10 Years of Running to the Rescue!

Posted on: Friday August 5

Ten years ago, Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation began with a focused mission- to rescue dogs and cats from euthanasia in overcrowded shelters and place them for adoption into loving homes.

It has been ten years of transporting dogs and cats, ten years of vet visits, ten years of providing daily care, ten years of adoption events….

Ten years of running to the rescue for over 17,000 pets.

With every squirmy little puppy, every playful kitten, every wide-eyed dog, and with every homeless cat with no where to turn, we live our mission.

This August, we’re sharing our stories and our journeys over the past 10 years with you–The transports, the vet visits, the ranch, the adoption events, and everything else that makes our rescue tick (or bark… or purr…).  At the same time, our friends at Pacers are sponsoring the “Lost Dog 5K Series” throughout August, where supporters and athletes are taking to the pavement and literally running to help raise dollars for our rescue.

This combination has only one possible outcome- an action-packed, rescue-focused August! Check in with us each week as we highlight an aspect of our work, commend our runners and share how we’re preparing for our next decade of lifesaving work!

And join us on Friday August 26th as we celebrate 10 Years of Running to the Rescue at the Stray Cat Cafe.

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