Trick or Treat to Help Lost Dog and Cat Rescue!

Posted on: Sunday October 21

Halloween is a fun event each year, but at the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation, Trick or Treat is more than just one night of candy – it’s a way to help our animals!
Each year, our volunteers sign up to trick or treat for Lost Dog, asking friends, family, coworkers and neighbors to donate $10 for dogs and cats awaiting homes.  All proceeds go to animal care AND, for every $100 raised, the volunteer gets to name a cat or dog.
Whitey is ready to go Trick or Treating for Lost Dog and Cat Rescue and raise $10,000 for animal care.

Trick or Treating for LDCRF started on October 17 and goes until November 2nd, so lots of time left to sign up and help! Our goal is to bring in $10,000. That’s a big number, but that also translates in to a lot of care for dogs and cats who need homes.

Are you ready to Trick or Treat to help animals ? All you have to do to sign up is email, and we’ll send you your virtual Halloween basket.

Want to go a step further? We are still looking for businesses willing to put out “Trick or Treat” canisters, which we provide, during this time period. If you know of a business (or multiple businesses!) willing to put out a canister and collect donations, please email us, and we’ll get you your canister and packet.

Can’t Trick or Treat but want to donate? You can donate here