Welcome to the Lost Dog & Cat Ranch!

Sumerduck, VA

Set on 61 rural Virginia acres, the Lost Dog & Cat Ranch is a place for dogs to chase and cats to climb; a place to breathe fresh air and prepare for the ultimate goal- life in a loving home.

Dogs are housed with compatible companions in indoor/outdoor runs, so there is always a buddy to play with. Dogs who aren’t friendly with other dogs get private kennels, extra toys and leash walks with the staff.┬áThe kennels are heated and air-conditioned and everybody has access to beds and blankets and plenty of food.

The highlight of every dog’s day is playtime- the twice-daily trips to fenced-in yards where dogs can roll in the grass, sniff the ground, chase balls and wrestle with friends. The chance to just be a dog helps our canines stay healthy and happy at the Lost Dog & Cat Ranch.

The cats of Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation truly have it made. With a little house all to themselves and cage-free living, the cats enjoy a life of luxury. Their house is stocked with all different types of cat furniture and plenty of beds, blankets and toys. They even have open access to a screened in porch where they can enjoy the fresh air and taunt the dogs as they walk by.

While our mission is to rescue dogs and cats, it wouldn’t be a ranch without some livestock, so meet the barn crew! Living out comfortable lives at the Lost Dog Ranch are three horses, three donkeys, three bulls, six goats, a dozen pigs, three ducks, a few chickens and one bossy rooster named Bubba Shaw.

The Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit charitable corporation founded in 2001 whose primary purpose is to rescue dogs and cats from euthanasia in overcrowded shelters. Contributions are tax deductible.

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Phone: (703) 295-DOGS

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