Dream Big

Posted on: Monday December 10

December 10, 2012

Dear Friends:

Two weeks ago, I made one of thousands of trips through the front doors of an overcrowded public animal shelter to meet some dogs and cats whose number was about to be up. On this particular day, I met a Wheaton Terrier named Abbey who had been passed between several homes in as many months, a playful orange and white tabby living in a cage in the shelter lobby, a giant terrier/ hound puppy named Major, and Rosie.

Rosie was lying still in her kennel. She didn’t jump at the gate, wag her tail, or even lift her head. She didn’t move at all when I approached, and she looked for all the world like a dog who had just given up. She looked right at me, though with one blue eye and one brown, and I knew for sure that in spite of her appearance, Rosie still had a dream.

Fortunately for Rosie, and thousands like her this year alone, Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation was able to make that dream come true. Rosie walked out of a Rockville Maryland Peto with her new family just a couple of days ago and the new life she envisioned when she was scared and alone in the shelter has just begun.

LDCRF made dreams like this come true for over 2,000 dogs and cats in 2012. Thanks to your support, we began our second decade stronger than ever and more committed than ever to righting the ship for homeless and abandoned animals.

By all accounts, 2012 was a great year for LDCRF, for the amazingly dedicated volunteers, for the animals who are now lounging on comfy beds in new homes and for the families who are blessed with the love of a rescue animal.

In just one year, we watched a nightmare turn to a dream come true for a young dog named Cowboy who barely survived a life-threatening illness and bounced back to an amazing showing in the first ever “Best in Shelter” contest. We saw hundreds get a chance to live thanks to the Pepsi, Griffen, Sprint Legacy Gift- a fund established to provide a second chance for older, overlooked and special needs dogs. And, when television news correspondent Kelly O’Donnell chose Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation as her designated charity for her appearance on celebrity Jeopardy!, it was a dream come true to see our logo on national television and shine the spotlight on the plight of homeless animals in our country.

Winston, dreaming of going home.
Tomorrow, LDCRF will have the privilege of sharing our successes, our challenges and our dreams as we are featured on NBC4’s “12 Days of Giving” program. Tune in at 11 am and spread the word!

We started this organization in 2001 with big dreams. As we have grown and gained the experience and skills of a mature organization, our dreams have grown even bigger and our commitment to fulfillment is stronger than ever.

Your continued support will enable us to keep fulfilling these dreams- from the simple desires of a homeless hound searching for the love of a family, to the fulfillment of my lifelong goal of a time when no animals are killed because they have no home.

On behalf of all of the animals like Rosie in the world, thank you for your support of the mission of the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation. Thank you for helping us make so many dreams come true. Thank you for helping us dream big.

Yours Truly,

Pam McAlwee
Founder, Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation