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Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Macallan aka Webster’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday September 30

IMG_0210 SHello Lost Dog Rescue team!
My mom already sent you an e-mail updating you on Webster (now Mac) but I wanted to make sure to include some pictures!
Thank you so much! He’s doing so great and we love him to pieces!  IMG_0048


Brigid aka Charlotte’s Update

Posted on: Monday September 29

securedownload (1)I renamed Charlotte. Her new name is Brigid. It took about 2 hours to be friendly with Boston (renamed Brogan), her brother. They are the cutest possible.
I couldn’t figure out where they were and found them in a drawer! I have a bed on slats and they figured out a way in. She is wonderful! Thank you for her!


Sissy’s Update

Posted on: Sunday September 28

photo 1Hi there. I wanted to let you know that we’ve had Biscuit (our new name for her) for three weeks today. She is doing great and well loved by our entire family. She is still very timid, but has completely fallen in love with our beagle, Coconut (a Lost Dog Rescue Foundation dog we adopted 8 years ago). Biscuit is eager to be as close to Coconut as possible at all times. Fortunately, Coconut has been a patient and loving “teacher” to Biscuit, who really did seem to need to learn how to be a dog again.

photo 2We’ve been walking her twice a day, which she loves. She enjoys running our fenced in backyard and hanging out on our deck. When she comes out of her shell, she loves to chew bones, get petted and follow us around the house. She likes to bark (working on that with her!) and loves her “sniff” time around our yard.

Here are a couple photos (right after their baths, sleeping nose to nose). I’m happy to send more or provide more details if you’d like to include her as an example of the excellent work your organization does! Please thank Nancy and Renee for us again – they were the ones we worked with when we adopted her 9.5.14.
Thanks for connecting us with her. She is definitely a family member now!

Tyson aka Tony’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday September 16

TysonTony made himself right at home.  We are delighted he joined our family – he is wonderful with the kids and such a snugglebug!

Louie aka Moses’ Update

Posted on: Tuesday September 9

IMG_0253We adopted Louie (formerly known as Moses) November 2013…a mini wire
haired daschund. I cannot begin to tell you what a joy he is and the
love we share for each other. I don’t think he had  ever seen a cat
before (he is 8 years old) and when we brought him home, we had to keep
him leashed  or we alternated between putting my daughters kitties in
the bedroom because he would constantly lunge at them. Every website we
read said “forget about it..he will never change.We will never be able
to have them all free roaming the house”. Wrong…after 8 months …he
and the kitties live peacefully together! We bring him everywhere we
can (I can’t stand being away from him) and because of his cute little
3 inch legs, he often gets tired on some walks and outings. I purchased
a pet stroller for him and he loves it! He sits there like a little
king wagging his tail and looking back at me every so often with those
adoring eyes of his.
This is the 3rd dog our family has adopted through Lost Dog and Cat
Rescue. My daughter Lyndsay adopted Kobee and my other daughter Bree
adopted Riley (a Plott hound pup I believe she got last December)
I wanted to say THANK YOU for all you do and for connecting me with the
love of my life.

Tango aka T-Rex and Sierra aka Phoebe’s Update

Posted on: Monday September 8

Jsecuredownloadust wanted to share this picture with you.  Here are my two rescues from LDCRF.  Though they look like siblings, they aren’t.  I rescued Tango (formerly T-Rex – now about 3 years old) in March of 2012, and he was living happily, enjoying having his house (and my attention) all to himself, until one day his peaceful life was disrupted when Sierra (formerly Phoebe – about 2 years old) came home in March of this year.  Luckily they get along very well.  Tango, and Sierra, will play together half the time, and do their own thing at other times.  They do fight for attention a bit, pushing each other out of the way in the process.  They’re great dogs, and I’m glad that I found them both!

Josie aka Aunt Bee’s Update

Posted on: Friday September 5

0830141615Hi everyone at Lost Dog Rescue,
0830141623I wanted to send an update on Aunt Bee, the sweet little beagle mix I adopted on 8/30 at Petsmart in Fair Lakes.  I have renamed her Josie and she’s just fabulous!  She was understandably a bit nervous and skittish the first few days in her new forever home as she adjusted to living in a house with 3 adult humans and a beagle sister named Roxy.  I had been thinking of rescuing a second dog for some time and I’m really glad I found Josie.  Josie and Roxy are getting along very nicely and Roxy really would love to “play”, but Josie’s still not sure about that!  They enjoy exploring the backyard together and snoozing on the sofa next to each other.
0831141050Josie just had her first vet visit yesterday.  She’s healthy overall aside from a subluxating patella on her hind leg.  She tends to occasionally hold that leg up briefly if running, but otherwise it seems to be manageable.  Surgery may be needed further down the road if she should get to the point she will not use her hind leg.  We will cross that bridge if and when we come to it.  She has a nasty yeast and bacterial infection in her long floppy ears, but it’s par for the course with beagle mixes.  Once we clear her ears up we can keep them clean and hopefully she’ll feel better once she’s infection free.  She’s done beautifully and we now get tail wags and hand nudges indicating she wants more belly and chin rubs.  She loves to take walks and this is even rubbing off on my other dog who has never been a big walker due to some anxiety issues.  Josie is helping Roxy overcome some of that fear.  I was fully prepared for Josie to be similar to Roxy in that it might take a good bit of time for adjustment, but she’s just made miraculous strides.  Roxy didn’t wag her tail for about a year!  I think these two lovely beagles will be wonderful companions to each other and I know they make my life better!  What a joy it’s been to see her blossom and I’m so glad to have her.  I want to thank everyone at the rescue for all the fantastic and selfless work you do for homeless dogs and cats.
Attached area couple of pictures of Josie (formerly Aunt Bee) in her new home!

Bruno aka Bandit and Rickie aka Dusty’s Update

Posted on: Thursday September 4

photoWe have changed Bandit to Bruno and Dusty to Rickie. They are doing amazingly great. I got their first physical done and everything checked out great. They play, eat, drink and sleep all normal. We want to Thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt them. I will send some pictures. Of course I have at least a hundred or so pictures on my phone and so does my husband. We love them very much!
Thank you again.

Phoebe aka Tabitha, Lexi aka Kassie, and Molly aka Lil Bear’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday September 3

IMG_5868Here’s a quick update on three adoptees.
Phoebe (white schnauzer, aka Tabitha) was adopted in Feb 2011 after having been rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri.  Reluctant to engage and frightened of everything, Phoebe has come a long way in 3-1/2 years.  While she still has her idiosyncrasies, she is a great little girl who loves to snuggle in her bed and chew on her bones.
Lexi (gray schnauzer, aka Kassie) was adopted in June 2014 after having been rescued from a breeder in Virginia who had too many dogs.  Lexi is playful, loving, and has fit right in with her dog sisters and dog brother (not pictured).  She too likes the bed!
Molly (shih tzu, aka Lil Bear) was adopted in Jan 2013 after being rescued from a hoarding situation in West Virginia.  Molly was shy at the adoption event, but took right over after arriving at home.  She loves to run and cuddle and is in charge of who gets the chew toys!
All the girls get along great, they run, play, and wrestle.  We couldn’t be happier to have them.  Thank you!

Shadow aka Corey’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday September 2

photo-002Shadow (aka Corey) was one of the original Lost Dog rescues.  Shadow rescued us in October 2001 and has been an outstanding big brother to Sarah (7) and Ethan (2 months).
At almost 14, he still loves to play ball, swim, and sleep.  Although he has slowed down some in his old age, he is still the same wonderful, sweet and playful dog we have always known and loved.


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