Transporting for the Rescue

Posted on: Wednesday August 17

Most people know that our dogs and cats come from overcrowded, high-kill shelters and that our mission at Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation is to rescue these animals from the threat of euthanasia and place them for adoption into loving homes.  And most people know our dogs and cats come from as close as Fairfax County and as far away as Afghanistan. But not everyone knows about the complicated logistical maneuvers that come together to bring the dogs and cats from death row at  public shelters or other at risk situations, to safe and loving care at LDCRF. 

Part balancing act, part art form and sometimes part magic show, it is known in the rescue world simply as Transport. Read below to get a personalized account of a transport from longtime LDCRF volunteer Lisa Marie Czop who spends most weekends on the road, bringing dogs and cats to safety. 

Transporting dogs and cats to our organization is an essential part of our work.  We know these animals deserve a fabulous home, and we want to help them find that home! I’ve been transporting dogs and cats for almost four years, and while no trip goes off without a few hiccups, it’s always worth the hard work and effort when you get to meet an animal whose life you personally helped  save.

We work with a number of shelter partners in various states surrounding Virginia, and together, we identify animals that will be a good fit for our organization.  Volunteers at the shelter will help get the animals ready for their big trip.  That’s where we come in!

Transporters like myself will typically meet up with a team from the shelter at the halfway point between our locations.  The shelters that I work with are about 5 hours away Washington, D.C., so having the volunteers meet me halfway really cuts down on some of that driving!

It gets really busy when we all arrive at the meet-up spot; dogs are unloaded from the shelter vehicle, given a quick walk, some water, some love and attention, and then loaded back up into the Lost Dog vehicle to begin their trip to the DC area. Cats and kittens are moved from one cage to the next, all while preventing any escape artists from hitting the road!

Once we’re loaded, we’re fast on our way back to our home region, dropping off puppies and kittens at their foster homes and the adult cats and dogs at the Lost Dog Ranch.  All in all, a typical trip is about 8-10 hours, and we run a transport almost every weekend.  On really busy weekends, we might even have two or more!

Running transports is my favorite way to contribute to the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation, because there is nothing more personally gratifying than meeting an animal and knowing that I played a small part in saving that animal’s life.

Help our transport team keep making their weekend transports.  Your contributions keep our resources strong so that even more abandoned and displaced dogs and cats have a chance at a new home.  Click here to see how you can help.  

Click to follow Lisa Marie on a typical Saturday transport!