sense of security and trust. That patience will pay off; did we mention how sweet she is?  When you do hold her, she is happy to sit on your lap and be petted, and she will purr very softly. She is great with other cats; in fact, she needs a friendly companion kitty for moral support and for playtime because she is a very playful kitty. She loves laser but she is also a big fan of motorized toys that she can chase.  She is also crazy for cat grass and will hunt a pot down whatever it is growing!   If you are looking for a very sweet kitty who will happily join a cat friendly household and are ready to invest some time and patience, she should definitely be on your shopping list.


To meet Gaia’s Kitten: Katerini at an adoption event, please e-mail or call (703)295-DOGS.

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