Posted on: Thursday December 20

We’re Helping Henry!

Recently, Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation received a plea to help a young hound who was in a lot of trouble and out of options.

Found as a stray and taken to a West Virginia shelter, Henry had a bullet lodged in his esophagus and a hole in his mouth where the bullet had passed through. The shelter took Henry to a veterinarian who removed the bullet and sewed up the hole, but Henry needed a long term plan.  His time was running out.  The overcrowded shelter had no space for Henry and he was facing a cruel form of euthanasia- a gas chamber.

Henry needed someone to help. And thanks to the  Griffen, Pepsi, Sprite Legacy Gift established by the Mark Levin family in 2010, Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation was able to be there for Henry and offer him a chance.

Within hours of learning about Henry last week, Lost Dog Rescue mobilized volunteers to transport Henry to us and into a 24 hour veterinary hospital with a skilled medical team who could provide the best care for his condition.  It turned out not to be a moment too soon, because Henry had also contracted parvovirus- a very serious disease affecting unvaccinated dogs and puppies. Henry needed expensive around the clock care with IV fluids and close monitoring. Thanks to that wonderful care, Henry is making great strides and is eating on his own and starting to cause mischief in his cage.

At Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation, we work to make dreams come true for so many dogs like Henry.  They come to us sick, injured, and in pain through no fault of their own.  They come to us because our mission is to rescue abandoned and unwanted animals and work to find them homes.

Our dream for Henry is that he beats Parvo, recovers from the gunshot wound, and takes up residence on a big comfy sofa, with a family that indulges his every desire.  Our dream is that Henry’s next big challenge is only convincing his new family that he needs more bag larger couch, a longer walk and filet mignon for dinner. Our dream is that one day dogs like Henry will have all of the love and care they need and never face the that of euthanasia.

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Henry Resting after surgery to remove the bullet.

Henry on his way to Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation.

X-Ray showing the bullet in Henry’s Esophagus.