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Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Culann aka Rufus’ Update

Posted on: Thursday January 22

Dear Lost Dog & Cat Rescue,
Culann RelaxingWe adopted “Rufus”, now known as Culann, in November 2014 at a Lost Dog adoption event in Rockville after seeing his posting on the Lost Dog website.  We were looking for a 2nd hound dog who would compliment our resident Redbone Coonhound (also a Lost Dog, fka Lacy, now Brea).  When we saw Culann get out of the truck at the adoption event, we knew immediately he was the right dog for us!
What we didn’t know was that poor Culann was seriously ill, but really wasn’t presenting any symptoms.  He had already been diagnosed and was being treated for Erlichiosis; but, he was subsequently diagnosed with Giardisis.  He was about 10-15 pounds underweight, and basically starving.  It took 2 courses of anti-biotics to clear the Giardisis, and continuing pro-biotic supplements to-date to get his digestive system back on track.  To boot, Culann likely had never been indoors; he didn’t know what a live TV was, and was very afraid of it for about 30 minutes; he continuously fell off the bed and couch, probably because he wasn’t used to be high up while asleep; and, he didn’t know how to run properly–he “bunny-hopped” around until he got enough strength in his hind legs and finally started mimicking Brea’s strides.
Today, he is a happy, healthy hound.  He always wants to play; little Brea sometimes get’s exasperated with his inexhaustible desire to play!  But, they are a great match, just as we suspected.  We love him to death, and provide him with hours of daily exercise, high quality food, and a warm, comfy place to sleep at night.  He truly is a great addition to our pack.

Smurfette’s Update

Posted on: Thursday January 22

FullSizeRenderIn July 2014 my boyfriend and I adopted an adorable miniature schnauzer named Smurfette. She is a darling and is still adjusting to her new life but she has brought us lots of happiness. She is learning new things from her older brother Sampson also a schnauzer. She loves to snuggle, give kisses and lounge around all day, which is fine by us. She has started playing a bit, and recently began to sit for her food. Every new this she does is more adorable than the one before it. We just want her to enjoy the rest of her life.

Rocky aka Lancaster, Max aka Hoss, and Kody aka Merwin’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday January 14

guard dogsWe adopted these three boys over the course of two years.  They have been with us now for quite a while, and settled in well together.  I just wanted to share this picture of the three of them enjoying the view from their forever home.  They lined up so nice…

In ascending order…Rocky (he was Lancaster), Max (he was Hoss) and Kody (he was Merwin).  Allfoster failures for me.

Merwin was a last minute foster swap.  We were going to take a shy little girl home and she was adopted at the event we were coming to pick her up from.  So we took Merwin home.  After a week, I swear this is true, I got an email from a person who wanted to check him out.  Her name was Dr. Meany.  My husband decided in that moment to adopt him, because he said he was not letting Merwin go home with anyone named Meany…

Hoss was just so sad we didn’t want to stress him by making move again.  Besides, he became quite comfortable on his couch.

I just wanted to share how the boys are doing

Danny and Murphy’s Update

Posted on: Saturday January 10

IMG_1298Danny was adopted from LDCR back in June 2014 and immediately bonded with our family and charming everyone who has met him.  However, it was apparent that he needed a “buddy”. Someone who would share his love of running up and down the hall, chasing toy mice and balls, playing with ribbons and bird watching.  So we began the search for a new BFF for him and wanted to find the “purrfect” friend, really a cat for the cat.  We decided to keep our search to cats who were up for adoption at LDCR and are happy we did because we ended up finding the ideal friend – Murphy the Kitten!  It took less than 48 hours for “The Boys” (as we call them) to bond and Murphy was quickly following Danny around everywhere, they were sharing food bowls, playing with toys and chasing each other everywhere.  Murphy is still very shy around humans, but there have been times when I’ve been able to hold him on my lap and that’s when the charm machine turns on – he’ll rub against me and purr like an outboard motor.  Danny likes to keep a very careful watch when this action takes place, as he wants to insure that his little buddy is not being hurt.  Here’s a picture of “The Boys” – Danny is the brown and white one and and Murphy is the orange and white one.  It should be noted that while the two are very photogenic they don’t always appreciate me snapping pictures of them every five minutes.  We are so very glad that these two have decided to call our us their “Furrever Family”.

CiCi’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday January 7

Nphoto (10)ew State! New Do!

1 yr anniversary Look at my Mickey Mouse do! Except I am nothing like a mouse. I am a big, strong, BEAR!
It’s been a year since adopting Cici. She is a such a sweetheart and a joy to be around. She has gone through some training and has done so well. In the last year, we have moved to NC (where it seems she initially was from before moving to LDCRF) and she has become so expressive. She has had no ear infections, has lost some weight and is doing beary well.
These are pics of her enjoying her birthday burger, her bed, and her new hairdo.
I have to go. Cici is demanding a belly rub. And more food, of course.


Princess’ Update

Posted on: Tuesday January 6

imageMy dad passed away in May.  As I helped my mom (age 83) go through all of the items in her home, I brought a foster or two with me to her home in King George to keep us company.  We then worked to put her house on the market and find a home in Tampa where two of my sisters live.

image (3)

We sold the house quickly and my mom moved in with me.  Princess, 4 years old, was a beautiful cat and over the next month she and my mom grew very close.  When it was time to move my mom to Tampa she insisted that Princess would enjoy the weather in Tampa and she was not leaving without her.  After all, there was a lanai that she knew Princess would love.
image (2)


Princess has been my mom’s best friend and confidant.  When my mom starts feeling a little blue and missing my dad, Princess is right by her side.  Princess watches over her and checks out everyone who comes to the house.  My mom was right, she loves the lanai and spends most of her time out there with my mom.  The two are inseparable.  Our family calls her my mom’s guardian angel!

Bentley’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday January 6

Bentley, adopted August 2011 (kept the name). Been a terrific dog!


Pudding aka Chewbacca and Amelia aka Charlotte’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday January 6

securedownload (3)Hello!

Everything is going great with Pudding and Amelia :)  They have brought so much joy to my life already and I can’t wait to see them grow up!  I changed their names to Chewbacca (Chewie) and Charlotte.  Over the holidays they got to spend a lot of time with my securedownload (2)family and niece and nephew.  They did so well with the kids and meeting new people.  They even got stockings with kitty toys for Christmas.  I don’t have any photos on this computer but I will send some soon! securedownload (4) I have been taking billions of them.  They are adjusting well to my apartment and are quick learners and have an appointment for a check up next week.

Thank you so much for all that you and Lost Dog and Cat Rescue foundation does!

Boots aka JabberJaw and Ty aka Mikki’s Update

Posted on: Friday January 2

Worf aka Spanky’s Update

Posted on: Friday January 2

WorfHi there, I just wanted to let you know that we have changed his name to Worf and he is the best dog! He is so playful and loves to be loved. His favorite thing to do is play tug of war. He gets so excited when we put on our shoes cause he knows he is going for a walk. He has really blended into our family like he has been with us from birth.
Woorf2I took him to our vet and he said he is in really good health. The only thing that he needs is a professional teeth cleaning, which I have scheduled for Feb.
Worf3I just wanted to let you know how he was doing and say thank you for all that your organization does. It’s been two years since we lost our beloved Grace and we never thought that there would be a dog as wonderful as her. Well Worf is off to a good start proving us wrong. Our son was so excited when we surprised him with Worf and they are best buds.


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