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Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Teddy aka Alan’s Update

Posted on: Monday March 30

DSC_1050 It’s only been a week but our new dog Teddy, aka Alan, is fitting right in:)

Ella aka Delilah’s Update

Posted on: Sunday March 29

IMG_7826Ella (Delilah), adopted December, 2014 turned 1 year old today! She is a happy member of our family and we look forward to many more years with our wonderful girl.

Scout aka Connor’s Update

Posted on: Thursday March 26


We just wanted to give you an update on Connor (now Scout)!  We adopted Scout in January of 2013, and he quickly became a loving and valued member of our family!
It was apparent that Scout had a rough start in life. We were told he came from a high kill shelter in Rome, Georgia. He had several abscesses in his teeth and had to have 15 pulled.  He also battled a case of heartworm, had a detached retina, and the beginning of arthritis in his lower back.  Despite all he had been through in his life, he is the most loving boy ever.
He enjoys long hikes, rides in the car, and even loves rides in our airplane!   It doesn’t matter where we go, Scout is always happy to go with us!  He also enjoys specially formulated home-cooked food (no canned for this foodie). Yes, we “spoil” him, but he deserves it!
scoutdeck (2)
We couldn’t have asked for a better dog for our family, and he has brought us much happiness.  We are grateful to have him in our life.
Thank you for rescuing Scout, and for all you do!


Roxie aka Piper’s Update

Posted on: Thursday March 26

RoxieThanks for contacting. We are doing fine and Piper (we changed her name to Roxie) seems happy here!!! She loves playing with the kids and running in the yard. She tries to make friends with every human and dog that comes within sight….it is adorable!

She is getting better with the house breaking, and I am happy with her progress. We will enroll in training classes soon, however she is ~kinda~ getting “sit”. See attached pic!!!

We are happy with our adoption, but more than that, we are happy with the services you provide to families. Keep doing this, you are making big a difference in peoples (and dogs) lives.

Bella’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday March 25

20150307_162640 20150307_162056 20150307_160741

Hello!  Bella is doing great and fits in nicely with my family.  She’s a wonderful dog and we are very happy to have her.  See attached pics.

Take care!

Mocha aka Becca’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday March 25

Mocha-DeskMocha is actually doing very well.  We are learning that she is extremely intelligent, learns quickly and is eager to please.  She is well on her way to being house and crate trained.  She still has some accidents inside, but she is getting better every day.  Thankfully I work from home so we do not have to put her in the crate too often during the day.  One of her favorite places to hang out and nap is under my desk at my feet while I am working.

We have been working on training and she is already doing very well on leash.  She will typically walk right next to us on a slack leash unless she sees a squirrel or a blowing leaf :-).  She will also sit and lay down on command sometimes, but still needs to work some on consistency with that and she does not know stay yet.  She loves to play frisbee and eagerly runs after it and brings it back, we still need to work on getting her to drop it, she wants to play tug of war.  All in all for only being 4 months old, she is doing extremely well.  We are starting her first training class with the trainer at Pender this coming Saturday.

All of her vet checks have been good and we are continuing with all necessary immunizations.  We did have a few issues with very loose stool for a while, but we worked with our Vet (Pender) to change her food and that has seemed to resolve the issues.

We are thrilled to have added Mocha to our family, she has quickly wiggled her way into all of our hearts.  Thank you and your organization for all that you do to help place all of these animals with loving families.

Zoey aka Kahlua’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday March 25


10408837_10203694319458253_7527089593799164343_n 10959811_10203484153684240_8529980434737493134_n 11061292_10203720468031951_2433548123351349191_n
We adopted Kahlua, now Zoey, right before Christmas 2014. Zoey is the sweetest girl who loves to be by our sides at all times, find any lap to lay in, chase a stick or ball, and go for rides in the car. She loves to go on adventures and meet other dogs/humans. The moment we saw her picture on your website we knew she had to come home with us. We couldn’t be any happier and are so grateful that your organization helped us to become a family!
Attached are a few pictures to show you how much she has grown!
Thanks again :)

Brownie’s Update

Posted on: Monday March 23

Hello, a couple of weeks ago my husband and I adopted Brownie from an adoption event in Seven Corners. I just wanted to give you the update and some photos on her, since she’s fit in so well!
She’s a very patient kitty, and didn’t mind Sophie (the cat we already had). Sophie, though, didn’t like her very much. She’d follow Brownie around and hiss and growl at her every time Brownie looked her way. We were actually a little worried it wouldn’t work out!
But now they get along great, and they love chasing each other around the apartment (Sophie can be high-energy too). Sophie doesn’t usually like to nap near Brownie still, but I do catch them together on occasion.
Brownie wasn’t much of a snuggled at first and spent most of her first few days in our cat tree, in the little hideaway. But now she’s an attention-hog, and can’t get enough of us! She’ll follow me around, chatting the whole time, and wants nothing more than to come take a nap in my lap in the afternoon. She’s actually napping on me right now, as I type.
So while it took some time, she’s turned out to be just perfect, and I don’t regret a thing. I absolutely love her and she fits in great with us. Thank you for giving us that missing member we were looking for!

Archer aka Elmo

Posted on: Monday March 16

10845961_10152427636141968_6426312254579332101_n 1017353_10151810797571968_781153009_n 1526773_10152358645316968_8232215454878204504_nWe have had Archer (Formerly Elmo of the Sesame Street Gang) for a little over 2 years we adopted him February 9th 2013 and he is the best dog we could ever ask for. He puts up with all of the antics of our 5 year old boy and he is the most cuddly dog I’ve ever met. He loves to take naps with me in the middle of the day and no matter where I am in the house he is always by my side. He just had his yearly checkup and he is 62 pounds. Much bigger than we thought it would get. He is healthy and happy pup. He loves to go on long walks and he especially loves taking trips in the car. He rides around with us every chance he gets and loves to stick his head way out the window and feel the air rushing by! He also loves going to the dog park and playing with new friends! We love him so much and are so thankful to the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue for helping us become his Furever Home!

Charlie aka John Boy’s Update

Posted on: Thursday March 12

IMG_2718Charlie is adapting to family life.  He has three little girls who fight over him.  He’s here with my youngest twin daughter.  He does love to sleep.
He loves to run and jumps like Tigger and flies through the air like Underdog.  We can’t help love him.
He went to the vet today, and he has a chronic ear infections in both ears. He’s on ear drops.  He goes back next Friday for follow up.
He’s great!  We couldn’t ask for a sweeter pup.  Everyone falls in love with
him.  Even my husband adores him.
Thanks for a GREAT addition to our family.  He’s a good fit.

PS. My parents love him.  He brings a smile to them especially being shut in
for this harsh winter.

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