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Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Stanley aka Leon’s Update

Posted on: Sunday November 16

A little over a year ago, we adopted a very polite little puppy named Stanley (AKA Leon). Nothing has brought us more joy than having him in our household and lives. He is smart, sweet, and loves tons of kisses. He’s not very little anymore (he weighs about 95lbs) but is still full of energy and love. He loves his long walks in the woods and playing with his buddies at the park. Stanley brought so much love into our lives and we can’t thank you enough for bringing us all together!

Harley’s Update

Posted on: Thursday November 6

Dear Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation friends,

A little over two years ago, we brought home our first rescue: an energetic and goofy, monstrous but lovable, German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix that has captured our hearts and taken over my bed at night. Last year we were skeptical that she would wear the XXXL crocodile costume that we purchased because of her initial reaction to a training collar, but she reveled in it. This year, I decided to take the Harley-Croc on a walk throughout the neighborhood to show her off. The epiphany-like results are below!


Watch Harley’s video here!

Teddy aka Manning’s Update

Posted on: Thursday November 6

Hi Lost Dog!

I wanted to give you an update on how I’m doing with my new family. I was adopted back in July, and although I didn’t want to leave my brothers and sisters, I was pretty excited to leave with my two humans. They love to take me on long walks and even allow me to cuddle with them on the couch. I play all day with other dogs but equally like nap time. I’m so happy with my humans that I can’t wait to wake them up every morning for snuggles and playtime! Thanks Lost Dog for helping me find my furever home!

Ferra aka Fera’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday October 29

Moe and Fera 1We adopted Fera just over two weeks ago and this picture was taken
after she had been with us after only 3 days.  Ferra (we added an R)
has adjusted well to our Puggle Moe who was adopted from PWC Animal
Shelter last year. :-)

Ferra and Moe have been awesome together and we love having her as a
part of our family and can’t believe how well it’s worked out.  She’s
given Moe and us great companionship and much love which we try and
return to her!

Thanks to Lost Dog and Cat Rescue and especially to Ann who was her
Foster Mom, because we just can’t imagine being without her now!

River aka Sable’s Update

Posted on: Monday October 20

river 3Hi,

I thought you might like to know that we are in love with Sable, and she is doing great after just 1 week in her new home! We re-named her River, after our favorite NFL quarterback, and she has 2 new ferret friends. There is a picture attached of her laying in front of the ferret cage – she loves to sit and watch and sniff her new little buddies. river 1river 2

She already has enjoyed several long runs with us, enjoyed a local park, and met another dog our family (they got along well). My family and friends commented that she is one of the most well-behaved dogs they have ever seen and has an amazingly cheerful temperament. Currently, we are learning how to play fetch with a ball and how to stay and come when called. All of us are extremely happy we picked her! Thanks for such a wonderful pet.

Tank’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday October 8

image1 Tank is such a delightful kitty. It’s amazing how much he is comfortable with us. He loves sleeping next to me everyday and follows me everywhere I go. He’s such a lovely kitty. I’ve been watching Jackson Galaxy’s from “my cat from hell show” videos in reference to getting to know Tank better.  Everything I learned from the YouTube videos was a huge help. I would like to share some cute pictures to show you how much he’s loved and adored by us. We really appreciate you guys for giving us the chance to adopt him. He is such an awesome cat.

Tony and Paulie aka Jafar and Radcliff’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday October 8

There have been no issues so far. A vet has given them both a clean bill of health.  Paulie came home with a bit of a cold, but after some antibiotics he is feeling better and back to pouncing on his brother.  Paulie wakes me up by sucking and nibbling on my finger tips, while Tony takes the more aggressive route and walks directly across my head.
They have had no problem making themselves at home.


They help me FaceTime with my mom.  Tony enjoys following the cursor on the screen and frequently offers a hand.
securedownload (1)


Paulie also has made himself quite at home.  The two of them frequently sleep next to each other with both bellies up.
securedownload (2)


They help out in loading groceries.
securedownload (3)


And they are especially fond of helping doing the dishes.
securedownload (4)


Thank you for all that you guys do for saving animals!

Ella aka Choky

Posted on: Wednesday October 8


We adopted Choky April 26, 2014. Sorry we took so long in sending pictures! She is SOOOOOO happy she wags her tail ALL day long and for no reason at all. She’s always happy! Thank you for rescuing Ella!!!!

Here’s a video and some pictures for you to enjoy!

Gatsby aka Starlord

Posted on: Wednesday October 8

Starlord, now Gatsby, is doing great! He is the perfect addition to our family. He is part cat, part dog and part human. I’ve had cats my whole life and I’ve never met a kitty quite like him. He has a balance to his personality that makes him a joy to be around.

Dante aka Marmalade

Posted on: Wednesday October 8


Marmalade – now Dante – has settled in beautifully. He is such a wonderfully tempered, snuggly, and playful little guy. He loves to sleep curled up next to us in the bed and snuggle in the crook of my arm. His favorite way to wake us up in the morning is with nose kisses and lots of loves. We had no problems with the litter box or with slowly introducing Dante to the resident cat (1 year old Balon (Sylvester when adopted from LDCRF in February)) and the two are now best friends – playing and napping together and grooming one another.

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