St. Patty’s Kittens: Jameson

Breed: DSH
Sex: Male
Age: Approx. 8 month(s)
Color: Brown Tabby
Size: Approx. 3 lbs
Good with Cats?: Yes
Good with Dogs?: Not Yet Determined

The St. Patty’s kittens were born over St. Patrick’s weekend and (the remaining 3) have a bit of a tiger pattern to their coats. The boys have white paws, while their sister Shamrock does not. Jameson’s coat is a bit darker than his brother Dublin, who has a good bit more white fur on his belly. They get along well with each other and their mother, but have also shown signs of getting along with other cats and are a good candidate to befriend an existing resident cat. They are highly active and probably will do best with another kitten (sibling or other) or young cat they can play with. They have been good with using litter boxes and have had many visits from a variety of strangers, whom they normally take to fairly quickly. If you attempt to sweep things up in their presence the three will work together to protect the dust pan from the evil broom, which must be attacked at all times. For someone looking to adopt 2 of them, any combination should work well.

Jameson is an active and playful kitten. He is a little less confident than his siblings, but far from shy. All things are toys in the eyes of this St. Patty’s kitten. He will run up and down the hallways playing with and showing off his latest prized toy, be it a name tag, a button, a screw or even a more traditional cat toy. He enjoys tackling his brother and sister, sneaking past doors the moment they open, attacking tails and snuggling with his mom and siblings. If you catch him, he will purr in your arms then squirm away to get back to his precious toy collecting and running.

To meet St. Patty’s Kittens: Jameson at an adoption event, please e-mail or call (703)295-DOGS.

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